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Reconstructing The Spanner Operation 1983 to 1990


the state take down

The State Take Down

The 1996 State Take-Down of Scallywag Magazine and the Murder of it’s Co-Founder Angus James as Retaliation for Exposing the Westminster Paedophile Ring and the John Allen Empire.

(Extract from “Shoot The Women First” by Andrea Davison and Tom Doe.
Chapter 19 – What A Scallywag

(For links to the Spanner Case, please refer to Part 3 of the ritual / the comment at the start of “The Spannermen” page/ “Margaret Thatcher Involvement” on Home page, and to “Operation Spanner Dissected” – Operation Timeline)

…..The previous year Scallywag paid damages for defamation to serving
Prime Minister John Major and therefore had suffered financial damage.
Rumours had been circulating in Fleet Street and Parliament
about the Prime Minister and a sordid extramarital affair. To scotch these
rumors and ruin Scallywag MI5 and John Major cooked up a dirty plan.
They leaked the name of the wrong woman, Claire Latimer, to Scallywag.
Journalists that are more cautious may have hesitated, but Scallywags editors
Simon and Angus had not earned their reputations for fearless reporting for
nothing, they published and paid the price.

Scallywag was publishing articles about the Westminster Paedophile Ring
and the traffic of children from North Wales to London so Tory MP’s could
abuse them. John Major and his Government wanted to stop the
publication of the stories. They had the knives out for Scallywag’s editors,
contributors and researchers. The Anglesea libel trial, now ending was
designed to be another nail in Scallywags coffin.
Waiting in the corridor outside Court 13. I could not bear to witness the
young men who had described their multiple rapes and abuse be branded as
liars, just as they had when, as children, they pleaded for protection.
Judge Drake had warned the jury:
“And of course a complaint that someone has sexually assaulted you is comparatively easy to make up and difficult to
rebut. It is the nature of a sexual complaint that no one else is
likely to have seen it.”

The old court door swung open and Simon came out dark hair covering
his burning tears. He did not notice me, standing like a shadow dressed in a
black court suit, or notice my tears and clenched fists.
The jury, handpicked by Drake, awarded paedophile former Chief
Superintendent Gordon Anglesea compensation of £375,000. The Court also
guaranteed Anglesea its protection, ordering undertakings from the
defendants to prevent further publication of the truth. The defendants were
also ordered to pay all the substantial legal costs of the action.

Simon Regan wrote:
“I watched it in the now-famous Court 13 at the High Court during
the libel action between former Supt. Gordon Anglesey and Private
Eye (and others) when despite the fact that under cross examination,
Anglesey had to admit that his evidence did not correspond with his
own notebooks, the ‘other side’ subsequently tore the five main
witnesses to pieces in a monumental act of judicial harassment. Like
the whole story of child abuse in North Wales and elsewhere, it broke
my heart.”
Two months after giving evidence against Gordon Anglesea, one of the
young men Mark Humphreys, was found hanging from railings outside his
bedsit in Wrexham. The North Wales Police said it was not suspicious.
The Courts had shackled the independent media, stories about children in
State Care being raped and trafficked from North Wales, Islington, Lambeth,
and Jersey would be spiked. Only Scallywag continued unabated.
Enter Tory politician Dr. Julian Lewis. Taking advantage of a rent
dispute Lewis purchased the contents of Scallywags offices, including the
evidence against Westminster paedophiles. This was the final nail in
Scallywags coffin.

