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Reconstructing the Spanner Operation 1983 to 1990

The 369 (777) Ritual


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The Various Parts of this 369 (777) Crown Initiation and Sacrificial Ritual:

“Truth does not need to be validated by ignorance” – Jordan Maxwell

There were only 4 parts of the official Operation Spanner; and I believe 4 of the unofficial one, giving 8 parts in total. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36, 3+6=9 – 3, 6, 9 operation codes/ 369 months sentencing/ 33+3 code 3 deaths/ 666 ritual-related raids plus additional 111 raids or interviews/ 66 deaths under code 6/ =99 total deaths by main rituals end code 9999 = September 1989, with 9 later jailed under code 9, prior to initialisation of code 3 (Crown) presiding 111 seal and curse, involving 3 earlier (89-90) deaths.

These are not necessarily in chronological order:

Part 1 – 650 Raids Nationwide

Part 2 – 66 Ritual Sacrifice / “Home Suicides” (see also Part 6)

Part 3 – The 16 Raids/Spannermen Case , with an explanation of the Bryn Alyn scandal, and the Gross Failure of No.10 Downing Street connections (Please also see here) and of similar concern, the later 1996 retaliation against Scallywag magazine. The Intel Surveillance activity at Harford (1983 to 1991), and the original 1983 Bryn Alyn whistleblowing.

Part 4 – 111 raids Greater Manchester

Part 5 – 33 Sacrificial Slaughter / “Unsolved Murders

Part 6 – The 66 Hexcraft Ritual Pathway

Part 7 – 9+3 The Old Bailey Show-Trial, involving the Crown Salutation of the Ritual, and the 369 months in Sentencing.

Part 8 – 1+1+1 Presiding Seal deaths and 111 Curse

Related Observations and the West London/Michael Boothe killings.

The Number 101

The 111 Curse

Part 1 Raids

Part 1) MET/OPB – January 1983 to November 1986 code 6 {Saturn}-covert raids-[partly official but later removed from official story] on mostly advertisers and responders to gay magazines [“Gay Galaxy”, and possibly others] involving over 640 raids – allegedly to have been most of the time seeking “snuff movies”, of which no defendants or charges were forthcoming for the CPS charging or trial from September 1989. I believe the total number of raids by the end of 1987 had been 666 after the 16 Spannermen/other raids had been carried out, as 650 may signify (and also possibly is intended to confirm) Crown (Church of England) power over commoners, and state – House of Commons (of 650 members) as the 16 Spannermen had to be later reduced to 15 for the required sentencing closure of the ritual, indicating these earlier totals of 650 +16 = 666 had only been necessary for the main rituals/raids prior to sentencing. The 666 achievement also signalled the end of the 66 ritual hexcraft pathway initiation test/task.

part 2 ritual sacrifice

Part 2 Sacrificial Deaths

Part 2) Witchfinder General/Initiates – In the background to this part, I believe 66 {canonical} victims from 1983 to 1986 lost their lives (alleged suicides). I believe that the alleged suicides may mostly be a cover for hidden charges of sodomy/(buggery) and summary execution under Common law, in order for ritual sacrifice to be carried out in worship of Saturn, and the hope of accumulation of wealth in return; in that respect, I suspect that many of the victims may have been single businessmen, or had assets available; so a search for papers or any Will present within the victim’s address could have been disguised by the dating and executions, rather than search warrants; I believe that mostly dating from contact magazines had been used as a ploy to arrange the executions/enter meetings at the homes of the accused for a supposed SM session or initial meet-up (*see below). I do realise that victims may have been required to put themselves into compromising situations or positions especially illustrating their evidential and perceived wrongdoing ready for the envisaged session/meeting in order to swiftly establish/ maintain the edge of surprise, disbelief and control, and without further ado taken into custody with little or no form of discourse necessary or permitted in accordance with summary execution [and terrorise possibly with arrest, handcuffing and either gagging and hanging/strangulation/choking or other means at the very outset], and thus hasten the procedure, even to perhaps create some more time available for the ritual and/or training of initiates present, and to which the training at face value appears to be that of mastering the creation of a believable (and sacrificial ritual) suicide of someone in their own home, for whatever reason.

