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Reconstructing The Spanner Operation 1983 to 1990

Nationwide ring


nationwide ring


There was no “Ring” of 82+ Men (see also here 4th paragraph down, and here)

The Spanner Case had also been an alibi (and a source/means of both securing and recouping many millions in covert public funding) for the culling operation, through the fraudulent merging of the two unconnected matters into a fabricated and falsely claimed “nationwide torture ring” [see first sentence at top of page], by way of the attachment ( =82 at middle/page165) of the identities of the 66 deceased code 6 victims [Part 2 of the ritual-1983 to 1986] onto the 16 “Spannermen” case in 1989/1990; Nor were the Spannermen the “nucleus” of any group nor ‘circle of men’. The number of ‘Spannermen’ charged included some who were not known by others. The real number had therefore been falsely inflated with other unrelated men to achieve 16 in order to fit the initial ritual requirement of 650+16=666, with one later dropped to achieve the later code 3 sentencing requirement of (codes9+6=15) (at 3B).


(We were just a) “group of friends – We never operated as a ring” – Tony Brown

Antony Brown (One of the Spannermen defendants) interviewed by Katie Sampson
for Independent Newspaper, 13th October 1996.

“Although I have always had sado-masochistic sexual fantasies, I am not a sadistic person by nature. I would never condone sadomasochistic activities involving serious harm or lack of consent and activities involving young people are abhorrent to me. SM is essentially about two people engaging in a role-play situation and depends on trust and co-operation. Far from being the “victim”, the submissive partner is, ironically, very much in control of what happens to him or her. I didn’t put my fantasies into practice until I met like-minded people in my mid-thirties. It began on a one-to-one basis and then the activities extended to a group of friends. Many of us were in long, stable partnerships and SM was a way of exploring our relationships; we never operated as a “ring”, as the judge sinisterly put it, and the thought of being raided never entered my head.

But one evening in November 1987, I returned home from my job as a civil servant to find 12 policemen raiding my house on the grounds that the premises were being used to store obscene material intended for publication for gain. They had found a video we’d made for ourselves of our SM sessions which was to form the main body of evidence against us during the trial. I was flabbergasted. I felt my life had been burgled.”

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It should also be remembered that:

1) NONE of the 16 “Spannermen” knew more than a few of the other 15. In other words, they had not been involved with any “ring” nor had all been personally connected at all. (A matter which has previously been stated by more than one Spannerman.)

2) It is also my belief that there had been a victim status prerequisite of Code 9 of the 369 ritual that 16 “innocent” men should be raided/ arrested initially*, with 15 brought to court and 9 of them later incarcerated for a total of 369 months in sentencing; so the severity of the charges would also have to seem to align with such a resultand in order for the correct statistics to be completed in compliance with the ritual. It therefore comes as no surprise that a non-existent “nationwide ring” had been mentioned to this effect. (Please also refer to Comment 164– under (3+3)+(3×3) – and Comment 401-639963 closure (-see under part 3B for the importance of the 6+9=15 x code 3). The purpose of the compilation tape I believe had always been to (falsely) add anonymous and untraceable snuff movies excerpts to the case, should that have also been later found to have become required/necessary prior to the trial, in order to provide greater leeway for sentencing, and in relation to the pre trial press releases. (*- as the jailing of “guilty” men would not necessarily have been strictly viewed as victimisation/shaming, nor humiliation of the nine men for ritual purposes – and as with the code 3 killings, where a swift death would not count/be rejected for ritual purposes, and a second attempt with a new victim would therefore be required). The rules existed in order to perhaps test the Witchfinder and/or all initiates, with failure a possible option, but at the same time not dependent upon any singular failure.

3) The 9 jailed men had been mostly composed of visitors+owner of the Harford address – the hidden intended target of this part of the operation, as an indirect hit on the whistleblower, to avoid the connection with Downing Street being obvious. Prior to the trial at the Old Bailey, none of them could successfully be charged with any crime.

Start Date


“Operation Spanner was a police investigation……..” ?

– NO. – It was a Crown sacrificial ritual and culling operation of gay men involving summary (code 6) and arbitrary (code 3) extrajudicial executions, officially recorded as “home suicides” (code 6) and “unsolved murders” (code 3) with the slaughter of over 100 innocent men (by 1990), with an alibi of an investigation into 16 innocent men, SM and consent.

