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Reconstructing The Spanner Operation 1983 to 1990

Nationwide ring


nationwide ring


There was no “Ring” of 82+ Men (see also here 4th paragraph down, and here)

(We were just a) “group of friends – We never operated as a ring” – Tony Brown

Antony Brown (One of the Spannermen defendants) interviewed by Katie Sampson
for Independent Newspaper, 13th October 1996.

“Although I have always had sado-masochistic sexual fantasies, I am not a sadistic person by nature. I would never condone sadomasochistic activities involving serious harm or lack of consent and activities involving young people are abhorrent to me. SM is essentially about two people engaging in a role-play situation and depends on trust and co-operation. Far from being the “victim”, the submissive partner is, ironically, very much in control of what happens to him or her. I didn’t put my fantasies into practice until I met like-minded people in my mid-thirties. It began on a one-to-one basis and then the activities extended to a group of friends. Many of us were in long, stable partnerships and SM was a way of exploring our relationships; we never operated as a “ring”, as the judge sinisterly put it, and the thought of being raided never entered my head.

But one evening in November 1987, I returned home from my job as a civil servant to find 12 policemen raiding my house on the grounds that the premises were being used to store obscene material intended for publication for gain. They had found a video we’d made for ourselves of our SM sessions which was to form the main body of evidence against us during the trial. I was flabbergasted. I felt my life had been burgled.”

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It should also be remembered that:

1) NONE of the 16 “Spannermen” knew more than a few of the other 15. In other words, they had not been involved with any “ring” nor had all been personally connected at all. (A matter which has previously been stated by more than one Spannerman.)

2) It is also my belief that there had been a victim status prerequisite of Code 9 of the 369 ritual that 16 “innocent” men should be raided/ arrested initially*, with 15 brought to court and 9 of them later incarcerated for a total of 369 months in sentencing; so the severity of the charges would also have to seem to align with such a resultand in order for the correct statistics to be completed in compliance with the ritual. It therefore comes as no surprise that a fake and non-existent “nationwide ring” had been utilised to this effect. (Please also refer to Comment 164– under (3+3)+(3×3) – and Comment 401-639963 closure (-see under part 3B for the importance of the 6+9=15 x code 3). The purpose of the compilation tape I believe had always been to (falsely) add anonymous and untraceable snuff movies excerpts to the case, should that have also been later found to have become required/necessary prior to the trial, in order to provide greater leeway for sentencing, and in relation to the pre trial press releases. (*- as the jailing of “guilty” men would not necessarily have been strictly viewed as victimisation/shaming, nor humiliation of the nine men for ritual purposes – and as with the code 3 killings, where a swift death would not count/be rejected for ritual purposes, and a second attempt with a new victim would therefore be required). The rules existed in order to test the Witchfinder and all initiates, with failure a possible option, but at the same time not dependent upon any singular failure.

3) The 9 jailed men had been mostly composed of visitors+owner of the Harford address – the hidden intended target of this part of the operation, as an indirect hit on the whistleblower, to avoid the connection with Downing Street being obvious.


The Seven Year Long Crown Sacrificial Ritual Exposed

Operation Spanner start date now additionally confirmed as 1983

With the assistance of 14 police forces nationwide, the OPB were alleged to have been attempting to identify, and also criminalise/investigate the Spannermen from around 7 years prior to charges being brought. (7 years prior to September 1989) by “visiting hundreds of addresses” over several years.

[This is still just a cover story, but nevertheless more truthful than most!Identifying the men had never been a problem – but what they could possibly be accused of and charged with in order for 9 of them to be jailed for 369 months (as per specifics of the ritual) WAS]

It was also essential (for the cult) that the official cover story would only attempt to explain the Spanner case and not the earlier, concurrent and later secret cullings, nor the fact the whole operation had been a Crown sacrificial ritual; – so the period 1983 to 1986 had been wiped from the official “fairy tales” – (there were several), with all of them thus falsely declaring a 1987 start date, and mostly the Manchester raids being claimed as the operation, thus avoiding the real “operation” – (the 7 year long ritual).

The Manchester raids (1987-1989) only referred to a small part of this massive nationwide ritual, and were undertaken by Manchester Police and not the OPB, and used merely to increase the raids statistics with a 111 curse (666+111) to achieve/signify the end code of 777; [the start date of 1983 indicating the beginning as 1+9+8+3=21=(3×7)=777], whilst at the same time, 2+1=3/ with 1986 (24)=2+4=6/ and 1989 (27)=2+7=9 representing the main start and cut-off codes/dates of this 369/777 ritual. The total number of raids = 777 – (by September 1989 charging). An astounding achievement indeed if 1987 had been the start date! (- but of course, it never was).

9999 (September 1989) had been the ritual end code with the presiding 1+1+1 three seal/lock/curse deaths then undertaken under code 3 (Crown) between September 1989 and around April 1990.

This is a short clip from Mark Passio’s interview (at bottom of that page) with Occult Empire on the topic of Thelema. In that clip, Mark Passio explains the significance of the numbers 666, 9, 777, 3, and 93 and how their patterns relate to lower and higher levels of consciousness–whether our thoughts, emotions, and actions are in line with Love for all, or are out of balance and controlled by ego.

1983 was the start date – I can personally confirm

“The ‘investigation’ had been running for about 7 years prior to charging (of the Spannermen)”See video from 11.00 minutes on –

John Lovatt was part of the legal defence team for the victims of Operation Spanner, and is one of the founders and a trustee of The Spanner Trust (, which aims to decriminalise consensual BDSM and to defend the rights of consenting adults. (With thanks to Douglas O’Keeffe).

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