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Reconstructing The Spanner Operation 1983 to 1990



(Excerpt only) from Andrea Davison’s Statement to the Macur Review (2013)

(Background)This is the (part of) Statement of Andrea Davison former Intelligence Operative and Child Abuse whistle-blower who is currently a refugee in South America, where at the age of 62 years she fled following years of persecution by the British Establishment. Please donate to her defense fund and help Andrea to get back CSA documents, including parts of the Dickens dossier, taken by the Police.

1.1 In 1994 the Jilling’s report, by the former Director of Derbyshire Social Services Mr Jillings and his panel, detailed the rape and torture of children in Care Homes in North Wales.

1.2 The Report stated that allegations involving famous names and paedophile rings were beyond its remit, and something best addressed at a potential later public inquiry. It found a child care system in which physical and sexual violence were common, from beatings and bullying, to indecent assault and rape. Children who complained of abuse were not believed, or were punished for making false allegations.

1.3 Mr Jillings and his team were hampered by the NWP. The Chief Constable David Owen refused to meet them or help with access to the police major-incident database

1.4 130 boxes of material handed over by the council to the NWP were not made available to the panel and the council did not allow the inquiry to place a notice in the local press seeking information.

1.5 In November 2012 Roger Dobson for the Independent published:-

The then newly appointed North Wales Chief Constable, who was un-contactable yesterday, refused to meet them or help with access to the police major-incident database. “We were disappointed at the apparent impossibility of obtaining a breakdown of data. We are unable to identify the overall extent of the allegations received by the police in the many witness statements which they took.”

1.6 Some one hundred and thirty boxes of material handed over by the council to the police were not made available to the panel and the Council did not allow the panel to place a notice in the local press seeking information.

1.7 In his report Mr Jillings said “What we found was horrific and on a significant scale. If the events in children’s homes in North Wales were to be translated into a film, Oliver Twist would seem relatively benign. The scale of what happened, and how it was allowed, are a disgrace, and stain on the history of child care in this country.”

The significant points are that:-

1.7.1 The North Wales Police (NWP) withheld evidence and obstructed Mr Jillings. This failure should have been itself the subject of an Inquiry considering the number of NWP Officers named by the victims as abusers. Certainly Tony Blair who was shadow Home Secretary at that time believed an Outside Force was essential for the truth to be discovered.

1.7.2 The Macur Review could ask the former Chief Constable David Owen to explain his reasons for obstructing Mr Jillings and make inquiries into the 130 boxes of evidence, if these 130 boxes were not provided to the Waterhouse Tribunal. Further inquiry into the reasons why prosecutions did not take place of the NWP Officers named as abusers.

1.7.3 The Council, responsible for using public money to fund Care Homes where children were sexually, physically and mentally abused and who were, responsible for the Care and Protection of the Children therein, obstructed Mr Jillings by preventing him from advertising for victims to come forward.

1.7.4 In conclusion, the fact that those organisations responsible for the care and protection of the children, and who could alone act on complaints, were actively involved in an apparent cover-up of the rape, sexual abuse and torture of those children was a matter which should have been properly investigated by an outside Police Force. This was never done. Neither did the Waterhouse Inquiry investigate the vast amount of evidence and testimony of the cover-up or the evidence of an elite paedophile ring.

1.8 Following the public outrage at the suppression of the Jillings report and suffering continued public pressure William Hague, then Secretary of State for Wales, was forced in 1996 to order a Tribunal of Inquiry. The Inquiry was to look into allegations of hundreds of cases of child abuse in care homes in former county council areas of Clwyd and Gwynedd between 1974 and 1990. Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC, a retired High Court judge, was appointed to head the inquiry.

1.9 The inquiry began in January 1997 and sat for 203 days, and heard evidence directly from 250 witnesses, attracted 200 additional personal statements, and in total heard from more than 650 people. It cost £13.5 million pounds and produced a report in 2000 called ‘Lost in Care’ which although damming had limited its scope to mainly abuse inside the homes from the staff. The Inquiry failed to address the allegations of abuse outside of the actual physical curt ledges of Care Homes which abuse was alleged to be by an elite paedophile network involving allegations against Famous names, Politicians, Police Officers, Judges, Legal Professionals and Businessmen.

1.10 I intent to demonstrate that in my view the terms of reference of the Waterhouse inquiry were woefully inadequate and where adequate show that the Inquiry restricted its own terms to the extent that it was a very effective Inquiry limited to the abuse and torture by the staff of children in the Care Homes.