……”began in 1987 and ran for three years………” ?

– NO. – It began in 1983 and lasted for 7 years. It was not carried out in Manchester- it was a nationwide operation by the OPB. There was no related murder investigation ever ‘launched’. There was no ‘large group of men’ (as fabricated by the police).


The Seven Year Long 777 Crown Sacrificial Ritual Timescale Signature Now Exposed – 777=21=1983.

In the occult world, the main signature of the ritual, 777 or 21 itself indicates death and rebirth have been used.

Operation Spanner start date now additionally confirmed as 1983 (see video below from 11.30 to 11.35); thus exposing the false official storyline -(start date of 1987 is one example)- as merely a lie; with hundreds of nationwide raids (1983 to 1986) [-unmentioned is that it had involved several agendas in addition to the imposed sacrificial early deaths of over 100 men (by 1990), mostly targeted and dated for extrajudicial execution through gay SM contact magazine adverts officially referred to as the “inquiry into advertisements in homosexual magazines forming Crown secret society initiations and psychopathic training of policemen from around 14 police forces]


the Spannermen case ‘investigation’ start date (the alibi with an official start date of 1987) now additionally confirmed as 1983.[Leading to the later Old Bailey show-trial of 15 innocent men with the closure/initialisation of the ritual and curse based on the resulting (but pre-determined) sentencing and ritual statistics]


With the assistance of 14 police forces nationwide, the OPB were alleged (as per alibi) to have been attempting to identify, and also criminalise (‘investigate’) the Spannermen from around 7 years prior to charges being brought. (7 years prior to September 1989) by “visiting hundreds of men over several years.(However, the truth is that police had at all times known the identity of the owner of the video; and the hundreds of raids were not related to the later Spanner case at all, nor to any Spannermen video, but rather to the operation/ritual itself). In addition, the police had only sought to identify/raid the “Spannermen” from December 1986 on, a matter which had been undertaken until the end of 1987, although the Spannermen had already been chosen as victims for incarceration from November 1983 on, and prior to any videotape surfacing in early 1984.

The video recollection (below) is still just a cover story, but nevertheless more truthful than most! – and correct in stating the 7 year (fake) ‘investigation’ of the Spannermen, but incorrect regarding the source of videos/ the purpose of the raids /any murder investigation/ and the falsely claimed pre-1984 police possession of the original video]. At the time, the Spannermen had broken no law, so as a last resort, the Offences Against the Person Act of 1861 had been tenuously relied upon to fit this purpose, although the original intention of that Act had never been to govern sexual relationships. It had never been an investigation, but had certainly been an operation in every sense.

The Spannermen had never been chosen from a video in the first place. Identifying the men had never been a problem (the police had at all times known the name and address of the video source) – but more importantly, what they could possibly be accused of and charged with in order for 9 of them to be jailed for 369 months was.

It was also essential (for the cult) that the official cover story would only attempt to explain the Spanner case and not the earlier, concurrent and later secret cullings, nor the fact the whole operation had been a Crown sacrificial ritual; – so the period 1983 to 1986 had been wiped from the official “fairy tales” – (there were several), with all of them thus falsely declaring a 1987 start date, and just the Spanner Case and mostly the Manchester raids being claimed as the operation, thus both avoiding the real “operation” – (the 7 year long ritual and culling), whilst also inadvertently leaving hard evidence related to that timescale deletion in its wake.(Oops!)

The 111 Manchester raids (1987-1989) only referred to a small part of this massive nationwide ritual, and were undertaken by Manchester Police and not the OPB, and were not linked to any cull, nor Spannermen, but used merely to increase the 666 raids statistics with 111 raids/interviews, and to place a 111 curse on gay men to achieve/signify the end code of 777 (closure).

1983 was the start date – I can personally confirm

The ‘investigation’ (and not the hearing) had been running for ‘about 7 years’ (prior to charging of the Spannermen in September 1989)See video (from 2020) at 11.30 to 11.35 minutes on – “How do we justify all this expense? – How do we justify all these years and years and years?” – from 12.00 minutes on. Contrary to what you may have been led to believe – ‘There was nothing that the Spannermen could be charged with under English law at that time” (11.50 to 12.00)

“John Lovatt was part of the legal defence team for the victims of Operation Spanner, and is one of the founders and a trustee of The Spanner Trust (, which aims to decriminalise consensual BDSM and to defend the rights of consenting adults.” (With sincere thanks to Douglas O’Keeffe and John Lovatt).

