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Reconstructing The Spanner Operation 1983 to 1990


Only through a backward, twisted and perverted mind of a religious fanatic of the lowest forms of consciousness could subjecting men ( – of a possibly much higher consciousness – to loss of life and incarceration), be viewed as elevating those poor souls to a “higher consciousness”.

Please also refer to Mark Passio video of occult numerology reductionism.

Exactly who is displaying BASE/BEAST consciousness?

Did they feel self-elevation at the end of the operation?

Did they feel better once more than a hundred good men had passed away, and 9 had been incarcerated for enjoying themselves?

Operation Spanner 777 (369)
1983 to 1989
The multi-million pounds satanic ritual funded by YOU.(and your parents)

Man in Unity? I think NOT!


We are looking at potentially one of the most horrific crimes in contemporary British history, (only now superseded by the Covid “vaccine” scam).

It will prove not to be an isolated incident – exposure of further atrocities are only to be expected.

The brazenness of the operation would suggest that it was commonplace; and had certainly been fully protected throughout by the security services.

Masonic allegiance and the closing of ranks (to protect their secret satanic ritual and sacrificial practices ) would be (and always is) the main stumbling block to any measure of justice.

Who knew about this operation?

In addition to the crown, Number 10 and MPs, MI5, Police, Church, Courts, Judges, CPS, etc etc. – Everybody except the general public. (Oh, but they had played their part in footing the astronomical bill alright!)

But don’t worry – it was all perfectly legal because the Crown had exempted the perpetrators from liability prior to the operation! – and later bestowed honours on some who had participated in the horrific and shocking acts.
– (Oh, that’s alright then!) ??


Why Sado-Masochism Should Not Be Criminalised

Chris R. Tame

Libertarian Alliance (1994)…f/legan020.pdf


Fairy Tales

The Official Fairy Tales.

Fairy Tale #1 : (to 2018)
Operation Spanner was the name of an operation carried out by police in the United Kingdom city of Manchester in 1987(sic)……..The police had obtained a video which they believed depicted acts of sadistic torture, and they launched a murder investigation, convinced that the people in the video were being tortured before being killed. This resulted in raids on a number of properties, and a number of arrests.
(and copied and pasted by all and sundry)

Fairy Tale #2 :
The original Spannermen video was obtained from a plea-bargaining paedophile in Manchester in 1987, ( and leading to a three year investigation)
Michael Hames “Dirty Squad”…3/spanner1.jpg

Fairy Tale #3 : (From 2018) Operation Spanner was a police investigation into same-sex male sadomasochism across the United Kingdom in the late 1980s. The investigation, led by the Obscene Publications Squad of the Metropolitan Police, began in 1987 and ran for three years,[1] during which approximately 100 gay and bisexual men were questioned by police.

From the court transcript, it clearly states that the videos had never been in the possession of anyone other than the group.

Very sorry to disappoint so many, but the Spannermen were raided at the END of a four year operation in 1987 (not the beginning), and as a cover for the culling operation.…-by-grimstock/

The True Story :
The MET Police Obscene Publications (NOT Manchester police) had solicited the video through an advert in Gay Galaxy contact magazine in 1984 from a Spannerman (now deceased) who lived in South Wales.
The Spannermen had been targeted by MI5 and the OPB from December 1983 onwards, as visitors to a whistleblower’s address, but the matter had been shelved until after completion of the code 6 culling operation (1986).
The “murder investigation” ploy is a common one used by police in order to obtain self-incriminating statements from gay men. OPB had been in possession of the video for 3 years (with the assistance of Manchester police) prior to the raids.

Original video was obtained by Obscene Publications Squad in London via a contact magazine advert:


On the Threshold of a Dream.

The Strange death of Michael Reeves: the Lost Visionary of British film

The Witchfinder General 1968
“The story details the heavily fictionalised murderous witch-hunting exploits of Matthew Hopkins, a 17th-century English lawyer who claimed to have been appointed as a “Witch Finder General” by Parliament during the English Civil War to root out sorcery and witchcraft.”…General_(film))
(It was a Crown/General Synod appointment – nothing to do with Parliament at all)

Had Michael Reeves, at the turning point of his career and fortunes, revealed too many truths in the film about the secret appointments to the Office of the Witchfinder General by 1969? His death 9 months after the film’s release was easily explained away by tptb, but nevertheless the coroner’s findings had been inconclusive.

(Suicide in your own home? Now where have I heard that before?)
(Quote) “a film that depicts England as a territory in which religious fundamentalists police dissent” (- Perhaps not quite so ‘heavily fictionalised’ after all then, is it?)
(quote) “These films are despatches from a dirty world.” – (Precisely!
-So were the deaths of Michael Reeves and the “over 100 early deaths” of Operation Spanner I might add).


It would also be helpful to know the identities of all those who may have had contact with any of the early-deceased and raided men, other than known friends or family.

Also the identities of all those who were being initiated/trained, and who the teachers/masters were prior to 1987.

Also the person, department or agency who had collated the total figures.

And if (as claimed) 11 provincial forces had also been involved, in what capacity had this been:- during raids, the supply of initiates, or in follow-up visits, or other?

Exactly what had the initiates been initiated in/into, throughout these raids and activities?

Had suiciding skills been one of them?

Had any victims lost blood, or suffered puncture wounds, or strangulation?