1.11 The Result of the limits the Inquiry placed upon itself operated to prevent proper inquiry and investigation into the systematic abuse of children, over decades, and their exploitation by a ‘VIP paedophile ring’ and use as commodities in the lucrative child porn network with its links to Peter Righton, the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) and the Home Office itself. The Inquiry also operated to reduce public speculation into the allegations against public figures and linked criminal activities.

1.12 The resulting report ‘Lost in Care’ whilst dealing with the allegations made against staff by the children in effect stifled further investigation into the Elite Paedophile Ring, the child porn Network and the criminal financial gain made by the Directors of the Care Homes and those who procured children for exploitation by an elite Paedophile network.

1.13 Inquires can expose wrongdoing or close down all investigation into the wrongdoing by presenting the fiction that a full investigation has taken place and either the issue has been fully addressed and nothing outside of those matters discovered exists.

1.14 The current Macur Review has the opportunity to redress the wrongs of the original Inquiry and dispel public concern and concerns of investigators and journalists, whistleblowers and victims that a full and proper investigation will not take place into the historic abuse of children in care. Particularly where that abuse was by public figures, police officers and members of the judiciary.

1.15 The Macur Review should obtain the evidence from all parties who hold evidence and have those accused of abuse or cover-up of the abuse, police and victims exposed to scrutiny and questioning. This Review has the opportunity to end organised child abuse in the United Kingdom.

Read more,(or help support Andrea)…1_archive.html

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Operation Codes:
Relevant general gematria study of codes and statistics by Mark Passio

It should also be remembered that the operation also included (through the ritual pathway) a means of attracting wealth and riches, and there had been many successful businessmen victims (and freemasons) involved in the raids and searches:


The number 66 symbolises the pathway

66 – Gematria Study & Occult Illuminati Symbolism

“According to esoteric tradition, the numbers 6, 66, and 666 are what constitute a pathway for hex-craft or spiritual magick to be performed as a “charming” tool for both hexing and enchanting.
Various adherents to the practices of magika (type of divining magic), such as found in mystery religions or cult-based witchcraft, utilize the number 66 during ritual number divining (channeling). Other groups such as the neo-Pagans or modern Freemasons use the number as a means for material gain. Now the use of so-called spiritual magic, particularly in the occult, is oft applied to a magick system of numbers – found most often represented/interpreted in the hexagram and magic square.”…ult-symbolism/

Bearing that in mind, (apart from the recovery of perhaps very highly-priced underage “snuff” movies) there are not many in the 20’s to 40’s age group who would perhaps think of making a will, coupled with the fact this was long before “civil partnerships” had become available, – so what would happen if a successful and single businessman should (wholly unexpectedly) die intestate?

“Who cannot inherit
The following people have no right to inherit where someone dies without leaving a will:
unmarried partners (sometimes wrongly called ‘common-law’ partners)
lesbian or gay partners not in a civil partnership
relations by marriage
close friends
However, even if you can’t inherit under the rules of intestacy, you may be able to apply to court for financial provision from the estate.
If there are no surviving relatives
If there are no surviving relatives who can inherit under the rules of intestacy, the estate passes to the Crown.”…-of-intestacy/

Had these matters – or simply estates or bank balances – been taken into consideration prior to certain individuals losing their life, then it would also stand to reason that there may also have been errors involved in the collating of costs in the operation.
An operation which had essentially been undertaken for and on behalf of the crown, the church and the secret societies. Far from the operation being concerned with the dispensation of justice on behalf of the citizens of the British Isles, quite the reverse had in fact proved to be the case over time, and the Operation had indeed been enacted AGAINST the British taxpayer, the electorate, and against any small hope of justice for abused and murdered children in many ways.
It had been intrinsically wrong to charge the British taxpayer for such malevolent, unjustifiable and murderous acts, let alone undertake them.


Fiona Barnett –

View, listen and read more here:…nt-interviews/

Quote: “The CIA is actually the organisation behind all the child trafficking in the western world and beyond, and they answer to British Intelligence, and they answer to the British Crown.”

Is it therefore any surprise that the British Crown’s own Church were tidying up loose and incriminating evidence and ends with their specially appointed Witchfinder?


Gay Cure Therapy

The Operation Spanner “Gay Cure” of death and rebirth.