Knowledge related to a suspected sacrificial murder:

Interrogation under duress?: From 11.10 to 11.20 of the video apparently relates to early 1984(see below) police questioning of a December 1983 businessman visitor to Harford (Cliff) who knew a few of the first names of the Spannermen, and who had been discovered by friends as deceased following a police raid on his flat above his menswear business in Buckingham in early 1984 [alleged suicide, as were the other 66 during this period], (perhaps more fully explained here) and whose car(apparently chosen+targeted by police in December 1983) – a French blue Fiat Bertone X1/9 – had been parked at the Harford address that same night of the visit during the trespassing/surveillance incident in early December 1983, and it is claimed in the video that it had (presumably) been stopped(targeted) by police in North Wales[from 9.10 of the video] (presumably the following day – see below*). To the best of my knowledge there is nobody else this could possibly represent as there was no other hitherto undisclosed third party who knew a few first names of the Spannermen whilst also visiting both Harford and North Wales during that period. Cliff had never travelled again to Wales before his death, and is also pictured in 1983 on the front drive of the Harford property that same day of the visit, near the start of Operation Spanner Dissected. The red car in that picture is that of the Bryn Alyn whistleblower, whose previous home in Cheshire was being sold by auction at the time, and whom had been ‘warned’ of numerous legal and physical threats of retribution coming his way/being made against him around three weeks earlier (mid-November 1983) by a senior officer of Manchester Childrens’ Services in response to his refusal to the officer’s demand to withdraw his report on Bryn Alyn during that conversation. The threats had eventually been reported to the Prime Minister in May 1985, (and copied to the House of Commons) with 10 Downing Street then allegedly passing the matter to the Home Office on 4th June 1985; the fact that no specific response had ever been forthcoming from any source concerning the contents of that letter to the Prime Minister itself speaks volumes. One may also therefore draw the reasonable assumption that the letter may have perhaps been simply trashed at No. 10 following Bernard Ingham’s claimed forwarding of that letter for Home Office action on 4th June,1985.

The police taking and use of an address book (from 11.15 of the video) would also tie in with only first names being provided, particularly if it was believed by police that Cliff may have been holding out on them; the acquisition itself poses further questions.

*So we are presumably being told from 9.10 of the video that Cliff was targeted/stopped in North Wales, and had videos taken from his car that neither depicted the Spannermen, nor any SM scenes. That is indeed possible, as I had actually forgotten that the day after the trespassing incident, he had to leave early as he needed to meet someone in the Liverpool area in the afternoon, if I remember correctly. The date had been around a few days into December 1983, from 5 to 10 days. Now the best direct and scenic route for that journey would be via North Wales. That those police then enjoyed viewing those irrelevant and unconnected gay sex scenes tapes so much that they “went back to his house” and asked for more videos is a nice touch to the story, but alas is not plausible, due to Buckingham being outside their jurisdiction of North Wales, and comes under the Thames Valley Police area, and additionally, Cliff’s destination at that time had been Liverpool, and not the Home Counties, and further, more gay sex tapes similarly unconnected to the Spannermen or targeted address would not have been sought. Nevertheless he had been the victim of a police raid a few months later in early 1984, and only then could he have been interrogated/searched over the Spannermen or other tapes, prior to, or in the case of searching, after his sudden death. To my knowledge he would not normally have had Spannermen tapes at home, as his interests lay in other areas of bdsm; neither was he a part of the group, so initially he was not featured on those tapes, so whether he had indeed held any Spannermen tapes personally during that time cannot be confirmed nor denied at this stage.

The depths of depravity to which the police were prepared to sink to in order to satisfactorily complete the ritual by enabling the innocent Spannermen to be jailed for 369 months is, I believe, adequately exemplified through this uneccessary and brutal silencing of one innocent bystander.

