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Reconstructing The Spanner Operation 1983 to 1990


The Spannermen Case (Part 3 of Operation Spanner)

In this clip from “Voices of Liberty”, Sean Gabb, then Webmaster of the Libertarian Alliance, talks about Operation Spanner. (filmed around 29 or so years ago)

For correctness sake it should also be stated that; I have already laid out on other pages of this blog the whats and whys of the actual “case”. It started in 1983 along with the culling operation.
There had been no advert offering Spannermen videos. A Spannerman had inadvertently responded to an anonymous box no. advert in “Gay Galaxy” which had been offering a swap of extreme SM videos. (It is also believed that the OPB had been selling porn or copies thereof through the magazine)
The nailing referred to had been made through an established piercing, and not through flesh.

However, an excellent and concise summary by Sean nevertheless.


The 9 incarcerated defendants:

The number 9 symbolises both the completion and end of a cycle, or series, and therefore signifies the end.


THE Ennead is the first square of an odd number, it was said to be like the Ocean flowing around the other numbers within the Decad; no further elementary number is possible, hence it is like the Horizon because all the numbers are bounded by it. We find that it was called Prometheus, and “Freedom from Strife,” and “Vulcan,” because the ascent of numbers is as far as 9, just as the ascent of things decomposed by fire is as far as the sphere of Fire (the summit of the air), and Juno, because the Sphere of the air is arranged according to the novenary system, and “sister and wife to Jupiter” from its conjunction with the Monad. And “Telesphoros” or “Bringing to an end” because the human offspring is carried 9 calendar months by the parent. And teleios or perfect for the same reason, and also called “Perfect” because it is generated from the Triad, which is called “Perfect.”

Attention is called to its being an emblem of Matter, which, ever varying, is never destroyed; so the number 9 when multiplied by any number always reproduces itself, thus:—9 times 2 are 18 and 8 plus 1 are nine: and so on as below:

The symbolism of Number 9 (Ennead)

The esoteric meaning of the number nine is associated with the idea of ??completeness and perfection, done it and related to the synthesis of the three worlds, that is a triple trinity (God, the universe, man). Well it reflects the essence of the meaning which had nine in the Chinese tradition, where it symbolized the concept of “everything.” In nine of his divine aspect means the divine power and the power of the Creator, which is manifested in the material environment laws. In its natural aspect, number nine symbolizes the physical plane of existence, in which the law is manifested trinity. In its human aspect, nine represents the idea of ??spiritual power, which is expressed in the possession of the three worlds, that is, the idea of ??initiation.


All statistics given in this thread had been disclosed at initial hearing(s).
There is no reason to believe that the figure of 82 “potential defendants” may be incorrect – it coincides with the original given statistics. However, should there have been 82 potential defendants, then closer to 82 would have been prosecuted.
All of those defendants put forward for charging would have been charged in due course (under normal circumstances) as prosecution was on behalf of the Church and not the State.
Therefore the Crown Prosecution Service had no authority to intervene, or to drop charges, as the names (and proposed charges) had been compiled by a Crown authority.
The figure of sixteen represents those who were selected during the second part of the operation, and the rest represent the selected “potential defendants” of the first part. The Spannermen raids achieved the 666 total number in home raids with the 16 in 1987.
However it is believed that a further 111 had then been undertaken by Manchester police to add to the 666 as part of the ritual, in order to achieve the 777 ritual end code with a 111 curse.

So we have 66 from the first part of the operation who could not under any circumstances be charged, although put forward by the Church.
We have been informed that over 60 suicides had occurred prior to the charging by the CPS. From simple deduction it can only follow that this figure of “over 60 had taken their own life” was comprised of mostly perceived “potential defendants” as;
1) The figure would not otherwise be known
2) Such a contemplation had few other reasons to occur as a consequence to a raid
3) There were no defendants available for prosecution
So we are left with the presumption that all potential defendants (66) from the Witchfinder raids from 1983 to 1986 (the first part) had met their deaths prematurely and mostly, if not all, by home suicide alone with a total of over 60 early deaths, (rising to over 100 by 1990 with early deaths from other causes added).