Through the operational codes, 666+111=777 =21=3 (completion), and 3+6=9+3( as 1+1+1)=12=3 (completion), it can be shown that one of the many parallel underlying intentions of the raids and sacrificial culling was to incorporate, initiate (through death and rebirth) and impose a form of “gay cure” to those victims who were chosen for this procedure. Presumably, this then excludes slaughtered victims from the full purpose of the 111 curse, and informs us that the curse therefore mostly applied to all living gay men, although the “66” of the hexcraft pathway- part 2 of the operation related to the canonical victims said to be home “suicides” – is in itself another curse.

This may possibly also be confirmed by the chosen name of the operation -“Spanner”- signifying that where (of the six triangles on the hexagram) it was believed the men had fallen from the top centre triangle norm (as required by the church – and signifying the heterosexual alpha male) to the triangle to one side or the other of top dead centre position of the hexagram (signifying the gay male, or as deviance from the norm), the hexagon may thus be turned (through death and reincarnation)- as a nut turned by a spanner – to realign the male (as heterosexual alpha) at the top dead centre position on the hexagram in order to be accepted by the Church.…_triangles.png

Mark Passio | Numerology Reductionism 666, 777, 93


It is firmly believed that 2 or 3 individuals involved in snuff movies for the elite may possibly have been included in either the cull, or the incarcerations. Of the incarcerations, not all 16 men knew each other.

The 6,66,666 ritual pathway and initiation is said by one source to be the highest achievement a layman may attain within freemasonry.

Originally Posted by grimstock –
“Joke” made out of murder of gay SM devotee on Hampstead Heath, London in late 1980’s. (this was a notorious night time homosexual cruising area regularly targeted by both uniformed and covert police teams at night time during that period).

Top of Page 163, Michael Hames, “The Dirty Squad”.
So, at the time of the raids and charges in /from early 1987 onwards, ” the police already knew that devotees of S & M sometimes get more than they bargained for” due to separate incidents in 1988 and 1989.

—- No, – Certainly NOT. – I do not believe that is the case at all –
I personally believe that the reason ” the police already knew that devotees of S & M sometimes get more than they bargained for” had been because it was more likely that the police had previously arranged covert clandestine meetings with those they had contacted through gay contact magazines, and deemed suitable for culling in dark or secluded meeting places where there would be either no witnesses, or no witnesses that would wish to become involved, such as Hampstead Heath at nighttime, as one example.
Are the deaths of the innocent victims referred to anywhere on the internet?
— Yes they are, but only briefly in centre of Page 169 of Michael Hames’s ” The Dirty Squad”.
However, I fail to see how protests about “shattering lives, oppressing communities, and causing innocent deaths” may in any sense be viewed as “hilarious”.


As may be seen from the previous information, although Downing Street had been informed of the child abuse and corruption at Bryn Alyn in 1985, and had passed the complaint to the Home Office in June 1985, no regard for any children had been forthcoming at that time. The Home Office had indeed investigated the corruption later in the 1980’s however, with the use of Andrea Davison (and perhaps others), but this MI5/6 investigation of the corruption had been limited solely as to how the corruption had interfered (if at all) with any covert operations and “arms to Iraq” shipments, and had therefore not been concerned with any abuse nor deaths of children “in care”.

The reasons for that omission do indeed become obvious when reading Andrea’s statement to the Macur Review, nevertheless, and by the treatment she received for exposing it.…1&postcount=16
Macur Review Statement of Andrea Davison



“Curse = 66
The occult meaning behind the number 66 represents the loss of faith in the Divine, and the emergence of the self-serving or inward nature of man as both a curse and a path to material fullfilment. The word “curse” is found in use 66 times in the Biblical OT and in Simple Gematria the word “Curse” equals 66.”

The 66 deceased defendants:

The number 66 symbolises the pathway
(“Get your kicks on route 66”)

66 – Gematria Study & Occult Illuminati Symbolism

According to esoteric tradition, the numbers 6, 66, and 666 are what constitute a pathway for hex-craft or spiritual magick to be performed as a “charming” tool for both hexing and enchanting.
Various adherents to the practices of magika (type of divining magic), such as found in mystery religions or cult-based witchcraft, utilize the number 66 during ritual number divining (channeling). Other groups such as the neo-Pagans or modern Freemasons use the number as a means for material gain. Now the use of so-called spiritual magic, particularly in the occult, is oft applied to a magick system of numbers – found most often represented/interpreted in the hexagram and magic square.


The sum of numbers 1 to 66 gives 2211 considered by some esoteric or sacred texts as divine since they make of it the numbered representation of God and the Temple.

To offer a means of growing rich quickly, to preserve from the evil and to attract all the graces of God


By using the correspondence A=1, B=2, …, Z=26, we discover that dead (“mort”) and to curse (“maudir”) give each one 66. By using the opposite correspondence (A=26, Z=1), we find that the word cross (in French “croix”) gives also 66.