From 11.10 of the video, “but they wanted this man to identify the people in the videos” determines that Cliff was being targeted because identification of the Spannermen was being sought from him at the time, [as a visitor to the Harford address], which therefore confirms that it had been the location that had been targeted first and foremost, although I believe he had also been visited on that occasion in his own house for summary execution too, under Part 2 of the ritual. It could also perhaps signify that the Spannermen were being targeted from police or intel photographs or recordings taken at the Harford location prior to any S/M video recording being available to the police (vis a vis the suspicious caravan surrounded by cowshit [2nd para], with adequate view of the front door); – if so, then the police would not have wanted him to later release this information to the general public anyway, as it would have blown their whole story (about investigating a video) apart. It had been neither naivety nor ignorance that had resulted in an address book or anything else being taken from the house by the police, but rather the fact that he had possibly already been deceased by then; and also perhaps they did not believe that he did not know the Spannermen sufficiently. The writing of a questionable suicide note (afterwards?) stating that he was committing suicide following a police raid had generally been accepted by some. The cause of Cliff’s death had not been stated to me, but suicide was to me at least, highly unlikely to virtually impossible in my opinion, from the little I knew of the man. I believe that police entry may possibly have been gained on that occasion via a contact magazine advert, with the police team entering at the start, or the “contact” letting them in later once Cliff had been disabled, possibly through bondage or handcuffs, and that no consent had first been given to the police to remove anything, and that instead he had first been removed from the equation (by summary execution for buggery under the Common or Canon law jurisdiction of the Church of England), contrary to the fairy story of a “naive man” in the above video, after possibly identifying some of the Spannermen under duress, albeit by first names only, as per 11.10 to 11.20 recording. I believe for such an execution to take place without repercussions would therefore require the presence of the appointed (and authorised) Witchfinder General. So we are at least assured that Cliff was still alive at the start of that police raid.

The ‘Main Offenders’

(Note that the men had been targeted for prosecution 7 years before any possible reason could be given – They had therefore not been chosen (as victims) due to any perceived lawlessness, nor from any such acts recorded on video), but rather they had been chosen as visitors to the Harford address.

Based on these facts alone, it also follows that the Spannermen could NOT possibly have been chosen as the ‘MAIN OFFENDERS, the nucleus of a circle of 82 men‘ (middle of page 165) involved in nationwide torture if they had not been breaking any law at the time*. (There was no circle at all – they were just a small group of friends of perhaps around 8 to 10 men at most; (not 16)-and most only really knew a handful of the others). * There was nothing that the Spannermen could be charged with! (from 11.50 to 12.00 of the video) 

There was no “large group of men” as stated on some websites. That had simply been a fabrication by the police.

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TheInquiry into Advertisements in Homosexual Magazines.’

The Scottish Herald, 19th September 1989

Sixteen men have been arrested after a two-year investigation by Scotland Yard’s obscene publications squad.

“They face a total of more than 100 charges/It is understood the investigation, one of the largest by the obscene publications squad, was launched following an inquiry into advertisements in homosexual magazines.”

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(Note the police ritual end code (‘9999’ of 369) date of the ritual (Sep.1989) is used for this announcement signalling the ritual is then passed to the Crown for closure.)


(In Operation Spanner), “the police had engaged in unusually proactive techniques, for example, responding to advertisements in gay magazines.”
Page 85, “Intimate Enemies: Moral Panics in Contemporary Great Britain”
By Philip Jenkins

Personally, I believe conspiracy to murder innocent members of the public may be perhaps a little bit more than “unusually proactive”. The ritual had indeed been pre-scheduled.

However, there is no evidence referred to anywhere in the official Spanner Operation story offerings relating to correspondence via gay SM magazines. There is indeed an instance of the use of such adverts by the police, (though denied in their explanations involving a (non-existent) 1987 raid by Manchester Police), although only stated very early in the operation, related to the Spannermen original video however, being ‘surrendered’ to the OPB (via Manchester Police), but this only relates to the actual court case, and not the operation – which was a different and unconnected matter altogether, and carefully avoids the truth which has them soliciting the video by post via a Gay Galaxy advert in early 1984 in exchange for an extreme SM video. Nevertheless, we are told that the adverts inquiry was undertaken/completed prior to the case, as the case was ‘following’ the inquiry. I do not believe the OPB had “been investigating gay SM” by contacting advertisers/responders to those adverts. Far from it – and the idea of them contacting various SM devotees in order to experience a good thrashing just doesn’t fit the bill – and there had been no such forthcoming revelations released on completion of the operation that would indicate such investigations had taken place at all. In addition, the prevailing attitude of the OPB appeared to be that they personally were of a higher morality and consciousness than those targeted, and that they had unfortunately been tasked with dealing with uncivilised sub-human beings who engaged in filthy, unsafe and soon-to-be-outlawed disgusting practices neither of use to humanity, nor Christian family values; and so the idea of them seeking information from such persons doesn’t wash. So why they had actually been using gay SM contact magazine adverts (to use or choose advertisers/responders from) remains hitherto officially unexplained without taking such underlying prevailing attitudes into consideration alongside their careful avoidance of referring to correspondence with gay SM advertisers.