Simon Regan wrote:
“Dr. Julian Lewis, now Conservative MP for New Forest (East)
but then deputy head of research at Conservative Central Office in Smith Square, managed to purchase the contents of
our offices, which included all our files. It had been alleged that we
owed rent, which we disputed, but under a court order, the landlords
were able to change the locks and seize our assets, which included all
our files, including those we had made on paedophiles. It was
apparently quite legal, but it was most certainly a dirty trick.”
Scallywag was dead, but Spiked Magazine was born, founded and edited
by Simon’s half-brother Angus. One of the funders was Mohammed Al
Fayed, the owner of Harrods.
Spiked ran an article about the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)
magazine MAGPIE, being published in the Home office. Another article
explained how kids were used by MI5 to blackmail diplomats.
I was researching and supplying information to Spiked, to push the
Welsh Secretary William Hague to call a public Inquiry. In July 1996, we
succeeded and the Government, reluctantly, announced The Waterhouse
Two private detectives employed by Al Fayed to dig the dirt on Tory
Politicians offered Angus, secretly filmed, compromising photos. The
pictures were of Defense Minister, Michael Portillo, engaged in sexual
activity with an underage boy. The owner wanted £100,000 for the
negatives. Al Fayed was not interested, so Angus went to Cyprus to get the
money from fugitive tycoon Asil Nadir. Life was exciting.
September gave way to cooler days. While Angus was away in Cyprus,
I was getting the low down on Michael Portillo MP and Jonathan Aitken
MP for Spiked. Needing to check information, I decided to make a call. The
rules were simple, ask the right questions and I would get the right answers,
ask the wrong questions and end up with disinformation. Finding a lonely
telephone box, I entered and dialed.
“Hello, it’s Tara.”
“Hello, how are you?”
“Angus from Spiked is in Cyprus making a deal with Nadir
“Tara, Angus is dead.”“Dead,” I said, the receiver slipping from my hand.
“He was in a car crash this morning,” they have eliminated the threat.”
“What about the photographs?”
“They will not surface; it’s a bigger picture than you know.”
“Not now, it’s the wrong time,” he said.
I stood listening to the monotone of a dead line.
Angus James Wilson died that day. The photographs of Michael
Portillo, the substantial check from Nadir and all Angus’s possessions

Simon Regan said that before Angus went to Cyprus,
“There was other wheeling and dealing in London prior to the
Cyprus trip and I knew something big was impending. What it was
in full is probably only known by Angus. All I know is that, prior
to Angus going to Cyprus, Basham and Diamond had struck a deal
and Angus was going to be the conduit. Basham’s brief was to
create a situation in which Nadir could return to the UK under
‘benevolent’ terms. That is that, at best, he is not charged at all
and, at worst, the evidence against him is flimsy and he gets a
token sentence.”
With the death of Angus, Spiked died along with fearless investigative
journalism. There were people as brave, as incorruptible and as resolute as
Angus and Simon and I was to meet one. He was destined to become a
legend in his own lifetime.

Shortly after Diana, Princess of Wales was slain in a Paris underpass I
was preparing for a special guest. Honeybees, chubby brown and mellow
yellow striped bodies hovered around the brilliant scarlet Azaleas on the
patio. A white filigree metal table laden with cakes, sandwiches and orange
juice blended into the black and white patio tiles. Two matching cushioned
metal chairs were positioned around the table, giving a view over the massive
lawn and on into the field and stretching out to the wooded horizon.
The preparations were for an extraordinary guest, a man of unusual perception,
whose ability to see through the illusion caused the Secret State to
launch a discrediting campaign against him. With remarkable composure, he
bore the brunt of their attack, brushing it off like a duck skimming through a
dirty lake brushes off the muddy water.
The sound of a vehicle drawing up cut through the gentle sound of
buzzing bees. Going to the red gate, I flicked the metal catch as David Icke
stepped out of his car.
__________________________________________________ ____________________

Read more:
by Andrea Davison (Author), Tom Doe (Author)

(Note: Angus James’ fatal injuries are possibly believed to have occurred following, and not during the car crash. The website I obtained this evidence/ information from seems to be now unavailable)

Murder of Angus James co-founder of Scallywag

(Also possibly linked) :CIA document shows deep British state involved in secret arms sale … (scroll down page) “The documents which contain the details of USA-UK cooperation, along with the cover for the secret weapon sale’s network, expose that the ‘deep state’ used a series of dirty paths, including murder. “The documents prove that Unipac, a company based in occupied Famagusta and which is connected to Nadir’s Polly Peck, was among a set of companies used for selling guns to Iraq. “According to the intelligence specialist, Mark Thatcher, son of ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, received a 12 million fortune from a weapons sale and Nadir’s company Polly Peck tried to cover it. “This pushed the button for the company’s collapse under the British Serious Fraud Office,” and further down that page: “Claims have also been made that apart from Mark Thatcher, the then Defence Sales Organisations chairman Lord Levene and British Military Services chairman Lord Cuckney had retired after having become millionaires from the arms sale to Iraq.  “Claims had been made that Stephan Kock was responsible for the suspicious death of Moyle who was the editor of the Helicopter Defence World. “There are claims that Moyle was murdered in a way that looked like natural death after he had started investigating Cardoen who was a close friend of Mark Thatcher and was in control of the Allivane company which was planning to sell helicopters to Iraq.”

