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Previously hidden facts and data related to Operation Spanner now resurfacing through applied and combined deductive, inductive, and abductive reasoning; when added to personally confirmed (as opposed to the commonly copied and pasted/unchecked and misleading) ‘facts’ of the casecontradicts official story and reveals plethora of lies– in other words, a total sham: for example, there had never been a large group of men involved; nor had there ever been any murder investigation. The nationwide (not Manchester) partly official police operation started in January 1983 (not 1987) and ran until Sep.1989(=9999 ritual end code) resulting in 777 police raids and interviews over those 7 years (not 3), with Crown closure (and initialisation of lock, curse and seal) from December 1990.

Operation Spanner had been a pre-scheduled Crown sacrificial ritual involving secret society police initiations.


It may indeed be hard for some to begin to assimilate the truth; in that not only have you been lied to on a monumental scale, but that you are also governed by a criminal network that makes organised crime seem like a Sunday school vicar’s tea party by comparison. Some prior understanding of the depths of depravity and corruption that abound amongst those whom are entrusted with your best interests would be required before you may seek to enter those depths at which everything may seem totally incomprehensible; because it usually is, unless you are aware of the next layer of depravity and corruption which relies upon those incomprehensible facts.
Familiarity with the facts, (whilst being able to identify a cover story) even when seemingly incomprehensible, may stand you in good stead for when you eventually enter the next depth of the rabbit hole, and your moment of comprehension comes the day the penny drops, when another piece of the jigsaw unexpectedly presents itself.
So do not worry if you find yourself seeking the answer to a dozen or more questions when faced with one item of information, as it is entirely normal where the real truth has been purposely withheld as secret for reasons that you would possibly and preferably not even wish to know about.

The world is not as you have been led to believe.

Repetition makes a fact seem more true, regardless of whether it is or not. Understanding this effect can help you avoid falling for propaganda, says psychologist Tom Stafford. (and possibly when in full knowledge of that trick, realising that fact may instead make it seem less true, especially when the wording is almost identical between allegedly various authors; for an example of this, Google “Operation Spanner”)

Your mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work unless it’s open.” Jordan Maxwell

Reconstructing Spanner
Short Summary of the Spanner Operation

The Hidden Costs of Operation Spanner
The Consensus Position Articulated
Capital Punishment as Human Sacrifice

Scheduling and Planning of the Ritual
Margaret Thatcher involvement
My Earlier Research


reconstructing spanner

ABOUT : Reconstructing the Spanner Operation 1983 to 1990

ABOUT : Reconstructing The Spanner Operation 1983 to 1990

Welcome! …………I investigate and document my research findings into Operation Spanner under the name of Grimstock. My research began with publicly available information in 1983, and was augmented the following year when minor acquaintances started to noticeably become involved. I had then been tasked by my conscience a few years later to initially research the 60+ suicides and the other early deaths arising from the operation when I first became aware of them, and after having already periodically tried to piece together the twists and turns of the operation from 1983 onwards, when I had first been informed of the nationwide police raids on gay men, and small columns in the gay press of the time 1983/84 had referred to these raids. (The name “Spanner” had only been publicly attributed to the operation from 1987 onwards – 4 years after the operation commenced). However, the more I learned from the various snippets of information coming my way, coupled with the ever-disappearing “official” statistics/data and the false official narrative {which from my personal experience during the operation, I already knew to be massively incorrect at first sight}, the more I realised that something was definitely not quite right; with additionally having both known and met several of the Spannermen throughout the Spanner procedures during the 1980’s and early ’90’s {with one of them being a close and highly-valued friend, colleague and business partner of mine for more than thirty years, and his good friend, another Spannerman who had been visiting him for many years} ; I had also met the stellar Roland on several occasions during this time; the information I already had was thus beckoning and compelling me to try and solve the riddle.