Should the possibility arise of adrenochrome having been harvested/extracted prior to, or during any executions, then a very small puncture wound should normally have been just visible near the rear side base of the neck or directly from the adrenal glands region above the kidneys on the back of the deceased body. Somewhere during this encounter, semi-convincing suicide notes were either produced in many of the cases, or alternatively introduced. I believe fakery rather than coercion would have likely been used in that respect. Correct signatures and sign-off’s of the believed executed men would additionally/normally have been available inside their homes, if not from correspondence with the gay contact magazine box number involved. So we have additionally 2 sections of the identifiable 6, 66, 666 ritual hexcraft pathway in this code 6 / 1+2 parts of the operation: Saturn = 6, sacrificial deaths = 66. (6 years and the 666 raids also by September, 1989(9999), although I also believe that the 666 raids would have required completion prior to the 111 Manchester police raids, (as these were intended as an addition following the 666, indicating that the 666 completion would have signalled the end of the Spannermen raids and the hexcraft ritual pathway; that is; late 1987, with the 111 raids ( from 667 to 777) undertaken from late 1987 to September 1989.

*Although I had originally believed the official line of the “suicide” victims being found to have died “following” a police raid, I later realised that this would most likely not be the case at all, and that the possibility of neighbours (for instance) seeing a team of men visit or leave the address twice and thus raising suspicion would not have been chanced. So if that is correct, then the executions would have been dated via the contact magazine for the initial visit, (thus negating any need for search warrants) and then perhaps also requiring the mention of earlier police raid in the suicide notes to avoid the connection being realised by detection, in order to support the belief of later suicide.

I have no idea of the time taken for any procedures that may have taken place, though I do not believe that opportunities would have been overlooked where money could be earned for the crown; not least through acquisition of any estate, and/or anything that goes with it, and in accordance with the purpose of the “pathway”.

Further, other charges in Operation Spanner had been publicised following the arrests/charges, and there had been no mention of the 66 other than collectively as a total statistic of 60+, ( a statistic which at face value there appeared to have been no reason to thus collate, and would merely have been incidental/unconnected), and there had been no apparent reasons for them to commit suicide as they had seemingly not been officially charged through the normal channels; and as I believe had been referred to as “potential defendants” in “The Dirty Squad”, page 165 (together with the 16 Spannermen), following their deaths. One of the Spannermen had stated/confirmed to me personally at the time, and following a preliminary court hearing in London in 1989 or 1990, that none of the 66 men mentioned in court had been known by any of them after the 66 had been attached to the case, thus indicating the “nationwide ring of men” had certainly been fabricated for the court/trial; and also that the businessman visitor (who is pictured on the front drive of the property in Operation Spanner Dissected) who had been present at the Harford address in 1983 during the Bryn Alyn security trespassing on the property in the early hours (and had been known by one Spannerman), had apparently not been named, although the circumstances of his early 1984 death were exactly identical to the others. There had been no mention of 66 potential defendants in any of the newspaper reports on charging of the Spannermen in September 1989, as far as I am aware of. Some (additional) deaths throughout the operation may have been rejected for ritual purposes. The Spannermen raids had been deferred until the code 6 sacrifices had all been completed in 1986.

Please also refer to my Background Info 2 page, where you may find my thoughts and further comments on the above part of the ritual that possibly relates to the comment on “death by hanging in your own home” mentioned in that video, “Illuminati Unveiled”.

Part 3 spannermen

Part 3) Witchfinder General/MET/OPB – official with false late 1987 start) December 1986 to September 1989 code 9 {man/the beast} – The Spannermen case (shelved for 3 years until completion of the code 6 culling operation), and (as I estimate), the possibility of the completion of 650 raids by that time. These planned nationwide raids eventually involving 16 men – {this is a questionable but possibly necessary ritual statistic – refer also to parts 1, 4, and 7} with the raid in Harford, Dyfed coming third [following Pontypridd, and Bristol], and involving the second Spannerman in April, 1987. Search warrants had been issued on the basis of “snuff movies, and/or extreme SM videos”, and the Spannermen were charged with Common law “assaults” under the OAPA 1861 at the time of the raids – 1986/87, with Michael Hames informing the accused that they were “going to go to prison” for assaults. This eventually resulted in full media coverage upon arrest and CPS charging two years later in September 1989, with the release of names, addresses, occupations, and involved charges including false claims and lies, and at the core, centred around SM devotee visitors to, and a resident/owner of the {Bryn Alyn/ corruption} whistleblower/ reporter’s (by then previous) address with additional men unrelated to the known Spannermen videos. Sanctions were placed on the men during the raids to prevent them from contacting others.