1996: Arms-to-Iraq report published

How the UK fed a war machine:

Timebomb at Elm Guest House:

The June 1982 SPG (Special Patrol Group) raid on the Elm Guest House under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (1976).


Investigating murder

The claim that the police were investigating a murder is a common ploy used to obtain self-incriminating details from gay men.

(In the Spanner case) – “While murder has been repeatedly invoked as an explanation and justification for the lengthy and extensive investigation, there appears to have been little to suggest that murder was an enduring central preoccupation of the police.”

“What is of special interest in this particular type of large-scale production of homosexuality is the way in which the framing of the investigation, as a murder, has been put to work to promote the prospect of producing admissions of homosexuality and extracting confidences relating to homosexual behaviour from interviewees. Crane and Galloway noted that these investigations have tended to proceed according to a common pattern. The police interview a couple of gay men and take from them the names and addresses of friends and acquaintances and any other information they can obtain about them. When the police say they are investigating a murder and the information will be useful in finding the killer, people questioned are invariably anxious to help and will talk freely and indiscreetly about their own and their friends’ private lives. Even people wary of the police say that in these circumstances they have been seized by the irrational fear that the police seriously suspect them of murder and they have co-operated with the full knowledge of the other charges they may lay themselves open to. In the course of these investigations, interviewees have been encouraged or pressured to reveal the names and addresses of friends and acquaintances, required to sign statements acknowledging their homosexuality and giving extensive details of their personal history.”

The Homosexual(ity) of Law
By Leslie Moran, 1996, pages 129/130

Note: A murder investigation would not have been shelved prior to investigations for 3 years from early 1984 to December 1986, such as this “investigation” had been! / Code 9 [the alibi/show-trial] of the pre-scheduled ritual could not be undertaken until the completion of the code 6 raids and culling (from 1983 to 1986). The Spannermen were first questioned from December 1986 (Lasky), up to December 1987 (rest).

Also, I can personally confirm that there had never been any murder investigation in the Spanner Operation, although a false claim of such had been made during some Spannermen raids, (December ’86 to December 1987). The police had only made enquiries about the video after it had been in their possession for almost three years. We may assume (with the knowledge the video had been “surrendered” to Manchester Police via the Gay Galaxy magazine in early 1984), that it had apparently been with Manchester Police for the first two years, and only transferred to the MET in late 1986, or so we are told according to Metropolitan Police records.


“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.” – C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock: Essays on Theology (Making of Modern Theology)


A true life story about a abuser that the police want to keep quiet about Arthur Graham Stephens“, by Andrew Ash.

Quote – “He started offending against young boys in the early 50’s and had numerous convictions thru to the seventies Graham was also in the Lost in Care” Inquiry, that he was convicted in 1977 and in 1980 for CSA and child pornography. he was a major player in the North Wales care homes abuse ring, described as a dangerous and prolific paedophile. It was in prison in the early 1970’s that he met and befreinded Sidney Cooke.And it is through Graham I got to know Sidney Cooke and he eventually left me for dead if it hadn’t been for Graham saving my life with a kiss of life It was also alledged in the Inquiry that he took one of the boys from a care home to Copenhagen, were his sister lived.” ……………………….

ARTHUR GRAHAM STEPHENS: Co-defendant in a sex case with paedophile Reginald Cooke in 1980. Pleaded guilty to one serious sexual assault and one indecent assault. Jailed for three years.