Does that sound in any way remotely possible?
With such numbers, it would be common for at least some of the suicides to be failed bids if nothing else.
All 66 proposed defendants had died prior to being charged??
How could the OPB have known the true causes of all these deaths?
How could the OPB possibly know there were another 40 or so deaths from causes other than suicide too after the raids had been carried out??? How had a connection to the Operation have been decided/understood with merely “early deaths” by “other” means?
Exactly whom had collated these statistics,
and for what reason?
Could it therefore have been possible that the numbers themselves held some significance in the operation?

Had the word “over” been used to disguise some of the true statistics from exposure?

Figure hidden in the statistics ( defendants, part 1: 66) This can be gleaned from Hames’s book, although the number has never been disclosed in itself as an item, as covert raids involved.
Figure already known part 2 (defendants : 16)
Number incarcerated 9
Figures partly disclosed,
Number of total raids: “over” 640
Number of early deaths “over” 100
Number of suicides “over” 60

Certainly one possibility that explains how these figures could possibly have been known, but not fully disclosed, would be that the count had been made for a reason – that statistics had been required to meet certain targets – (with all the implications that may suggest).

If that had been the case, then one possibility would certainly have been that 650 raids had been carried out for the first part of the operation involving over 60 (now known to be around 66) early deaths thereby signifying to all members (650) of the House of Commons that they should tread carefully as Crown power also came from the Church; or alternatively, signifying and cementing crown power over them.…United_Kingdom

That would then mean that the second part of the operation featuring incarcerations was an alternative outcome, with the 16 Spannermen raids making a total of 666 to signify the success of the campaign, and indicating a public heralded version of events as an alibi/cover story.

In such an instance,the question must therefore also arise as to whether any of the early-deceased had been victims of any ritual, or indeed had met a violent death.

If indeed the statistics had been predefined, then both parts of the operation had been carried out to order, and the resulting outcomes of both parts had thus been demanded requirements.

There is possibly sufficient evidence to show the Spannermen case was so, regardless of any statistics, and the technical details of exactly how to bring about jail sentences had been left to the CPS.
In addition there is also compelling evidence to show that the Spannermen had been selected and were being targeted prior to the discovery of any video evidence.
The Spannermen had thus been specifically chosen for incarceration prior to any evidence surfacing that would provide the means for that end result.

Should this have been the case, it follows that we could then be looking at a demand for as many as over 100 instigated deaths with later incarcerations to make the number up.

Who would have been able to make this demand?

Had the whole operation been based on satanic ritual and sacrifice, and possibly signifying and instilling royal power over the Commoners?

With the demonstrated acquiescence of both church and state, without so much as a gentle whimper, what does this imply about the “campaign”?

Only the crown had power over the church, and the right to make such extravagant evil demands via the church.

And possibly only the appointment of a Witchfinder General would have provided legal powers and exemptions from enactments made in summary manner during the campaign.

Under normal circumstances, the OPB would have wished the successes of the first part of the operation to be heralded as front page news, regardless of whether or not the teams involved had been manned by OPB officers; particularly with 66 potential defendants awaiting charges.

However this had not been the case, and all actions taken during this part of Operation Spanner had been carried out in deep secrecy, and have remained so even until this day.

If indeed the statistics from the total number of raids had been so, then let us look at the number of defendants whom either met their deaths or were incarcerated as well.
We then have 66 dead and 9 incarcerated defendants.

That would appear to be a somewhat odd coincidence, does it not?

If this is all correct, and is no odd coincidence, then what implications do these figures thus convey about the Spannermen case, and the British judicial system?


Mike Hames tenure as head of the Obscene Publications Squad marked an increase in pursuit of illegal homosexual activity from 5 investigations a year to nearer 40. By 1990 the new unit was requesting an average of one new search warrant every week. Paedophilia at that time seemed to mean homosexual activity with an ‘under-age child’ – which meant a man below the age of 21.


The most sadistic acts in Operation Spanner had not involved the Spannermen.