Prior to 1987, the operation (by the Obscene Publications Branch of The Metropolitan Police in London- thus having nationwide jurisdiction), had been nameless,[as far as the public and the police seemed to be concerned] but casually referred to in a 1987 magazine (possibly the “Woman’s Own”, from 31st October 1987) interview with Margaret Thatcher, as her “Christian Family Values” campaign, “forefronted by her choice for Head of the 0PB; Michael Hames” – [a Church of England official and also policeman previously {allegedly} operating in Ealing, West London prior to 1983], but in reality seeking snuff videos/child porn and raiding gay men for several years. His whereabouts during the 1980’s are often hidden/covered through the misinformation of dates relating to his various appointments. The revelations were not within the transcript of the interview, but in the accompanying notes and photographs. Nevertheless, the operation had already been ongoing prior to her second term in office, and had been pre-scheduled and drawn up (through occult numerology) on behalf of the crown. In that article it was clearly stated that Michael Hames had been appointed by/from the Church, indicating that this was indeed the “normally” secret*, secret society and Crown Witchfinder appointment, (as there was only the one MET appointment allowed from the Church), and of which I believe – based on the evidence I have available – to be thereby holding Crown Executioner status.

Another revelatory article came to my attention prior to the autumn of 1996 in a very popular London weekly magazine, “Time Out” on the penultimate page (either the reverse of the back page or the last one before the back cover sometime prior to autumn 1996, (though I am not sure of the year, but I believe 1996 to be most likely), and was very basic, but expressing the (very well known) author’s surprise that the historical Witchfinder General appointment (being said to be) “still operating” despite being outdated, together with a basic explanation of that posting. It is also claimed (at 8.10 in this video) that Christian fundamentalists were being appointed to run the OPB from 1970’s onward. However, and as perfectly correct as that may be, it does not also mention that the squad had always – as morality police- (and via different titles over the years) been under the helm of the Church of England. (Please also refer to Operation Spanner Dissected under “Witchfinder General”). Common Law was their jurisdiction.

I proceeded to try and amalgamate the many pieces of the jig-saw puzzle I now had before me, and base my research upon these items of information, and how they might possibly fit together in a way that would neither cause any to conflict with another, nor negate the need for any singular piece, despite any possibly missing pieces. Much to my surprise and amazement, and after years of failure, my trial of the application of occult numerology together with the known statistics fitted like a glove for this purpose, and seemingly answered many questions that would have otherwise remained unanswered; leaving no known primary basic data nor information about the operation unaccounted for. This was the turning point for my investigation, and that swiftly brought other previously unrealised data with additional possibilities and the various codes used during Spanner to the research, which on occasion appear to have been both highly informative, surprisingly accurate, and occasionally confirming my personal opinions, including the rendition of a closing seal/curse, and the related number three which had until then completely stumped my work – as had the 66 ritual hexcraft pathway of which I already had most of the data, but without my realising the purpose, if any, of those statistics running through the operation. It was an entirely unexpected turn in my research, and one on which I was at the time almost completely ill-prepared for, and consequently bringing with it much additional time and research to my already somewhat impeded investigation of the operation.

The following reconstruction is therefore based on that research data, my opinions, and deductions made where relevance would interconnect perfectly with what I already had and understood ; and where numbers chosen for that task suggest other pieces of the puzzle may potentially piece together amicably. I do not believe in any way, shape or form that my work represents the operation, nor it’s hidden agendas in entirety, but nevertheless, I do believe that I may have recovered to a reasonable degree the hitherto secret framework upon which the operation was based. It may be advantageous, and also possibly necessary to familiarise yourself with the data covered in “Operation Spanner Dissected” prior to tackling the information available in this blog, should you not already have done that, as knowledge of that data is mostly taken for granted in this article, which both builds and supersedes upon that earlier data in certain areas.

Should you wish to know the purpose of a letter, it is of little use to be examining the stamp in infinite detail.

Short Summary

Short Summary of the Spanner Operation

For those who lost their lives; may they now rest in peace – the secret and lies about their untimely demise has now – at long last – been exposed.