Some explanatory Notes from Grimstock: 1) Coincidentally ?, Scallywag magazine also discovered a Copenhagen connection with John Allen, and I provide a link here: THE DEN AT DOLPHIN SQUARE (scroll down the page until after “The Empire of Mr.X”) – Quote – “Mr X (John Allen) also had a ready supply of boys to use in his burgeoning film
business. Through a company owned by his niece in Copenhagen, paedophile
material was transported to London for private showings in Dolphin
Square and nearby in Winchester Street, Pimlico, where Derek Laud,
Michael Brown, MP’s boyfriend, had set up home.” – 2) Sidney Cooke used to throttle boys around their throats with his bare hands until they were unconcious whilst he was raping them. – 3) Russell H. Tricker was also the one who had videos or films of top ministers with young boys at a paedophile party confiscated at Dover customs in 1982. That seizure is also referred to in this video, which consists of edited highlights of an hour long Lou Collins interview with Bill Maloney, Chris Fay, and Brian Gerrish; – 4) State destruction of WPR archive of photo evidence

Tricker, believed to also be a child trafficker, child porn distributor and vintage coach tour operator/driver whilst living in Amsterdam, is presently behind bars, (or so we are told!)



A VIOLENT paedophile who built up a multimillion-pound care home business in north Wales has been accused of supplying boys to child sex parties, including those allegedly held for prominent political figures at Dolphin Square in central London.
John Allen, who was last week convicted at Mold crown court of 33 sex offences against children in his care, was named by a former leader of Clwyd county council as being suspected of supplying boys to other paedophiles.
Dennis Parry said: “My information was that not only was he an abuser, he was a supplier. There was movement between Holland and this country, and Dolphin Square was part of the setup.”
Read more:…es-pkqnhjbrv8b


Two notorious paedophiles at centre of nationwide network of abusers including Tory and Labour politicians

“John Allen, 73, and Michael John Carroll, 66, were friends when they were abusing youngsters in North Wales and London respectively in the 1980s.

Two notorious paedophiles were at the centre of a nationwide network of abusers which allegedly included both Labour and Tory politicians, a Mirror investigation has found.
Detectives suspected 16 years ago that the children’s home abuse ring spanned the country and involved hundreds of victims.
Official documents show paedophiles John Allen, 73, and Michael John Carroll, 66, were friends when they were abusing youngsters North Wales and London respectively in the 1980s.
Their links can be revealed on the day Allen was jailed for life for sexually abusing 19 children he was paid to look after.
Margaret Thatcher’s former aide Sir Peter Morrison is suspected of abusing boys in Allen’s care in Wales while a former minister in Tony Blair’s government is currently being probed over his alleged visits to Carroll’s Angell Road children’s home in Lambeth, south London.
Both men were protected by the authorities who ignored Allen’s victims for years and allowed Carroll to remain in charge of the home despite knowing he was a convicted paedophile.
A series of articles in the Daily Mirror have revealed how former detective Clive Driscoll was removed from an investigation into Carroll in 1998 when he named the Blair minister as a suspect.
Official papers from that year show a boy placed in a Lambeth home was abused by Carroll, known as MJC, while two of the boy’s brothers went to a Bryn Allen Community in Wales where youngsters were attacked by Allen.
The internal Lambeth council document, dated 23 September, 1998, states: “Additional information not yet in a statement is that the third brother of witness 1 and 2 was placed at Bryn Allen Community not Angell Road.
Read more:…onwide-4727494


Gordon Anglesea: Former police chief guilty of child sex abuse

A former north Wales police chief has been found guilty of historical child sex offences.
Gordon Anglesea, 79, from Old Colwyn, was convicted of one charge of indecent assault against one boy, and three indecent assaults against another.
Addressing Anglesea at Mold Crown Court Judge Geraint Walters said “there can only be one sentence and that is a prison sentence”.
North Wales Police’s assistant chief constable apologised after the trial.
“The victims in this case have waited a long time for justice and I am pleased that today they have seen this done,” said ACC Richard Debicki.
“It has not been an easy journey from them, it has taken courage to stand by their convictions, but I hope that they will now take some solace from seeing their abuser brought to justice.”
“I would like to apologise on behalf of the force to those whose lives he so traumatically affected.”
Read more:


What David Icke Wrote About Conservative Party Treasurer Lord Alistair McAlpine in The Biggest Secret in 1998 and the time limit on legal action against the book is long past

This was the same book in which David named former Prime Minister Edward Heath as a paedophile, Satanist and mass child killer seven years before Heath died (a ‘journalist’ read Heath the text days after publication); the book in which David outed President Father George Bush as a child-killing, child-torturing paedophile; and the book in which he also exposed the Satanism and human sacrifice rituals of the British royal family.