Operation Spanner Dissected(updated 2021)

Part 1

The Spanner Operation 1983 to 1989:
Whether by design or not, Operation Spanner had in effect been a cull of gay men by Church and State under the banner of “Christian Family Values”, using the camouflage and later addition of the Spannermen case and the cover of the false official story surrounding their arrests, which signalled the (unofficial) end of the OPB police operation in 1987, with the final charges only being drawn up two years later, in September 1989.
There were two distinct separate parts to Operation Spanner;
1) 1983 to 1986 covert raids on advertisers/responders to a gay magazine and others, involving over 640 raids, of which no defendants or charges were forthcoming, but resulting in over 60 alleged suicides (some of which may have been from an address book belonging to an occasional visitor to the Harford address, who was not of the Spannermen group, and whom had been earlier suicided from a police raid on his own home). This part of the operation was mainly not publicised. From the information available. it may also be presumed that the alleged suicides were mostly, if not all, regarded by police as “potential defendants”.
2) 1987 to 1989 The Spannermen case involving 16+ raids. This was carried out with full media coverage upon charging, including false claims and lies, and centred around visitors and owner of an ex-Bryn Alyn child abuse whistleblower’s new address in Harford, Wales (see above), following threats made against his person by telephone from an Assistant Principal Director of Manchester Social Services, who had appeared to garner sufficient bravado to make the various professional, legal and personal threats against him in November 1983*, and the following sale of his isolated Cheshire home the next month.
Both of these sections had different and possibly multiple agendas and purposes, but all were carried out as attacks on gay men, gay practices and gay lifestyles, on behalf of the Church of England.
Operation Spanner involved, in addition to the 16 Spannermen charged, between £4.5million and £6.5million in costs* by the time the court appearances were under way. The controversy over the prosecutions and convictions had additionally served another purpose in the operation altogether. (*costs which had later escalated in a snow ball fashion during the 1990’s)
The 1980s saw a new wave of social conservatism as Margaret Thatcher sought to enshrine Judaeo-Christian family values within the fiscal, legal and social fabric of the country. One result of this was Section 28 of the 1988 Local Government Act, which banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools. Section 28 pushed some key Thatcherite buttons — the rights of parents and supposed mismanagement of public funds — while it also conveniently discredited Labour-led local councils in the run-up to the 1987 election.” (scroll down)
It had been a four year long police operation from 1983 to 1987 ending in seeming epic failure, which grasped at straws and the spannermen both in desperation (and to a great degree retaliation) in order to try and justify both it’s existence and massive expenditure which finally ended in December 1990 with the incarcerations of the men.
Naturally the final charges and sentences brought would have appeased Hames’ masters-the Church of England General Synod-whom had always sought to make examples of sex both outside marriage and in a gay context. (see : 1987 Church of England General Synod “Higton Motion” which had called for expulsion of homosexuals from the church together with the re-criminalisation of homosexuality, prior to being watered down by the Synod).…/0014600163007…7Sexuality.pdf…motion&f=false (start from page above)
The spannermen raids, arrests and charges were carried out by Michael Hames and his teams.
Many lies and smears were circulated (including links to child abuse) by the OPB and the media, resulting in the men, particularly during the trial, being beaten, kicked, shoved to the ground, and as I recall, one broken arm and a broken nose from having to walk a daily gauntlet surrounded by hostile crowds, whilst the police encouraged such behaviour by looking the other way.
Spanner case was an early example of media manipulation”
Mrs. Thatcher’s Return to Victorian Values (by Raphael Samuel, University of Oxford, 1990)
(includes on page 19): “Mrs. Thatcher’s values, as many commentators have pointed out, were Puritan values. A literal belief in the devil may help to account for her readiness to discover ‘enemies within’,”
However it can be shown that the campaign was a Church initiative and not Mrs. Thatcher’s alone. So although we have been informed that Thatcher suddenly introduced and attached a campaign of ” Judeo Christian Family Values” (Victorian Values) within her own election campaign in 1983, we may surmise that this action had been covertly imposed by the Church of England since there was no reliance on Thatcher’s success at the polls, and the campaign appeared to run independently.
It may well be that the Church of England had also allowed their own Met. police unit to target 640 gay men, not only to punish sex amongst gay men, but also to firmly cement Margaret Thatcher’s power into place; (by instilling fear of possible dire consequences amongst her ministers) because she was a fundamentalist supporter and champion of the Church.
Nevertheless the targeting of the Spannermen specifically is another matter altogether, and although coming under the umbrella of the campaign, was reserved for three years prior to the raids on all 16 of the Soannermen in 1987. However they had been singled out for investigation from 1983 onwards, which had also involved surveillance by MI5 and Bryn Alyn security of an address in Wales which had been the home of a Bryn Alyn whistleblower.