The later Retaliation against Scallywag magazine.

Intel surveillance

Intel surveillance (manifold) activities {1983 to 1991}

at the Harford address shall remain partly redacted for the time being, but may have at the start included taking of photographs or videos of visitors to the house, from which identifications were being sought, (and initially without any S/M videos involved, and had also entailed (intercepted) armed intrusion with keys at the secluded empty house whilst the owner had been in Wandsworth prison occurring in March 1991, though to my knowledge nothing had been disturbed or taken, – well, apart from the intruder that is, naturally, and possibly only one of several intrusions by foot/car over the period whilst the house was unattended. Intel had seemingly not expected anyone to be occasionally patrolling the site, as they had also therefore apparently overlooked the fact that resident animals had to be fed. Excuses given to me when challenging the intruder from behind in the lounge of the house were that the back door had been open on his arrival, and that he was seeking permission to hunt rabbits on the property; however, he had not made any attempts to call out for anyone present whilst I had been there. He was carrying a fully loaded 12 bore double barrel shotgun as he turned around, but the action was broken at the time, so it posed no immediate threat. He was then instructed to leave the property, which he did. Why would you carry a loaded shotgun into a complete stranger’s house without any warning, whilst leaving your vehicle outside, rather than leave your gun in the car and start knocking on the front door instead? He had been around six foot, well-built, middle-class English accent, possibly ex-military officer type, with a Ford F150 or 250 recovery vehicle, very clean, and good condition, displaying large sign writing designating an obscure address in North Wales (we were in South Wales) which I never actually managed to locate at the time, although I did spend much time trying to find the address. Apart from my own set, the only other keys available had believed to have been under lock and key at Wandsworth Prison at the time, unless the lock had been picked. His clothing had been smart, clean and casual, but with the absence of overalls, far too good for vehicle recovery.

Interception of mail and telephone calls had also appeared to have been undertaken during the period, and the positioning of only one caravan with 3 male occupants at the start on adjacent farmland (in a position surrounded mostly by mud and grazing cows, where no services had been available) in 1983/1984 which offered clear views (within 100 metres) of the front entrance to the house and front drive/parking area; in addition to – (although a coincidental explanation may actually suffice here, but for the life of me, I can’t think of an appropriate one, given the prevailing circumstances) a specially (1960’s?) retro-fitted and unique Mosquito reconnaissance plane flying directly over the property around tree-skimming height (revised estimate now around 55ft) once every six months or so, from November 1983 until spring 1991, and said on one private website (at around 2008) to be a one-off housed with RAF at a northern site as a reconnaissance plane for MI5. Never having been able to stand next to this plane, I had originally believed this plane to be somewhat larger than it really is. Thus height from the ground had at first been wrongly calculated, which had affected all other estimates made, so here I believe more exact figures from memory are now re-estimated..

(I do not remember who it was said had built the lens but it was a well-known brand (possibly Zeiss). Outer lens was darkened/tinted with writing on the mounting ring and of possibly around 2 metres diameter and mounted on the reconnaissance pod pointing down/forwards between around 30 to 40 degrees fixed tilt built, and with the pod tapering sharply up into the right wing between the right engine and the cabin. The pod was large enough to accommodate a seated operator. The extra-wide angle of the available lens could therefore have given a sweep of the property from 50 feet above to perhaps up to the best part of 30 metres wide area recorded in one take. Speed was steady and estimated at between 24 to 28 knots, with only the one identical straight flight path each time. No other property in the area was ever seen targeted in a similar manner, so it had not been looking for cannabis or checking local plants. Due to the height involved, it was not on a specific flight path from A to B, and therefore could only be either in training or operation at the premises. Due to the timber build, these planes were prone to rot from dampness, so I doubt if it is still in operation.

The effectiveness of the ritual was entirely dependent upon the integrity of the statistics and the manner of the deaths involved as initial factors of those actions, and possibly explains the Intel involvement, which also appears to have provided security for the ritual and locations used, some of which had appeared to receive more than momentary attention. The only “concerns” the authorities had shown for anyone involved in the operation are sufficiently illustrated by the slaughter of over 100 men, the jailing of 9 innocent men, and the 111 curse, which I believe had been intended for all gay men -including victims, and the 1+1+1 seal of confirmation, against anyone who may try to interfere. (Please refer to part 2 above for the falsely claimed “nationwide ring of men”).