The Biggest Secret, 1998:

Another famous paedophile … in Britain is Lord McAlpine, the former treasurer of Heath’s Conservative Party, and executive of the McAlpine Construction empire. He also followed the late Jimmy Goldsmith as head of the Referendum Party in Britain which was created to hijack the groups opposing the European Union and lead them to glorious failure.

McAlpine, who is heavily involved in a network of Brotherhood secret societies, including the Freemasons, has been publicly named as a paedophile by the investigative magazine, Scallywag … McAlpine was also named by one of the former residents at the Bryn Alyn Children’s Home in North Wales who said he was forced to have oral sex with him …

… A close friend of the McAlpines is Willie Whitelaw, a chairman of the Conservative Party. He was also Deputy Prime Minister to Margaret Thatcher, who was ‘minded’ by Whitelaw, the McAlpines, and Sir Geoffrey Howe, during her years as Prime Minister.’

[Years in which Margaret Thatcher was a close friend of Jimmy Savile (‘more turkey, Jim?’) and years in which he had positioned himself among those at the highest levels of the Conservative Party and government.]

Let’s stop pissing about shall we?

If the real and full truth comes out about what really goes on away from the public eye it will bring down the British political establishment across all parties and make the monarchy history.

So what is going on? It’s all in The Biggest Secret, first published amid the usual dismissal and ridicule in 1998, but who’s laughing now?

Read more:…k-is-long-past

THE BIGGEST SECRET:…by-david-icke/



The original Scallywag article:…lpine-and.html
Scroll down for a full text version – (easier to read).


spannermen targeted

So how were the Spannermen targeted?

Well according to Williams, Manchester Childrens’ Services had been upset through Williams’s refusal to comply with Mr. Greenwood’s November 1983 demand to withdraw the report on Bryn Alyn, and to inform everyone that the report was all lies, (the subject of his phone call to Williams) Mr. Greenwood was the Assistant Principal Director of Manchester Childrens’ Services who had been pimping out sexually experienced children to John Allen from the Liverpool and Manchester areas, (one of many John Allen pimps from various parts of the country). The whole recorded conversation, including the threats, was believed to be in the possession of the NCA during Operation Pallial. The threats had eventually been reported to the Prime Minister in May 1985, (and copied to the House of Commons) with 10 Downing Street then passing the matter to the Home Office on 4th June 1985, but no response had ever been forthcoming from any source concerning the contents of that letter.
Mr. Williams’s refusal to withdraw the report had resulted in the phone call ending in personal threats of legal action, and unspecific physical threats against him all made on behalf of third parties. It is believed that this recorded message was perhaps then passed to Manchester Police for action to be taken through the “brotherhood”.
Around two weeks later, at beginning of December 1983 – despite Williams having decided to move to a totally different location over 100 miles away from the setting,
(but a few weeks prior to any move), Bryn Alyn security had then been trespassing in the early hours of the morning on that site in South Wales (pictured on the “Dissected” summary) Williams recognised the man from Bryn Alyn after he had spotted and chased him as the man had sprinted over the top of the gateway. However he had not been pursued as Williams had been without proper shoes. He identified the man as he had looked round to see how close Williams was in the light from the house. His overcoat was also familiar, and unusual.
There had been a party at the house that night, and the intrusion came not long after most vehicles had left the house, and Williams had also later realised that there could possibly have been other intruders as back-up waiting in the dark. It had definitely seemed that the Security may have intended to be spotted and chased. The fact Williams had slip-on shoes on at the time may possibly have been a lifesaver in that respect.The ground was fairly rough, and stony when off the pathway.
Although one may hazard a guess as to the purpose intended by the intrusion, a visitor’s car had been parked in front of the house, along with others. That visitor – a successful businessman from the Home Counties – was said to have committed suicide a few months later after a raid by police. – This was also around the same time (Spring 1984) that the Spannermen video had been obtained from Colin Lasky, and also a Spannermen meeting had been held at the house. Unusual absence of the normal birdsong had apparently been noted on several occasions also around this period, indicating a possible hidden perceived danger close to the house. The Harford house was enclosed within 12 and a half acres of private ground, with a few wooded sections. surrounded by grazed farmland, normally with cattle.
The security services had been spotted and involved in surveillance of the property then on, from late 1983 onwards, and so in April/May 1985, Williams had reported the corruption at Bryn Alyn to Downing Street and the House of Commons after moving to a third address.
In April 1987, that house (the second one) had been raided as part of the Spannermen raids. The site remained under surveillance until June 1991, when the owner had been released from prison.