Judge Mr James Rant QC pontificated on the Spanner case with the following remark:  “Much has been said about individual liberty and the rights people have to do what they want with their own bodies, but the courts must draw the line between what is acceptable in a civilised society and what is not. In this case, the practices clearly lie on the wrong side of that line.”

So – what was “acceptable” in a civilised society?

This information comprises deduced and hidden sacrificial ritual/ Saturn worship/ 66 ritual hexcraft pathway 1983 to 1989: with Crown end lock closure/ seal and presiding curse initialised from December 1990.

My findings are as follows: Operation Spanner had been a 7 to 8 year long pre-scheduled secret society police initiation, and Crown sacrificial ritual (based on occult numerology and Saturn worship) by way of a sacrificial cull of over 100 gay men by Church and State under the official banner of proclaimed “Christian Family Values”, using the camouflage and later addition of the Spannermen case (thus providing a source by which costs of many millions could be fraudulently charged against) and the cover/alibi of the false official story surrounding their arrests, which signalled the predetermined end of the [official] police operations with code 9 in September 1989 [9/1989 =9x9x9x9=6561 (=666 )/ 9+9+9+9 = 36/3×6(=666)/ = 666+666= closed/complete/ 9999 itself signifies completion but with unfinished business] whereupon the Crown closure(code 3) of the operation/ritual took over for completion by the Old Bailey; and a brief outline of the operation is also described HERE. The 9 jailings had been a relatively small part of the operation, but absolutely essential to the success of the ritual, which I believe finally ended with being sealed and signed-off by the Old Bailey in December 1990. That there had to be 9 jailed had therefore been decided prior to 1983, {and possibly prior to 1893} as the whole operation/ritual/tally had been pre-scheduled- leaving only the victims (chosen targets) and “crimes”(excuses for the jailings) to be chosen later. The numerical sequences involved in the ritual had, in my opinion, been both too important and too obvious to have been overlooked prior to the 1980’s. However, the possibility does exist that certain details of the ritual may possibly have been contemporary to pre-1983 planning; as most certainly were the differing agendas for which the operation had been used/ employed, both in a consecutive and concurrent manner, as the Spannermen for example had been first targeted from December of that year. The whole Spanner case had been unlawful and was based upon a fraudulent scam on behalf of the crown, in order to severely victimise 9 from 16 gay men in stages, leading to the imprisonment of 9 Spannermen, and to falsely charge public funds with (possibly as much as 1000% – see bottom line) of the total costs of the slaughters; although it should be noted that most costs appear to have been incurred/charged following the Spanner Case. (i.e. after 1990). For costs to be accrued in such a manner after the event suggests that they may relate to interest on standing costs claimed, and possibly subjected to the 3×3 rituals present.


Whether these additional hidden costs are related to the sacrificial ritual or claimed to be stemming from the Spanner case – or funding for an undeclared (“black-ops”) reason -or even the fulfilment of the costs recovery of expenditure in the ritual, (- including recovery of fraudulent public funding then passing to the crown under 3×3 rituals- as an example being refunded at a cost multiplied by a x9 rate of interest (900% fixed with that 3×3 calculation) is as yet uncertain at this time. Certainly the figures, (in the absence of plausible explanations related to the costs, and especially the timescale involved) would certainly tie in and seem to perhaps blend well with that 3×3 return belief. For example; a 3×3 charge against original charges made would render a 1000% total return of public funding of original costs charged, in addition to material gain from the ritual. A swift and comprehensive audit of the whole of Operation Spanner needs to be urgently undertaken. An explanation also then needs to be given for the massive increase in costs arising after the case had been closed. (a specified return may only be realised after the event).

