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Illuminati Unveiled

ILLUMINATI UNVEILED: Confessions of a former Satanist Pop Star by Greg Reese may be downloaded at Alex Jones’s “Banned.Video” website. One of the penalties for disclosing secrets of freemasonry involves “hanging you in your own home” (at 1.40 of the video).

By Greg Reese.

(Had the 66 victims of part 2 of the Spanner 369 ritual suffered this fate? If that were to be the case, then they may also have been freemasons. If so, then I would suggest that they may well have been “Golden Wheel” members. See Operation Spanner Dissected comments for details about the Golden Wheel pen-pal club adverts that regularly appeared in “Gay Galaxy”. [Dateline for that OSD comment is June 7, 2019, and was as follows (now updated): “Gay Galaxy had already been running for some years prior to these events, and whether of significance or not, throughout its publication (and right to the end), carried advertisements – (adverts also sometimes appearing in other gay contact magazines) – of a witchcraft/ occult penpal club and supplier of occult paraphernalia, “The Golden Wheel” of Liverpool. Surprisingly enough, this (periodic) penpal club contact magazine/ newsletter used an identical layout and format to Gay Galaxy – with the other strange coincidence being that many of the men targeted in Operation Spanner (particularly “sacrificial victims”) had also been freemasons and had at some time been advertisers or responders to that occult penpal club personal contact adverts in that periodical.”)

Decoding the Illuminati Symbolism and the Mind Tricks of the Occult (Follow-up by Greg Reese).

David Icke Talks To Oracle Films About The Protest Movement (and so much more) – national freedom march in London this Saturday, May 29th – please be there if you can and let’s make a statement they cannot ignore.

Censored 2009 Report Featured MD Whistleblower Leaking Plans For Staged Viral Release Triggering UN Takeover / Depopulation

MSM Celebrates Globalist Ritualistic Human Extermination Plan Alex Jones breaks down the MSM articles praising the end of humanity and celebrating the globalists depopulation extermination plan.

Jonestown And The Covid Suicide Cult How Jim Jones and the C.I.A. helped beta test today’s environmental suicide cult.

Wuhan Lab ‘Virus’ Leak: A Calculated Diversion From The Simple Truth – – – There Is No ‘Virus’ – David Icke Dot-Connector

Will The COVID Vaccines Complete The Zombification Of America? A 1995 video warns us that this is its very purpose. (From Greg Reese)- the full speech of Pierre Gilbert from this quote may be found here: Prediction From Dr in 1995. “Mandatory Vaccines Will Contaminate the Bloodstream of Mankind” Becomes Reality. Crystalline Nanoparticles in the Brain will turn you into Micro Receivers of Electromagnetic Fields.

An international team of lawyers and medical experts are seeking to charge the CDC, the WHO, and the DAVOS group with crimes against humanity:- NUREMBERG 2.0

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