The more you begin to investigate, what we THINK we understand, where we came from, what we think we’re doing, the more you begin to see, we’ve been lied to. We’ve been lied to by every institution, what makes you think for one minute that the religious institution is the only one that’s never been touched? The religious institutions of this world are at the BOTTOM of the dirt. The religious institutions in this world are put there by the same people who gave you your government, your corrupt education, who set up your international banking cartels. We have been misled away from the true and divine presence of the Universe that Men have called God. I don’t know what God is, but I know what He isn’t. And unless and until you are prepared to look at the whole truth, wherever it may go, whoever it may lead to, the more you educate yourself, the more you understand where things come from, the more obvious things become, and you begin to see lies everywhere. You have to KNOW the truth, and SEEK the truth, and the truth will set you free.” -Jordan Maxwell


Occult knowledge is held by very few people unfortunately, because a Priest class,
a superclass of occultists decided to sequester that knowledge and use it for their
own selfish benefit. The masses of humanity remain ignorant to what occultism is,
and to it’s influence in their daily lives. That’s why the world is enslaved.” – Mark Passio


So what does code 99999 tell us?

It signifies divine completion of outstanding/ unfinished business ( – Code 9999 signifies divine completion
with unfinished business)
9999 being the final sequence code of the main ritual, it signifies September 1989 as the main ritual end date with the final “9” incarcerations outstanding.
99999 also represents the hitherto unexplained statistic ( = 45) for the required “missing” total of 36 early deaths + incarcerations. (45-9=36),(66+45=111)
– It also signifies the the main ritual ended with Code 9 (as 45= 4+5=9) and prior to Code 3 finalising. This brings the incarceration of the 9 jailed victims into place as a final addition to the last, (now penultimate) 9999 sequence. of the ritual, (after the event) and also, coincidentally gives the figure of 45 additional victims, which is the required number to make up the end seal of 111.


Now the real question has to be asked as to why the Chief of Police for Manchester should be honoured with a knighthood from the queen upon the successful completion (completion of outstanding business – code: 99999) of Operation Spanner?

This is not only an important question to pose, but may also be an insight into other matters!
It also informs us that Michael Hames was most probably already a Knight of the Realm prior to the operation, and thus one within the General Synod hierarchical structure. (This in itself – should it be true – also poses further questions as to why a knighthood would have been awarded to a lower ranking police officer (Hames) in the first place).
I doubt if the knighthood would have been awarded to Anderton simply for carrying out the operation, so the honour would have been for his personal participation – in whatever level that may have been, and also one of many possibilities therefore exists that usage of police control of the Gay Galaxy contact magazine ( as a swift and effective media for identifying suitable culling/sacrificial victims) may have possibly been his brainchild.

From previous page: The Chief of Police for Manchester – James Anderton, had been awarded a knighthood by the queen upon successful completion of the six-year long satanic ritual culling and the incarcerations. – December 1990 honours:…ent/1/data.pdf


– “The landing strip directly opposite the main entrance to Bryn Alyn Hall.”…/data=!3m1!1e3

The ex- Bryn Alyn Landing strip has now become overgrown by nature, and was previously marked ” Clwyd Soaring Association”, although when zoomed in, a widened landing strip is still faintly visible now.


Two questions,
1) Had the Witchfinder appointments since the beginning, and over hundreds of years, also been used to harvest adrenochrome, or other body parts?
2) In Part 2 of Operation Spanner, had any single gay businessmen been selected for culling in order for the Crown to acquire the estates/assets?


Being under the Code 9 timescale, Code 3 (main Crown victims) also indicates that the timescale involved is the same as the spanner case – 1987 to 1989, and (as outdoor deaths involved) would be classed as unsolved murders or perhaps accidental deaths in some cases.
We are not told if the murders of two gay men that are mentioned on Page 163 of “The Dirty Squad” are solved or unsolved, but these sort of deaths would fit the bill exactly for the additional victims – especially the dates involved. There would also appear to be an anomaly with the story of the Hampstead Heath death.…3/spanner3.jpg

It is believed that other (other than Gay Galaxy) gay sm magazines had also been used to arrange deadly outdoor clandestine meetings with gay men, and perhaps even the causes of deaths linked to preference from either party in some cases, albeit in an overtly extreme manner.…&postcount=182

The Spannermen had been caught by a London Met OPB investigation through proactive placing and responding to adverts in gay contact magazines, (and not by Manchester police).