Bryn Alyn 1983 Whistleblowing:

*It had been some time later believed by Williams that although the existence of the depth of the corruption, and the existence of a Westminster paedophile ring had not been known by him at the time of making the Bryn Alyn report, that due to the fact it had involved recording of an almost unbelievable 42 incidents (all involving staff, protocol and administration failings and shortcomings) in a total of 24 hours (3x8hrs) in just one unit alone, prior to being whittled- down for publication, that the whole episode could have possibly been viewed by intel as an attack from an organised source attempting to expose the use of the Bryn Alyn community home as a (Crown/MI5) boy training brothel* acting/posing as a community home(everything points in that direction); particularly with that number of incidents involved, and the fact Williams had later offered police (via BBC “Wales Today”) copies of the report with additional evidence (notational/verbal only) in September 1992 as both the Home and the North Wales police had apparently no such reciprocal prior wish to speak with him about his earlier report) of which one unreported additional item related to the elder (18years+) and well-spoken, smartly-dressed residents being mobilised as a male to male escort service with various cars from the company fleet being allocated on a daily basis for these activities; which may perhaps explain the sense of panic and the intense desperation with attempts to criminalise the Spannermen, which of course would also have to be a snug fit with the ritual in there being 16 arrested with 9 jailed for 369 months total. Also the depth and scope of the corruption involved may possibly have been somewhat deeper than that envisaged to date.

*Hence the use of Graham Stridgeon (ex-resident) as 24/7 chaperone and surveillance/site security still controlling and sleeping with the younger boys when not on other duties, even when in his twenties. (This is also the later Bryn Alyn security man (Seddons) now identified as having carried out the trespassing/surveillance in December 1983 at Harford).

How the System Works: “The CIA is actually the organisation behind all the child trafficking in the western world and beyond, and they answer to British Intelligence, and they (in turn) answer to the British Crown.” – Fiona Bartlett.

Selected pieces of that report may also be found in “Lost in Care” (The Waterhouse Report) in Chapter 21, [obviously and predictably minor comments/incidents only selected] paragraphs 21.113 to 21.115. From those Waterhouse paragraphs, trashing of that Bryn Alyn report is again in evidence in the denial of easily provable facts confirming : 1) That the report had indeed been circulated to all necessary parties involved, and that: 2) The complaint of corruption had been sent to 10 Downing Street (Thatcher) and not the Home Office, who were notified by Downing Street. That the Waterhouse Report (and the later Macur review) were just a whitewash of lies, deceit and manipulation is now common knowledge amongst investigators, and this is merely one example of that interference. Operation Pallial (the National Crime Agency operation from 2014 onwards) had been a little better, but still secret society interference/manipulation in my opinion was around over 50%, so a slight improvement is evident. Not enough, however, and lacking the discretion employed in Waterhouse; for example, in a certain (secret court) case it is believed that prosecution witness statements reserved only for the jury had apparently been altered (with added sentences or paragraph near the end of the statements that were not only fake, but completely untrue and highly detrimental to the perceived integrity of the witness involved). The circumstances I refer to, (along with other questionable and suspicious interventions noted during that hearing) had arisen during the prosecution of a “care worker” from Bryn Alyn, although despite my best efforts to interpret this information, I yet fail to see the importance of going to such lengths in his case, as the matter had involved only physical abuse on multiple occasions; although that alteration to documents on one occasion may have therefore possibly occurred with others, and thus perhaps helps to explain his otherwise strange and unfathomable acquittal. There had been other matters apparently arising in this particular case to prevent conviction from occurring, so I do believe a great, but nevertheless amateurish effort had been forthcoming for some unknown/undisclosed reason in that hearing. It had also been noted that the Clerk of the Court appointed on that particular occasion had previously been a lawyer who had been personally engaged by the witness (as his client) on a separate matter – an unconnected matter which in this case had been (coincidentally?) used as evidence against him.

Despite seemingly overwhelming evidence to the contrary, it is also notable that several “strange” acquittals of care staff during the Operation Pallial Bryn Alyn hearings had all occurred under sittings involving the same presiding Judge (Nic Parry); although that since media reports on Court staff present in each individual case is never released, it is therefore not possible for me to collate any similar instances of identifiable court staff involvements in these hearings, (apart from knowledge of those involved in the one case I do know about).