The Witchfinder General

The Witchfinder General: (updated 2021)
The Office of the Witchfinder General is a unique and historical secret society satanist appointment appearing to hold Crown Executioner status and becoming vacant when there is considered a need, and fulfilled where a specially chosen and elected member of the Church of England General Synod is appointed to a senior position within the Met. with his own squad of officers to undertake (satanic) work on behalf of the Church of England(Crown), and is the only appointment the Church is allowed to make to the Met. Common Law is their jurisdiction in this respect. The squad under this command was at the time known as the Obscene Publications Branch of the Metropolitan Police. It is believed that certain historical and traditional powers, exemptions, or indeed obligations, come / are carried with the Witchfinder appointment.
Michael Hames had been appointed by the General Synod and assigned from 1983 to 1989 as Witchfinder General specifically to undertake Operation Spanner with his (pending?) appointment (to “Head of Obscene Publications”) during those years as a nationwide campaign initiative against gay men throughout that period with the assistance of the Manchester Police, the Metropolitan Police and the Obscene Publications Branch (encompassing covert activities prior to 1987 using intelligence gained from a gay contact honeytrap magazine) among others; and thereafter resuming the “normal” OPB work as Head of Obscene Publications in 1989; as a result of which over 640 gay men had been raided*; over 100 had died an early death*; and of those over 60 were alleged to have committed suicide; with 16 arrested, and nine incarcerated mostly for “assaults”, – assaults which had previously been exempt from prosecution – and thereby also littered with a litany of false charges and unsubstantiated allegations including some related to “child protection” thrown in and intended to convey some importance to the case, with false front page media reports, coupled with a false official storyline that would effectively erase the first part of the operation from any public interest and scrutiny, and so imply the discovery of a massive satanic criminal sex ring with links to paedophilia and the possible making and distribution of snuff movies; and in doing so, justify the enormous costs and time spent on the case during those years, whilst at the same time inflating the Spanner case by inclusion of the code 6 victims, thus enabling covert public funding recovery for the costs of the sacrificial ritual. However, he had been paid to do this work. Front page archives do not seem to be available for December 1990, but a typical headline throughout the hearing (lasting many days) would have been front page in large letters:
“Satanic Paedophile Sex Ring making Snuff Movies!”…tences&f=false

*Notes: 1) At the time of writing the above 2 paragraphs, I was still investigating the code 3 deaths, so they are not mentioned although have been included in the given “totals” of statistics. 2) It is now understood that the final 3 code 3 deaths had occurred during the period 1989 to 1990 however, and not by 1989. 3) The (666 estimated) number of raids carried out by late 1987 does not include the later 1987-1989 (estimated 111) raids/interviews in Manchester area. Nevertheless the total of “over 640 raids” is thus correct on both counts.

The traditional appointment of “Witchfinder General” would have essentially demanded an extraordinary level of satanic/ occult knowledge and practice, including practices that most would find abhorrent, and would have necessitated a very high level of masonic abilities and standing of any individual applying for the role. In Hames’s case, he was already a serving policeman when appointed, so the appointment would have appeared as a promotion within the Met. at the time.

Operation Spanner Dissected

Part 3

The Church of England.
“The Church of England General Synod is the only body with powers delegated from parliament to pass so-called “measures” which are incorporated into English law. They have the full force and effect of an act of parliament and can apply to any Church-related matter.”
Margaret Thatcher and Michael Hames were both prominent members of the Church of England General Synod, House of Laity at the same time. It was during this period that Hames was alleged to have been selected, proposed and endorsed by Thatcher to be suitable as her new Head of Obscene Publications, in order to forefront her new “Christian Family Values” nationwide campaign in 1983. Around the same period, Mrs. Thatcher had also chosen John Gummer as her new Conservative Party Chairman, reportedly due to the quality and substance of his speeches before the House. The House of Laity is comprised of lay members, and not clergy. The House is often comprised of members who may hold extremist viewpoints.
Common Law:
(Common law is the body of law developed from the thirteenth century to the present day, as case law or precedent, by judges, courts, and tribunals. … In cases where the parties disagree on what the law is, a common law court looks to past precedential decisions
of relevant courts.)
law contributed significantly in the development of the English mediaeval realm towards what may be called a ‘state’. Firstly, political thinking was greatly stimulated by clashes between kings and Church over their relative authority. These frequently were conducted through polemic resting heavily upon law and legal argument, and were a vital stimulus to the ideological thinking which underlay the development of abstract notions of the state.”…i_law_01.shtml