Intimate Enemies: Moral Panics in Contemporary Great Britain
By Philip Jenkins – Page 85…panner&f=false

The contact magazine used by the OPB in this respect and operated/monitored by Manchester police specifically during the early 1980’s for the operation “Home Suicides” and culling, “Gay Galaxy” closed and ceased trading in 1984/85.

Since it is also claimed officially that the offices had been raided by the police during the operation, then it is also clear that Operation Spanner had been running during that period, 1983 to 1985.

Colin Lasky (may he rest in peace), had unknowingly responded to one of the police adverts in Gay Galaxy requesting extreme SM videos for swap with advertiser in March/April 1984, and this was the first video obtained by police. It is not known if he had received the promised reciprocal video by return, but it is believed that the OPB had been selling unlawful and previously confiscated (or copies of) porn via the Gay Galaxy adverts also, to enable entrapment, and possibly also to help with funding too. (So the claim that the OPB destroyed all porn that had been confiscated [a claim made in the John Lovatt video at 8.15 to 8.30 minutes] is possibly not true at all).
Colin had also been the first Spannerman to be raided by the OPB and charged under Common Law sometime during December 1986 . Sanctions were placed upon him preventing him from contacting any of his friends
. Upon his early death as I understand from what I have been informed, his family had already disowned him and refused his friends’ attendance at his funeral; and was buried in an unmarked grave at an unknown location.


We do know that the “home suicide” notes (Code 6) had been convincing enough to some degree for relatives and friends of the deceased, so it would suggest they had perhaps been either made under duress or scribbled. Unless under expert scrutiny, it would perhaps be difficult to say. However, the fact that certain individuals would certainly not have committed suicide in such a manner is sufficient to question these notes. I believe they would not have been first raided in the normal sense- and would mostly have been expecting a clandestine meeting or session with another supposed interested contact from an SM advert they had replied to or placed.


Operation Spanner was a multifaceted embarkation on behalf of the Crown involving many crown agencies and numerous agendas and purposes, and personally I can only hope to explore, and expand upon a mere glimpse into those driving forces and the various directions the operation had both taken and led to.

The whole truth regarding Operation Spanner may possibly never be known.


The nine jailings – an essential part of the success of the earlier ritual – had been integral to the operation, and had thus been drawn from the ritual statistics together with the start dates and end dates prior to 1983. (In Codes 6 and 9 of the operation = 66+15 sentenced = 81, 8+1=9 jailed. In Code 3 – main culling, =33/culling for end seal=3 /33+3=36=3+6= 9 jailed

These 9 incarcerations had therefore been a demanded requirement from all participating authorities prior to the start of the ritual/operation in 1983. Masonic allegiance had ensured the outcome at every stage, and right through to the end – and after 1990 with the additional threat of the 111 curse then in place too



THE REPORT of the Macur Review — an examination of the work of the 1996-99 North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal — is a whitewash.
Lady Justice Macur’s report was finally published on March 17 this year — nearly three and a half years after it was commissioned.
She concludes:
“I have found no reason to undermine the conclusions of the Tribunal in respect of the nature and scale of the abuse.”
She brushes aside evidence submitted by Rebecca — one of the Tribunal’s major critics.
She also rules out the existence of a national paedophile ring:
“Neither is there evidence of the involvement of nationally prominent individuals in the abuse of children in care in North Wales, between 1974 and 1996.”
“Consequently, I do not recommend the establishment of a further public or private inquiry.”
But Lady Justice Macur is also highly critical of the Tribunal.
Her team has done enough digging to find shocking shortcomings in its work.
She could have condemned it as unfit for purpose.
There’s a precedent for this.

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VIP CSA Cover Ups – Macur Review

Why was one of convicted paedophile John Allen’s companies in Amsterdam, that sent paedophile material to Dolphin Square not being investigated ?

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