(Please also refer toOperation Spanner Dissectedfor more info or links on the related John Allen and his child porn empire/child trafficking/boy brothels for the elite, alleged blackmail and related arson; Margaret Thatcher and corruption in child care involving North Wales and Manchester authorities; the Elm Guest House, Andrea Davison and her Macur Report statement of North Wales Intel involvement with Arms to Iraq and highly-priced snuff and child porn for the elite; Scallywag magazine; Bryn Alyn and the missing or copied elite child porn videos; the Westminster paedophile ring; the Witchfinder General appointment; “Gay Galaxy” and other gay contact magazines; and “Outrages” by Naomi Wolf). Also refer to Waterhouse report / Operation Pallial background (well, the official version, at least). In all honesty I can certainly say that the last line of “terrible allegations” would also seem to depict the government stance on the matter over the years, ever since the public exposure of those allegations by Scallywag magazine in the 1990’s.(Scroll down that page for unredacted full and printable text). This article in Scallywag had only been the first of several articles on the Westminster paedophile ring that Scallywag had published, and related to the John Allen empire/child trafficking.

Damage limitation had always been the predominant and sole governmental concern in these matters, to the detriment of all else.

Gross Failure to Respond by 10 Downing Street:

It would therefore appear the actions of 10 Downing Street in response to being informed by Williams(the whistleblower of the Harford address from 1983/84) – of the corruption and threats involving Manchester Childrens Services and the Bryn Alyn Community and despite the letter sent to him and personally signed by Bernard Ingham, Press Secretary to Margaret Thatcher, and dated 4th June 1985 informing him that the matter had been passed to the Home Office for any action to be taken, (and also a letter from the leader of the Labour Party, Neil Kinnock, thanking Williams for informing him of that correspondence to the Prime Minister), but that rather than the Home Office either responding to that letter, or dealing with that reported corruption in any way, (as the visitors to the Harford address had already been the shelved targets of the planned later section of the operation/ritual, commencing from the date of the whistleblower’s refusal to retract that report on Bryn Alyn in November 1983, and also confirmed by the use of Bryn Alyn security trespassing on the property in December 1983, only a few hours after Williams’ arrival and the possibility of that intruder snooping around and noting number plates of some visitor’s cars parked in the drive then passed to the police, (with one car possibly targeted the next day [see John Lovatt video from 09.15 on] in North Wales- paperwork required!) and the suspicious death with police involvement of the owner of that car a few months later), thus apparently indicating that Prime Minister Thatcher held little concern over the abuse of children, nor of the corruption involved and notified to her and the House of Commons in 1985, but perhaps merely that it was, to her at least, much more important that whistleblowing had to be punished discretely (and therefore indirectly) where it may possibly interfere with hitherto clandestine and illicit affairs, (please refer to Andrea Davison statement and Scallywag magazine above), whilst also indicating that the abuse and misuse of children usually taken from parents, courts or other institutions nationwide to be relocated institutionally, (and seemingly occasionally rented out/sold or tortured and/or murdered on film for lucrative profit) in North Wales or elsewhere had indeed been of involvement/importance to those clandestine affairs at top ministerial level, although these circumstances do not identify that matter, nor area of the country, as being of sole or unique value within such affairs.

Part 4 Manchester

Part 4) – Manchester Police – official – in background to code 9 (code 3 = 1+1+1) and possibly additional part: {later claimed and publicised raids between 1987 and 1989 with possibly 111 raids or interviews to complete a 777 figure of total raids and cautions/{my calculation – please also refer to Mark Passio video for 9 (code) = hidden 666 = 18/1+8=9 }/ [perhaps in mainly the Manchester area]. However the jury is still out on this part. These raids were not part of the cull, and may possibly be partly comprised of contacts of the 16, but involved only Manchester Police, so exist either as subterfuge and/or curse whether carried out or not. The fact that the Witchfinder had not been involved with these raids indicates that the 666 raids (end of the 6,66,666 ritual hexcraft pathway) had already been achieved/completed prior to this part. The 777 code had been used at the start and finish, and a third 777 (666 + 111 =777) is indeed possible, as the code 777/777/777 had been used by the Old Bailey twice, indicating completion and closure of the 777 ritual with 99 deaths contained within. (639963 = 63 = 9×7, 99 = 3×33, 63 = 9×7). (please refer to part 8 of Comment 401 in Archives for further information). The 639963 is achieved by full reduction of all the original sentences in months in stated and delivered order, which included the twinning of some. The total sentencing in months handed out (369) had been the operation codes. So if this part is indeed relevant, that relevance only relates to additional statistics, and not the main rituals. The 111 represents a hexagram curse, in addition to the total deaths + jailings, and the presiding lock/curse deaths (1+1+1).