Operation Spanner Dissected(updated 2021)

Part 4

The Dragnet-Sting Operation and the Searches:
In 1983/84 the Obscene Publications Squad with the assistance of Manchester Police (headed by James Anderton) were believed to have operated or monitored (or both) a gay contact magazine, “Gay Galaxy” as a dragnet sting operation; (a honeytrap). This was the preliminary intelligence-gathering ground (and also the hunting ground) for the Spanner Operation, (both the case and the culling) and was already underway by early 1983.
The magazine carried adverts that were much more extreme than other gay magazines. These were adverts from those who were or claimed to be into or seeking meetings, sessions or lifestyle witchcraft/ occult/ water sports/ S&M/ slavery/ incontinence/ piercing/ ab/ bdsm/ cp/ age play/ scat/ body modifications/ knife play/ pugilism/ mutilation etc.,and many more, and any such adverts that would normally be refused by the “straight” best-selling gay contact magazines. Obviously it did attract many advertisers and responders,as to the best of my knowledge;in the UK at least; whilst not requiring any membership,such contacts had never before appeared publicly available in a gay booklet prior to this in the UK. The magazine claimed to have been raided by the police several times, but still continued to publish adverts relating to all types of behaviour. A lot of adverts were either unlawful or requesting unlawful acts. It is believed that the OPB (via anonymous Gay Galaxy box numbers) were offering cash rewards for people to forward unlawful and obscene material by post depicting unlawful and obscene acts, in addition to monitoring advertisers and responders.
The Obscene Publications squad at the time were carrying out raids on gay men claiming to be looking for snuff movies or child porn. Two of many such adverts that regularly either appeared in each or most editions of Gay Galaxy were similar to:
1) “Snuff movies wanted. Unlimited top cash price paid for extreme and underage movies”
2) “Extreme and bondage SM movies wanted – Unlimited cash prices paid for movies or swap, bizarre or underage extreme acts with cash adjustment either way”

(or words to that effect). There would have been many others. (In my opinion, normal advertisers would never have used the word “unlimited” for a start).
Gay Galaxy only ran throughout 1983, and I believe folded around 1984-85. Gay Galaxy was just a cheap typeset A5 size booklet with blue card cover front and back and carried no photos or images, only adverts, (printed in Manchester area).
The vast majority of those raided would have been single gay men, so the fact that they had been raided would not have been so much of a problem, or cause them to commit suicide. Since they had not been yet charged (i.e: their name had not been released) some would possibly have been potential defendants. However, if the figure 0f 82 potential defendants is correct, then that would suggest, at initial glance, that virtually 100% of all those deemed to be “potential defendants” (66) by 1986 may have been deemed “suicides”, prior to the later 16 Spannermen being added. It is believed that suicide notes, where applicable, may have been either written by another hand to some degree, or written under duress. The fact there had been a blanket cover-up of the figures alone raises further questions, without even looking at the (possibly abundant) contradictory evidence.