So, the ritual victims WERE also cursed.


nationwide ring

The Non-Existent “Nationwide Ring” of Men.

There was No “Ring” of 82 Men

Antony Brown (One of the Spannermen defendants) interviewed by Katie Sampson
for Independent Newspaper, 13th October 1996.

The falsely claimed (by Michael Hames) “ring” of 82 defendants. (middle of page 165)

“(We were just a) group of friends – We never operated as a ring”

“Although I have always had sado-masochistic sexual fantasies, I am not a sadistic person by nature. I would never condone sadomasochistic activities involving serious harm or lack of consent and activities involving young people are abhorrent to me. SM is essentially about two people engaging in a role-play situation and depends on trust and co-operation. Far from being the “victim”, the submissive partner is, ironically, very much in control of what happens to him or her. I didn’t put my fantasies into practice until I met like-minded people in my mid-thirties. It began on a one-to-one basis and then the activities extended to a group of friends. Many of us were in long, stable partnerships and SM was a way of exploring our relationships; we never operated as a “ring”, as the judge sinisterly put it, and the thought of
being raided never entered my head.

But one evening in November 1987, I returned home from my job as a civil servant to find 12 policemen raiding my house on the grounds that the premises were being used to store obscene material intended for publication for gain. They had found a video we’d made for ourselves of our SM sessions which was to form the main body of evidence against us during the trial. I was flabbergasted. I felt my life had been burgled.”

Read More:…m-1358133.html

“Postscript (added in 2004). My friend Tony Brown died in 2001 or 2002. His partner Robbie had already died several years earlier.”
Operation Spanner

(Note from grimstock): So where did the police find 66 additional men who could falsely be named in court as conspiring criminals without any repercussions?


How They Managed to Merge the Satanic Culling with the Spannermen case.

By merging the defendants, the CPS/OPS had also thus managed to condense the two parts of the operation into one before the court, and thereby falsely and also successfully merging both the relevant costs involved and actual names/addresses of those falsely accused (under part one of the operation) onto the Spannermen case, with the only problem being that the Spannermen knew that the other 66 men were not connected in any way. The fact that the 66 were already deceased was not mentioned in court.

To prevent detection of falsity in the official statements, it was also necessary to reduce the numbers of men “interviewed” (raided) from the actual figure of “over 640” (CPS at hearing) to “over 400” (media prior to hearing 1989) “over 300” (media 1991) “over 200” (present day)
Due to the fact that the “operation” had been undertaken (only in the official version of events) over the course of two years, it would indeed perhaps be difficult to achieve 666 raids nationwide within that period, even with assistance.

However, whittling down the case falsely like this also has an adverse effect upon the costs involved, as they become more and more unrealistic and unfathomable each time, and that is partly why the astronomical costs of the six-year long satanic pre-scheduled event (said by one source in the early 1990’s to be possibly in excess of £19million at that point in time) have never been disclosed to Parliament, nor to the taxpayer; as they could never now be satisfactorily explained,
nor even tenuously justified through the official story.


How they Managed to Claim in Court that the Spannermen had been Part of a Satanic Paedophile Sex Ring of 82 Men:

For prosecution of the Spannermen case, the 66 deceased “potential” defendants (suicide statistics) from the first part of the operation (the cull) had been added to the 16 Spannermen statistics to give a total of 82 potential defendants in order to present the Spannermen as part of a huge nationwide sex ring, when for all intents and purposes, the men had not known each other, and had not been connected in any way at all. The newspapers ran with the Front Page story that the Spannermen had been part of a satanic paedophile sex ring that made snuff movies.(scroll down left of page). For anyone following the court proceedings, none of this proved to be true. Hundreds of hours of video recordings reduced to just 3 hours of edited tape of the most sadistic acts – and devoid of all sexual acts (which had been edited out) – had been compiled by police (with Gregorian Chants as background music – thus intimating the acts were part of a ritual, and providing continuity to the edits) as the only video evidence shown to the court.

Videotape edited and compiled by police:
OUT Magazine Sep. 1999…panner&f=false
(scroll down lower left of page)

Much has been said about the Spannermen prosecutions, and that such activities “would not now be considered as actual bodily harm”. This is somewhat misleading and ill-informed, and it should be noted that at the time of the prosecutions, consensual SM had NEVER been considered to be actual bodily harm, and was previously perfectly legal. This was also confirmed by the fact that there had been no precedence found in the case.

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