Part 5 Sacrificial slaughter

Part 5) Witchfinder General/Initiates – Arbitrary Executions – In the background to this part, and I believe also code 3 {royalty/crown} victims (believed to be 33 in total number by September,1989/+3 by end April,1990) all met a savage and extremely violent, but not swift, early death involving extrajudicial executions as ritual sacrifice in various private or secluded meet-up settings. The full Spannermen charges had been issued at the official end of the police operation; September 1989 (9999), with the trial and sentencing (+9) by the Crown during code 3 (1989 to 1990). I believe the code 3 victims had been mostly selected/chosen/contacted/dated from gay magazines other than Gay Galaxy, or from personal knowledge. The initiates were seemingly tested for initiative from this part. Sudden deaths, as one example, would have been rejected for ritual purposes, as only intense and drawn-out suffering would have been acceptable prior to the death of the victims. More information on these killings may be found here and on the methods believed to have been normally used here.

So the 100+ total of early deaths (by December 1990), including the 60+ and other “unsolved murders” would have therefore appeared – even if ongoing at the time {perhaps intimated by the +} – unconnected to the operation, thus negating any need for the severely difficult task of collating of any totals of {later and unrelated} deaths. There had been no post-operation aftercare for the Spannermen, so it is additionally unlikely that any concern would have been shown for any “later” misfortune of previously questioned men uninvolved with the case. The deaths had therefore apparently been connected, and collated as part of the operation, and had not occurred later, but during or resulting from, the police presence and contact; the “connection”.

part 6 – 66 ritual hexcraft pathway

Part 6) Witchfinder General/Initiates/OPB – I believe the 66 Hexcraft Ritual Pathway (6, 66, 666) had been undertaken for success, wealth, and status/initiation(from 1983 to/by 1989). According to esoteric tradition, the numbers 6, 66, and 666 are what constitute a pathway for hex-craft or spiritual magick to be performed as a “charming” tool for both hexing and enchanting. Various adherents to the practices of magika (type of divining magic), such as found in mystery religions or cult-based witchcraft, utilize the number 66 during ritual number divining (channeling). Other groups such as the neo-Pagans or modern Freemasons use the number as a means for material gain. Now the use of so-called spiritual magic, particularly in the occult, is oft applied to a magick system of numbers – found most often represented/ interpreted in the hexagram and magic square.

Successful completion of the Pathway is claimed by at least one source to be the highest achievement a layman may attain within a particular secret society. However, whether credit for this undertaking applied to the Witchfinder, the initiates (drawn from around 14 police forces), or both is as yet uncertain at the moment.

Part 7 – Spanner Trial

Part 7 MET/OPB /Crown – official) code 9 Spannermen show-trial and sentencing. {see also below} A plethora of information has already been available on this subject for many years. Only 15 men were required for the sentencing statistics, so one of the 16 Spannermen had to be dropped {Alan Oversby in this case) from the main sentencing to comply with the laid-out ritual closure statistics..—- Incorporating the Initialisation of the 111 Curse and Closure of the 777 ritual using full gematria reduction of the total sentencing in months (639963) by the Crown (x code 3) : (639963=[9×7]+[3×33]+[9×7]) 777/777/777 – 33/33/33 – 777/777/777
(please refer to Comment 401)

It appears that the ritual had also been, in addition, a test for the legal teams involved with the Old Bailey Spannermen defense; and of their dedication to Crown interests taking precedence over those of their clients’.


— Sign-off / Salutation of the ritual by the Crown *(code3) using code 3 victim statistics only: [93 93/93 (as salutation)- item removed from Wikipedia early 2022]
9 incarcerated + 3 sacrificial deaths / (x code 3) = 93 93/93 ,

“93” as Salutation – “In informal written correspondence, one often finds the number singly at the head of a letter and in the form “93 93/93” at the end”

93= The raising of mans’ base/beast consciousness to that of the divine and in unity.