We do know of some of the adverts they had placed in one of those magazines however, but the official storyline fails to mention those actions of the operation. We also understand from more than one source that copies of relevant and banned videos/films may have been sold by mail order anonymously by the OPB early in the operation (1983 to 1984) via adverts placed (as one example), but that would in itself prove inconsistent with any reason to respond to adverts (unless perhaps used as ‘bait’ to ensnare responder victims by offering names and addresses to raid). We are also led to believe that no prosecutions had resulted following completion of the unmentioned 650 (code 6) raids in 1983 to 1986. Since the ‘adverts inquiry’ is claimed to have taken place prior to the actual Spannermen case, then it must therefore relate to the period of the 650 raids prior to the 16 Spannermen being added in 1986, as that amount of raids would indeed entail a few years of work.

For the OPB to have covertly engaged in contact with advertisers/ responders of a magazine would suggest that those persons being engaged with had been especially chosen as having initially satisfied some suitable criteria for OPB intervention; or, in other words, could or would be found guilty of an obscenity crime. So the idea that none of these random contacts over a period of 4 years (from at least January 1983 to late 1986) had led to any reported prosecution; and hence to be of no further mention, (other than that of a seemingly unavailabe and non-existent/ non-random ‘nationwide ring’ of “66 potential defendants” added to the 16 Spannermen case by 1989/1990); rings alarm bells at the very outset.

It is certainly stated that a total of 66 additional potential defendants had been said to have been available during the Spannermen case, but at the same time they do appear to be somewhat unavailable for hitherto unexplained reasons where charges were concerned, and where any Court appearance would normally be required. They certainly had no connection with any Spannermen (this was confirmed by the Spannermen at the time following a preliminary hearing in 1989 or 1990 when officially notified to the Spannermen and their lawyers). That this particular tally also mirrors the number of ‘suicides’ (over 60) should therefore not be overlooked. One may also presume the fact that the OPB had been actively encouraging and soliciting the sending of many kinds of obscene material through the post for several years in such a manner had apparently been considered perfectly acceptable behaviour, and perhaps with any normal reasoning, essential to the success of any prosecutions? should also be noted, as I do not believe that to be the whole case at all. Rather I believe that this behaviour had additionally been used in order to ensure that the 650 + 66 code 6 victims of the ritual could be located in a swift and thorough manner to enable the code 6 end of the ritual to be completed by the end of 1986, and thus within the ritual timescale.

Presumably (a) The police could have arrested or raided anyone who had possibly committed an offence; and,
(b) the police had not used gay contact magazines to say,” Oh, Hello, how are you – this is the police.”
So, why had the police been proactively and covertly contacting innocent gay men from 1983 to 1986 by using a police-controlled gay dating magazine (Gay Galaxy -[and certainly others [Post-1984]) to respond / advertise in? and secondly, why would they go to all that trouble? – Was it so that all traces of contact could be deleted afterwards? and perhaps also because the men had been possibly identified as having committed sodomy, and were perhaps seeking to be beaten or handcuffed – for example – by a like-minded suitable “contact” – but without them suspecting a whole team of hostile men would eventually arrive for the “date” (possibly after one of them gaining access and later letting the others in, if not in normal ‘raid’ fashion)?
For what reason then were seemingly innocent men being targeted? – Was it because the restriction of the Witchfinder to traditional Common Law (as here incorporated under statute law) deemed those men guilty of a capital offence, (believed to have traditionally been that of buggery) and as human sacrifice under Common law was the underlying purpose of the operation?
Fourthly, do police make arrests before or after an operation? – The Spannermen case had been mounted at the end of the operation, not the beginning – (see the Herald link above) and the gay magazine “inquiry” had been the preceding part of Operation Spanner (see the Philip Jenkins link above)

So – if this had been the case, then why would the police go to such trouble with the code 6 sacrifices/slaughters from 1983 to 1986, in removing all “footprints”, when there had been no such protections with the 36 code 3 murders, from 1987 to 1990? (It was also alleged at the time (early 1985) by the presumed owner of ‘Gay Galaxy’, that all computers and files had been confiscated and never returned by Manchester police prior to, and resulting in closure of the magazine).