What percentage of the early deaths were of single men living alone?

Lord Templeman:
“society is entitled and bound to protect itself against a cult of violence”
Lord Jauncey:
“rather curious activities”
Lord Lowry:
“(This) activity cannot be regarded as conducive to the enhancement or enjoyment of family life or conducive to the welfare of society”
Lord Mustill:
“It is sufficient to say that whatever the outside might feel about the subject matter of the prosecution — perhaps horror, amazement or incomprehension, perhaps sadness — very few could read even a summary of the other activities without disgust”; “If repugnance to general public sentiments of morality and propriety were the test, one would have expected proceedings in respect of the most disgusting conduct to be prosecuted with the greater vigour”; “Thus, whilst acknowledging that very many people, if asked whether the appellants’ conduct was wrong, would reply ‘Yes, repulsively wrong’.”

In what respect had intel services been involved with monitoring the whole Spannermen operation from 1983 to 1991, and for what reasons had they sought to covertly search the home of an incarcerated man in 1991?

Had they believed that something had been missed from/during the Spannermen operation?


So we are faced with the fact that an essentially highly skilled satanist and occultist had been covertly appointed to a historical and traditional satanic and occult position as Witchfinder General to undertake what may possibly have been a six-year long satanic ritual of reaffirmation of crown power and influence over the Commons and the judicial system, and also as initiation into his new role.
If that was so, then the numbers of raids, suicides, and incarcerations had been specified targets prior to the operation, thereby explaining the collated counts.

Now let us look at facts and numbers we DO know are precise, by studying the dates and the name given to the operation so that we may confirm or deny for certainty whether the whole operation carries occult signatures.

Start date 1983

Start date : 1983 = 1+9+8+3 = 21 = “When judgement is finally handed down”

Symbolic Meaning of the Number 21 : The number 21 is a deeply symbolic number that ultimately brings together the cosmic creation of the 20 with the individual – the one. Essentially the 21 is the manifestation resulting from the 20 in which the initiate must learn patience and develop a balanced mind.We see this idea succinctly in the three and the seven, 7×3(The Tree of Life) of course equalling 21. The three is the sacred number of completion, the creation of the male and female energy and the symbolic meaning of the divine seven which determines whether the result is good or bad.
In the Bible, the 21 is associated with resurrection – death and rebirth. It is the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new mission. We see the same idea reflected in modern day traditions. When a person turns 21, they are said to have reached maturity and in the UK are given “the key of the door.”
In the Bible we see the 21 as a reflection of both good and bad. It is associated with sin and rebellion, but is also a representation of God and the Temple.

There are 21 chapters in the book of Judges, a significant title given the 21 is “when judgement is finally handed down“.

2+1 = 3 (the pagan trinity, the first perfect number) The first number
Three (3) is the first sacred number, the first perfect number (Westcott, p. 41). Three represents the Pagan Trinity.” (Westcott, p. 37). It is represented geo-metrically in the triangle, and spiritually as the Third Eye Of Hinduism. Occultists will multiply and add three to other sacred numbers to create new numbers. However, they also group threes in two’s and threes, because
they believe in the principle of “intensification”, i.e., that greater power is achieved when a sacred number is grouped. In the case of three, greater intensification is achieved when it is shown as 33, or 333. 333 + 333 equals 666. Occultists have used 333 as the hidden symbol by which they present the more offensive number 666. When the details of an event are so arranged as to contain certain sacred occult numbers or numeric combinations, this is literally an occult signature on the event. Mathematically, 666 can be created when three pairs of threes are added. Thus, (3+3) + (3+3) + (3+3) = 666. Now, eliminate the parentheses and the plus sign, and you have 33 space, 33 space, 33, representing the number 666.…st-numerology/

This is the number of royalty. It symbolizes the magical shape of the triangle. It symbolizes the Holy Trinity which is Nimrod Semiramis Tamus … or Osiris, Isis, Horus … or Satan, Eve and Cain

End date (charges brought) : 1989 = 1+9+8+9 = 27 = 9 and 3x3x3

The number 27 = 9+9+9 the most powerful magnification of 9 as it symbolizes 3 nines. ( 999 is a hidden and an inverted 666 and symbolizes hidden evil.)
= 9 ( the end, completion, initiation) The last number
Nine has already been explained above here:…&postcount=108

Together = 39 :

Number 39
The perfect 3 multiplied by the sacred 13. 39 is an anagram for 93, the “literal number of magic itself”- Crowley.…mbers-are.html

The Name

Spanner :

By using the correspondence A=1, B=2, …, Z=26, (English ordinal) we are given the number 87 (=6).

Six (6) is the next sacred number, representing the number of the soul of man (Westcott, p. 66). This shows the omnipotent power of God, as this belief parallels Revelation 13:18, where God assigns 666 to man and to the beast. Six is also believed to be “all-sufficient”. This parallels Biblical teaching, which states that man’s great sin is pride in himself

By reversing the above code, (reverse ordinal), we are left with 102 (=3). – See above for the number 3

Under full reduction, this gives 33

33 :Number 33 : A magical number. The perfect 3 multiplied by the master 11. This number has much significance in religions of the world, as well as historical organizations such as the Freemasons. Secret societies such as Skull and Bones also worship the number 33.…mbers-are.html

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