Number 39
The perfect 3 multiplied by the sacred 13. 39 is an anagram for 93, the “literal number of magic itself”- Crowley.…mbers-are.html

The Sentencing of 369 months (operation code). (scroll down)

Part 8- Seal and Curse

Part 8) Witchfinder General/Initiates/Crown – I believe there had been code 3 -September 1989 to December 1990 Crown closure, sealing,(lock) on the ritual and a curse on the victims, placed through the Spannermen sentencing statistically, with 3 (code 3) violent but not swift extrajudicial and sacrificial deaths as a presiding seal/lock and curse of Saturn, to be initialised from December 1990 – as 1+1+1 = 111 – a hexagram curse representing the three sides of one triangle of a hexagram x6(Saturn) = 666/hexagram of 6 triangles cursing all 666+111=777 victims[with the deaths possibly preceding the trial being booked in at the Old Bailey – so allowing a waiting period between the deaths and the trial, as most of the actions in the operation had occurred in a consecutive manner, whilst also locking the 111 figure with a confirmation] and possibly a continuation of code 9 to the end 1990.(as the code at September,1989 (9999) indicates task completed, but with unfinished business). With 9 Spannermen incarcerations of code 9 added= 99999(=45=4+5=9) – 99999 signifies both unfinished business now completed, and 9=“end”. [please refer to comments 402/ 401 for further details]. I believe the presiding seal and lock /curse may possibly also apply to all actions and statistics of the operation in order to punish tampering with any results. This part may possibly have involved chosen initiates or selected teams from the code 3 killings under supervision.(Please refer to comment 401 for sentencing statistics and the comment 394 relating to sentencing details), and the following comment below. The end codes are specially devised to achieve the 111 curse/number when added to the existing 66 code 6 deaths as 9999=36=33+3 code 3 deaths+ 9 jailed =45 [4+5=9 (end code](+66 = 111).

Related Observations:

I believe the “West London Murders” (“unsolved murders” -September 1989 to April 1990) may possibly be non-swift extrajudicial killings connected to the code 3 lock/seal deaths,-mainly due to the start /finish dates and the manner of the deaths. (For some Code 3 methods believed to have been used, please also refer to Comment 402 under “The 36 (33+3) killings under code 3“) Naturally, there had been other possibly unconnected suspected or actual murders within this time frame. However the West London Murders [1989-1990] seem to tick all the boxes for relevance . I believe Christopher Schliach may possibly have been handcuffed prior to, and during the attack, and with the killing of Michael Boothe by six men {which I personally believe may have been the last of the Spanner cull/ killings, and occurring within Hames’ previous manor of operation/ “patch”, – Ealing, West London} perhaps also appearing as a unique demonstration to initiates present of the ease of the task involved, as once disablement of the victim had occurred – that is – once Michael’s foot/ankle had been broken, (possibly by stomping on the foot once it had been placed/dragged over the edge of a step or kerb in a manner perhaps similar to the way one would kick-start a motorbike with high compression) he could do nothing but remain on the floor, so only boots/shoes had then been required to complete the fatal attack. It may also be noteworthy at this point to mention the following Wiki entry found under “England and Wales” section:

“Michael Boothe, an actor who was gay, died in April 1990 in west London, beaten to death by a gang of up to six men close to a public lavatory.[120] The police said he had been the victim of “an extraordinarily severe beating, of a merciless and savage nature”. He managed to give a description of his attackers before he died, and a reward of £15,000 was offered, but no one was caught,[119] and the crime remains unsolved. The police review identified institutional homophobia within the Metropolitan Police as a factor.[121]

code 3 killings

I believe most executions had been undertaken by selected teams, and certainly at times if not fully, using gay contact magazine adverts and replies/ photos/ videos as a method of covertly choosing/ contacting and dating intended victims. It is certainly noted in one book (refresh page if necessary) that the police had acted proactively during the magazine searches (i.e: placed or replied to adverts in the magazines). The “magazine searches” would apply to the periods where victims were being sought; that is from start of 1983 to around April 1990, with possibly a “halfway” short 1 year break following the “initiations”[end of the Code 6 executions, prior to December 1986 to end of December 1987] to allow the Spannermen raids to be undertaken by Michael Hames, and his OPB teams, before the majority of the code 3 killings, of which some may perhaps appear to be loosely based on the chosen wishes of the victims {pre-arranged or requested/suggested role play – albeit turning into anything but play, with a hateful and overtly extreme/ fatal manner for the victims upon meeting not one person, but sooner or later, a team instead} – and perhaps relating to the number 101, [also=11 (initiation)] and a test of initiative for the policemen as far as the ritual was involved. Should the number 101 be related to these killings, then it leaves a singular and unconnected 1 (possibly the businessman suicided in 1984 whom may have had his address book taken) in order to achieve the believed 102 minimum total believed deaths (all deceased ritual victims, but not the 9 jailed), and excluding any related collateral/unaccounted deaths, – which in this operation are perhaps not necessarily confined to single figures.