Well of course the police contact with the men during code 6 had been a well-known fact, (and mentioned in the “suicide notes”); and presumably it had been claimed they all “committed suicide” after a police (unpublicised) raid. So the various deaths (although canonical) would not be connected in any way, and each one would appear as a “one-off” locally, (and suicides are seldom reported in the media) whereas with the code 3 killings, there would be no evidence whatsoever to link the police as mostly isolated meeting areas devoid of other persons, or home killings with presumably plainclothes officers would be involved with the “unsolved murders”, so other existing gay SM contact magazines could initially be used anonymously with minimal risk for the violent attacks/executions, and it would be unlikely for most of these deaths to be connected when dispersal of victims had been on a nationwide basis, and the manner of the deaths had mostly been uniquely differing, save for the fact that perhaps occasionally some evidence would suggest that a group (team) of men may have been involved, or occasionally spotted, as with the West London Murders, 1989/1990.

Why has the alleged ‘inquiry’ and 650 nationwide raids from 1983 to 1986 been airbrushed from the official story, leaving only the additional and fabricated Old Bailey show trial on record, and nothing about the ritual/ operation?

Why are deliberate incorrections about facts of the case found and believed to have been made on file after 30 years? Or, had this been carried out at the time in 1990/1991, or following the ECHR hearing? Costs in the case had apparently multiplied following the Old Bailey hearing.




The Training and Initiation of Psychopathic Behaviour, and the ‘Highest Achievement’:

At the top of page 163 of “The Dirty Squad”, by Michael Hames, are we looking at a boastful comment that simultaneously both explains what the Church of England “Christian Family Values” campaign (a.k.a:-“Operation Spanner”) was all about; and also one or two of the methods used by a “policeman” (and suspected Knight of the Realm of the Church of England Round Table) following his election to secretly forefront that campaign as an historical and traditional training exercise (the 66 Hexcraft Ritual Pathway) to obtain wealth and riches for the Crown, using policemen secret society initiates from both metropolitan and various provincial forces?

The 66 Hexcraft ritual pathway – according to esoteric tradition, the numbers 6, 66, and 666 are what constitute a pathway for hex-craft or spiritual magick to be performed as a “charming” tool for both hexing and enchanting. Various adherents to the practices of magika (type of divining magic), such as found in mystery religions or cult-based witchcraft, utilize the number 66 during ritual number divining (channeling). Other groups such as the neo-Pagans or modern Freemasons use the number as a means for material gain. Now the use of so-called spiritual magic, particularly in the occult, is oft applied to a magick system of numbers – found most often represented/interpreted in the hexagram and magic square. Successful completion of the Pathway is certainly claimed by one source to be the highest achievement a layman may attain within the network. If that is so, then that may explain as to why the position of Witchfinder General (restricted to jurisdiction under common law) is still occasionally operative to this day. The numerical occult addition of the numbers contained within the sequence of the dates of the years would appear to be the deciding factor that determines as to when that appointment and sacrificial ritual should become available/ enacted. The “training” in this instance would appear to be concerned with the possible selection or perhaps advancement of the psychopathic behaviour of the chosen initiates, (in addition to sacrificial offerings made to Saturn, and any resulting accumulation of wealth on behalf of the Crown).

The knighthood awarded by the Queen(pdf download) to the Manchester Police Chief on completion of the Spanner trial/ ritual closure in December 1990 says it all really; and rather neatly too.

There still exist over 100 desperate souls who died unexpectedly early who would wish their loved ones to know the manner and reasons for their demise, and over 60* of those who would wish their remaining loved ones to know that they did not commit suicide as was officially claimed and recorded at the time.

(*believed to be in excess of 66)

Agenda 21


The Worldwide Agenda 21 Requirement of Psychopathic Police

(from 03.40 of the video) Ukraine, Russia and Agenda 21 (David Icke from 2014)



May also be found at “Operation Spanner, Michael Hames, The Dirty Squad” from Cathy Fox.(comment 1/8/2019)

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