Operation Spanner Dissected

Part 5

The Westminster Paedophile Connection.
During the same period, Bryn Alyn Children’s Homes in Wales (operated by John Allen) had been covertly and heavily involved with the Westminster paedophile ring, forced prostitution of children “in care”,and MI5, international trafficking of children, boy brothels, and the making and supply of international child porn ( to name but a few), apparently on behalf of/or with full knowledge of the authorities, and were believed to have been offered the return of misplaced movies, or copies thereof for cash from former residents who believed they should have been paid for their forced prostitution. There had already been, and would be, many hitherto unexplained “suicides” of former residents. It is firmly believed that these movies, possibly involving multiple copies, (and depicting recognisable VIP’s, and/or missing or recognisable children – in other words, extreme or “snuff” child porn) were also the unmentioned targets of the searches and advertisements by the OPB, in addition to the questionable campaign reasons for the raids. There had never been any incentive by the OPB to tackle the VIP users, suppliers, makers, traffickers, nor murderers of any of the child porn and snuff movies that were clearly known by the Home Office.
Videos confiscated by Dover Customs in 1982 depicting 2 famous politicians with young boys…pplement/10308
John Allen and Whitehall parties…es-pkqnhjbrv8b
The focus on the Spannermen occurred when an address of a whistleblower tallied with an advertiser on Gay Galaxy, in 1983. What had commenced as a targeting of visitors to a Bryn Alyn whistleblower’s residence ( following a threat from a senior officer of Manchester Children’s Services in November 1983, [whom it transpired had been acting as a “pimp” for the child prostitution racket]), together with trespassing by at least one member of John Allen’s security at the secluded house, and co-ordinated raids by Manchester police within their own area, culminated 4 years later with charges being brought in 1987. All of the spannermen had at one or more times been visitors to this address and had taken part in sessions with some videotaped records.It had been a fishing expedition right from the start, and targeted contacts of visitors, their contacts of contacts, etc.
There was no connection to the earlier (over 600) raids. It is believed that millions were spent on the searches to no avail, and that these costs had to be justified with arrests.
Following the trashing of the whistleblower’s report on Bryn Alyn,( which at the time had been forwarded to the relevant authorities), the corruption at Bryn Alyn and Manchester was eventually brought to the notice of the Prime Minister and the House of Commons in May 1985, (and several years later was more widely detailed and exposed in Scallywag magazine), but was never in fact investigated. ; (although Operation Pallial had in 2014 investigated 2 selected items of child abuse from the original 1983 report. It should be noted here that 2014 was the first time any of the child abuse reported in 1983 had actually been investigated.)
Ex North Wales victim talks about being trafficked at weekends for parties in Pimlico in “Variety Club Sunshine Coach”

Extract from the Testimony of Andrea Davison (Investigation of Corruption involving Dolphin Square, John Allen, PIE, and the child abuse cover-ups in North Wales in 1989):
2.2 During the course of the investigation clear links were identified between illegal arms sales, drugs trafficking, support for terrorist groups and the sale and distribution of child pornography, including snuff videos. The illegal arms trade is connected to a much larger organised criminal network. The fact that sections of the Conservative Government, the police and government agencies were involved made it more perilous and destructive to the fabric of society. No-one knew who is working for whom!
2.3 I was later to give evidence of these matters in secret to Lord Justice Scott’s Inquiry into ‘Arms to Iraq’ (Sample Documents 1 and 2)
2.4 I became involved in the investigation of child abuse in 1989 whilst carrying out a search of a suspect xxxxxxxxx premises. We found hard drugs and child pornography in video and photographic form. Some of it looked ritualistic. The suspect was involved with a company called xxxx Technology. xxxxx was engaged in research at a building connected with Bangor University. The investigation concerned tech transfer of biological weapons data to Iraq. xxxxxxxx lived close to and was associated with xxxxxx who ran the xxxxxx gym in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx following further investigation it was discovered that xxxxxxxxxx was distributing pornography on a large scale including child porn videos and highly priced snuff videos, where a child would be sexually abused and murdered on film. xxxxxxx a former mercenary was involved with another mercenary xxxxxx who had been in Angola. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxe were protected by the Police and certain sections of the intelligence community for which they worked, I understand, on contract.
2.5 Following the discovery of the child porn, mentioned above I decided to run an unsanctioned parallel investigation into child pornography. This included an investigation into ‘snuff’ videos. I discovered some of the children exploited were from local children’s homes where there appeared to exist a ready supply of children.…1_archive.html
The Richie Allen Show – Former British Intel Operative Andrea Davison, on the run for exposing child sex abuse:

Lost In Care (Waterhouse Report) pdf:
Bryn Alyn report can be found in Chapter 21.