The Consensus Position Ariculated

The Consensus Position Articulated: starting Page 146 (Page 148 of the PDF) at 3.2.6. This section of the document,“The Problem of English Evangelicals and Homosexuality”, by Mark Vasey-Saunders, details the tie-in between some Evangelicals, sections of both of the Church of England and the Conservative Family Campaign group, and their collective shared perceptions and fears of homosexuals from without; (and offers an apparent synchronicity in its build-up with the official Spanner Operation timeline, and the Spanner Case “actual” start date of 1986). (1)

capital punishment

Capital Punishment As’Human Sacrifice: A Societal Ritual As Depicted In George Eliot’s Adam Bede. ROBERTA M. HARDING
More can be said for the thesis that all orders and forms of authority in human society are founded on institutionalized violence.’
“The ritual slaughter of humans for sacrificial purposes
has an ancient provenance.’ Few members of modern society would be inclined to believe that killing humans for sacrificial purposes continues. Of those, most probably envision it only being practiced by individuals who belong to “uncivilized,” or non-“First-World” cultures. Upon closer scrutiny, however, it becomes apparent that this is a misconception because the past and present practice of capital punishment includes a thinly disguised manifestation of the ritualized killing of people, otherwise known as human sacrifice. The purpose of this article is to identify, describe, and analyze the historic and contemporary connection between the practices of capital punishment and human sacrifice. After describing how human sacrifice constitutes an integral component of capital punishment, it will be argued that the institutionalization of this antiquated barbaric ritual, vis-a-vis the use of capital punishment, renders the present use of the death penalty in the United States incompatible with “the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society”; and that consequently, this facet of capital punishment renders the penalty at odds with the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition against the infliction of “cruel and unusual” punishments.’”


See also: “Human sacrifice–in history and today” by Davies, Nigel, 1920-



I thoroughly expect the date of composition of the statistics and re-scheduling of the ritual for the 1980’s would have been related to / by the previous occasion this particular sequence of ritual numbers [777 {21},3,6,9] – resulting in part or full reduction from the adding of the numbers contained within each of the years – had been available and enacted upon – 1893 to 1899* are in my opinion the most recent dates which give an identical sequence as and prior to the Spanner ritual. I believe that the sentencing statistics [including the 369 months total handed down and the order and “twinning” of some of the Spannermen sentences at the Old Bailey] had also been chosen or previously set prior to any victims or crimes being identified or selected in order for the closure of the ritual to be conducted according to plan. ( I do not believe this had been the first of the 3,6,9 rituals, but a recurring one)

The prosecution and trial had therefore been carefully arranged and manipulated to provide the required statistics. Similarly, the initial CPS charging in the case had been deliberately drawn up to ensure that the Old Bailey would be involved, as their work would be closure and seal/lock and curse on the ritual – according to the codes laid down for this highly important Crown ritual, so only the most trusted and favourable secret society judges could therefore possibly be entrusted and acquainted with the details; in order to secretly render and ensure the outcome precisely to plan, and to maintain secrecy, in addition to the broadening of the interpretation of the OAPA 1861 act to include hitherto lawful consensual SM sex acts as a form of prohibition upon some sexual acts popular with homosexuals, as a second-best option to the failed attempt at the outright criminalisation of homosexuality in 1987.

Margaret Thatcher

That both the statistics and the timing of the start of this Crown ritual (operation) had been drawn up and commenced based on the full reduction of the numbers within the dates 1+9+8+3 = 21 = 2+1= 3, and similarly with 1986 and 1989, thus exonerates Margaret Thatcher, and any of her policies during the 1980’s from any blame for the operation, as every twist and turn of the operation had already been pre-scheduled, and could not be interfered with, – although I do suspect she had personally chosen the Spannermen – and the Harford address – as targets for the jailing statistics of the ritual in November 1983 after she had been unofficially informed of the Manchester/Bryn Alyn corruption and whistleblowing, and that the recorded legal, professional, and physical threats made (all of them posed as being on behalf of third parties) against the whistleblower by telephone to his (earlier) home by a Mr. Greenwood, “Assistant Principal Director” (appointed pimp) of Manchester Childrens’ Services in November 1983 in order to try and convince him to retract his report on Bryn Alyn had been to no avail –(and the matter then, perhaps through secret society networking, passed to Manchester Police in November 1983) – it is most notable that a three-pronged attack had then been undertaken against the whistleblower at this point, through Bryn Alyn security, MI5 and the OPB – November/December 1983, with the corruption later found to be involving (merely as one example only) the procurement of children from mostly the Liverpool and Manchester areas in that instance being pimped out by Manchester Children’s Services to John Allen‘s child prostitution business, but only one of many such set-ups throughout the country involving John Allen (please also refer to “Operational Timeline” in “Operation Spanner Dissected”), – with such use of children later found by Andrea Davison to include ritualistic child porn and snuff movies (and indirectly connected to tech transfer of biological weapons data to Iraq) being produced for or by ex-Angolan mercenaries in North Wales contracted to Intel services, and who were protected by local police. By way of interest, Thatcher’s son Mark had also later been financially involved with mercenaries in Africa, and is also referred to here:

CIA document shows deep British state involved in secret arms sale …(scroll down page) “The documents which contain the details of USA-UK cooperation, along with the cover for the secret weapon sale’s network, expose that the ‘deep state’ used a series of dirty paths, including murder. “The documents prove that Unipac, a company based in occupied Famagusta and which is connected to Nadir’s Polly Peck, was among a set of companies used for selling guns to Iraq. “According to the intelligence specialist, Mark Thatcher, son of ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, received a 12 million fortune from a weapons sale and Nadir’s company Polly Peck tried to cover it. “This pushed the button for the company’s collapse under the British Serious Fraud Office,” and further down that page: “Claims have also been made that apart from Mark Thatcher, the then Defence Sales Organisations chairman Lord Levene and British Military Services chairman Lord Cuckney had retired after having become millionaires from the arms sale to Iraq.  “Claims had been made that Stephan Kock was responsible for the suspicious death of Moyle who was the editor of the “Helicopter Defence World“. “There are claims that Moyle was murdered in a way that looked like natural death after he had started investigating Cardoen who was a close friend of Mark Thatcher and was in control of the Allivane company which was planning to sell helicopters to Iraq.”

The June 1982 SPG raid on the Elm Guest House under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, 1976.

It is therefore also unsurprising that the police had been used in this manner to enforce and protect the corruption by targeting (either directly or indirectly) those who seek to expose it, and this in itself is just one more sad indictment of the times that we now live in unfortunately. Corruption has seemingly inverted everything to the opposite of what it should be.

The culling operation (Spanner) came from the Crown itself, and not one of their vichy politicians, with two-thirds of the deaths of the victims (66) being allotted to Saturn(code 6 – Part 2 of the ritual), and one third (33) allotted to the whims of the crown(code 3) agents, (in that instance then supposedly loosely based on wishes of the victims in some cases, but in a hateful, extreme and fatal manner) and concluding prior to the lock/seal deaths. More information on the code 3 killings may be found under Part 5 and Part 8 of the ritual as well as under the Related Observations section.

Reference 1

Reference (1): VASEY-SAUNDERS,MARK,RICHARD(2012)TheProblemofEnglishEvangelicalsandHomosexuality:AGirardianStudyofPopularEnglishEvangelicalWritingsonHomosexuality1960-2010,Durhamtheses,DurhamUniversity.AvailableatDurhamE-ThesesOnline:

Earlier research

My earlier research into this operation

(A) “Operation Spanner, Michael Hames, The Dirty Squad” from Cathy Fox. (comments made only) [Michael Hames is also known by others since 2007 as a cult member and satanist in the RAINS list, in addition to the Witchfinder General from 1983 to 1989 through my own work] R.A.I.N.S. list entry on Michael Hames:– [scroll down to around 2/3 down the page at 08.07.07] “MICHAEL HAMES – 08.07.07 Former Detective Superintendent with New Scotland Yard (NSY) Obscene Publications Unit, is in group but only expected to attend important ceremonies. Friendly with JLF. (Was involved in Operation Spanner. Appeared in several TV programmes, Dispatches “Beyond Belief” (1992) Brass Eye’s “Paedogeddon” (2001) & Dark Side of Porn’s “Does Snuff Exist?” (2006).”