The number 101.

Number 101 (among many other things) relates to “Be careful what you wish for – or you may just get it!” (by way of your worst nightmare or phobia) / taken (from this world to the next)–/spiritual ascension/ [the 2 pillars on each side of the entrance stairway of the Temple of Solomon.] – death of the old and rebirth of the new. The stairway between heaven and earth. Entering divinity.


Do we really need (wannabee) top level police officer Crown agents to be trained in the hands-on psychopathic killing of innocent members of the public in ways which cause the victims to suffer the maximum amount of distress and pain for extended periods of time prior to their death?


With the Hexcraft Pathway (6,66,666) running through codes 6 and 9 of the operation/ritual, the consecutive parts were in the enacted order of 6,9,3. However, there was another concurrently-running part to code 9 [+code 6 ?] of the operation I believe – code 3, as the unofficial deaths during code 9 I believe to be more related to the code 3; in which event both 6 and 9[3] victims deaths appear subjected to the power of the number 11 – (code 6=66 victims, code 3=33(by September 1989), which is a more feasible conclusion, (but I shall leave that up to you to decide on); The number 11 also relates to initiation, so it fits well. It is also claimed that the operation also involved 11 provincial forces :

Further information on the code 3 killings may be found above under Part 5 and Part 8 of the ritual.

Both the total victims deaths(in addition to the 9 Spannermen), and also the three corpses from code 3(lock and curse) are represented statistically as 111, indicating a hexagram curse, with (assumed) total Witchfinder raids of 666, gives a figure of 777, the code seemingly used at the very start and end of the operation that indicates sacrifice/rebirth among others; 1983= 1+9+8+3= 21= 3×7= 777 =start/ 666+111=777 finish. If correct, this would also indicate the ritual began anytime from the start of 1983. We already know that the operation was certainly underway from March/April 1983 onwards due to previously seen documentation, so it all fits. The three 7s are also apparent from the sentencing codes used on closure of the ritual in December 1990 at the 0ld Bailey. (Please refer to part 4 above, and to archive comment 401 for further details).

I do not expect details of the rituals or cull, – other than a tally of the total statistics [now hidden] – to be recorded anywhere. Neither do I personally believe that attitudes of the 1980’s towards gay men were totally to blame for the cull per se; although discussions concerning the target group may possibly have been undertaken as an option prior to the start date; but I believe the use of gay men [among others] for ritual sacrifice procedures had indeed been a long-established practice. The sequences of occult numerology of the 3,6,9 dates relevance, coupled with the operation codes alone implies that the ritual had certainly been planned long before the 1980’s too. The smooth running of the operation, and the efficacy of the cover-up would also suggest a well-travelled road. [Ritual sacrifice has been ongoing since pagan times, except it is well-hidden by Crown and secret societies these days]. It is also mentioned at 54.30 in the Arizona Wilder interview that the number of ritual sacrifices being undertaken were increased from the early 1980’s on, suggesting that any sort of option to forego a massive 3,6,9 ritual may not have been on the table at the time.{nor indeed at any time in my opinion}.


The 111 Curse

The 111 signifies the three sides of one triangle (pointing outwards) of a 2 dimensional hexagram that in hexcraft demands that all 6 forces of planetary energies (contained within the 6 triangles) submit to the will of Saturn (x6) = 666 – for manifestation of the respective curse. – Saturn with its’ ring is contained within the hexagonal centre of the hexagram. The hexagon represents the 2 dimensional view of the cube of Saturn. The Hexagram is often taken as a symbol of unit, the union of male and female. The upward pointing triangle represents the male aspect whilst the downward triangle represents the female. The Hexagon is represented by: Perimeter: 6 x side; Number of vertices: 6; Number of edges: 6.

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