Operation Spanner Dissected

Part 6

Obviously what the police did already have from Gay Galaxy was a very full list of nationwide advertisers and their responders names, addresses, sexual fantasies and preferences which alone would have been in the hundreds, coupled with any videotapes they may have confiscated in raids or been sent by post. The raids from 1983 to 1987 purported to be seeking snuff movies, but carried on with charging the Spannermen knowing full well there were no connections of this sort. The false declarations by the police (during the Spannermen raids) that they were investigating a murder is a common ploy used against gay men in order to obtain signed statements of information that would not normally be freely and indiscreetly volunteered. In Operation Spanner, these statements were used to convict the men. The outcome of the second part of the operation – the Spannermen incarcerations – can certainly be shown to have been a demanded requirement. The Spannermen case had thus been “reverse engineered”, thereby leading to inevitable conflicts with other case law.

-There would appear to be over 100 early deaths that may warrant extensive scrutiny.–

Operation Spanner Dissected

Part 7

Operational Timeline:
Operation Spanner raids over 620 gay men with over 60 potential defendants (of which none are available for final charges brought by CPS in 1989).
Over 60 alleged suicides never mentioned in press.
October 1983: Mature student Denis Williams on final placement from Salford College Social Studies Course reports mismanagement and malpractice, failure to make or maintain records other than petty cash, misappropriation of funds, false accounting, false police statement, fraud, theft, and physical abuse of children at Bryn Alyn involving 42 incidents in 24 hours, following three eight-hour shifts. His report also makes several urgent recommendations and advises an Inquiry be set up by Clwyd Social Services, and full monitoring of all Bryn Alyn operations be undertaken by “relevant authorities”. Report sent to Directors of Clwyd and Manchester Social Services, Manchester Children’s Services and presented to Salford College and John Allen in person. (Ref: Lost in Care, ch.21)
Owner of Williams’s home places advert in Gay Galaxy magazine.
November 1983: Report is trashed and Williams is accused of lying, threatened with legal action, and threats against his person are all made personally by Assistant Principal Director of Manchester Children’s Services by telephone to his home (in Cheshire).
December 1983: Williams’s (future) home in South Wales is targeted by Bryn Alyn security in the middle of the night, (whilst he is there).
Spring 1984: Businessman who was present during the December incident is alleged to have committed suicide after being raided by police sometime earlier.
Original Spannermen video obtained from local “spannerman” visitor by police soliciting item through post involving Gay Galaxy magazine advert.
May 1985: Corruption involving Bryn Alyn Community and Manchester Children’s Services notified to 10 Downing Street, (and copied to the House of Commons).
Neil Kinnock responds personally to say “Thank you” to Williams.
June 1985. Downing Street then pass the matter to the Home Office.
Child abuse involving MPs becomes common knowledge throughout House of Commons.
Spring 1987: Spannermen raided and charged under Common Law.
New Spannermen videos obtained legally with search warrants.
Late 1989: Spannermen final charges brought by CPS.
December 1990: Spannermen heard at the Old Bailey and sentenced on basis of videotape compiled by police.
Margaret Thatcher kicked out of Number 10.
1991: North Wales police investigation into child abuse fails.
1992; New North Wales police investigation underway.
Spannermen appeals heard by Appeal Court fails
Williams’s Report brought to attention of North Wales police (via BBC Wales) who say they know nothing about it.
Police given copy by Williams, and statement is made of report, but he also makes another statement concerning 4 additional matters involving Bryn Alyn Community.
1993: Spannermen House of Lords appeal fails
1994: Scallywag Magazine publishes 4 page spread on corruption, forced prostitution, child porn, child trafficking and child abuse involving those “in care” at Bryn Alyn Community and senior Conservatives.
1995: Spannermen ECHR preliminary hearing.
17th June 1996: William Hague announces the Waterhouse Inquiry.
October 1996: Bryn Alyn records destroyed in fire at Pickfords Storage, Chester.
Spannermen Full hearing at ECHR
January 1997: Waterhouse Inquiry commences.

Operation Spanner Dissected

Part 8

The Prostitution and Porn Empire of John Allen.
Read the full unredacted text here: (scroll down)…lpine-and.html
International links to Nicholas van Hoogstraten and CIA:…equestID=32920…-zimbabwe.html
Nationwide network of abusers including Tory and Labour politicians:…onwide-4727494

Ex-Bryn Alyn Landing Strip:
The landing strip directly opposite the main entrance to Bryn Alyn Hall.…/data=!3m1!1e3

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