(B) “The Story behind Operation Spanner and The Puritans” hosted by David – This was my main investigative and navigational research (including related comments) result thread mostly based on earlier and currently missing but previously known facts of the operation (from 1983 to 1996) then being collated mainly from memory in 2017-2019, and without which this blog could not have been forthcoming. (now closed)

(C) “Operation Spanner Dissected” – where I have provided a quick summary of the operation, but without many details of the rituals- hosted by Cathy Fox. Much of the information may be found in the two pages of comments and links below the article.

Since there are many links to my comments from the David Icke research thread(B) – from both of the above Cathy Fox blogs for various comments and information which cannot now be viewed, I will now repost important ones here on this blog, starting with the most recent and going back in time so that those of any importance may now be read.

In order to locate the link identified with the David thread comment, please go to the very end of the link I posted in the Cathy Fox comment sections, where you will see, for example: “postcount=303” or whatever number is relevant for the comment. That is the comment number, so you can come here, and look up “303” where you may eventually find the comment (updated where/if necessary). If there is no number; then either the info or video referred to is not a comment as such, and may be no longer available; or it may alternatively be a comment on here that I posted where the number has been lost (in which case I will post the number when/if known). I hope that is straightforward enough for you, and wish you good luck in delving into my old comments! Drop me an email if you have any questions or problems. I shall update with new (old) comments periodically, as I progress through that list. If there is a comment that you wish to see urgently, then please let me know. I have all the comments but not the numbers, so it may be some time before many of these may be identified.

Update Nov.2021: HDD holding numbers is now non-recoverable. Most numbers are not currently known, but are not of any great importance now. However, this does not affect the information contained within the comments in any way, since that had been recorded separately and in full.

Disclaimer notes



(ia) Please note that all expressed views, inferences, deductions, opinions and beliefs contained within this blog are those of the author, and are neither claimed nor intended to be representative of any other individual, group or source.

(ib) All available information and data presented within these pages has been compiled accumulatively from personal research and knowledge/ known facts/ trusted and knowledgeable sources/ given references/ personal deductions, beliefs and opinions, and through that means provides a considered reconstruction of Operation Spanner from both given and deduced/withheld data. It is therefore the duty of all readers to apportion the value of any given data or expressed opinions presented according to their own research – and on the understanding that much relevant data and information has been removed from the public arena in addition to that always remaining withheld from public display.

(ii) Any and all available data, information, expressed beliefs and opinions contained within this presentation represent the culmination of 37 years of my observations, personal knowledge and research into the operation, and have been provided on these pages as personal opinion for information only (and although being provided as truthfully and objectively as possible, has also required multiple imputations of Mnar data as prerequisites in order for completion to occur) and is therefore neither intended, and may not be interpreted in part or in whole as evidential nor legal argument solely on its own merits herein; neither should any given data, expressed opinion, substitution, nor deduction made in place of withheld or missing data be viewed nor construed as guaranteed, nor presumed to be fully accurate.

(iii) It should also be noted that apart from the exceptions of my limited personal knowledge and all personal opinions and deductions I may have made,(particularly with missing statistics or codings used); there is no other data or information used in any of the above presentations that was not – to a lesser or greater degree – publicly available at various periods of time from 1978 onwards.

(iv) The real story behind Operation Spanner is perhaps not what you may have been led to believe, and I hope that my Spanner reconstruction, however uninformed, incomplete or lacking in certain areas, may help you to achieve both a better and basic understanding of the operation/ ritual on the whole, and also help to provide you with some answers as to why the underlying truth has been hidden for certainly at least hundreds, and most probably thousands of years.

(v) For a good start on understanding the secrecy of 19th century Crown executions involving gay men, please also refer to “Outrages” by Naomi Wolf (pre-owned or original version only; and not the ones being released from October, 2020) ; and as to why the furore over her exposure of the deaths from so many years ago of those men convicted/executed for sodomy may be so relevant, I have touched on inOperation Spanner Dissected, on page 2- “newer comments”. See also: “Naomi Wolf to have book pulped over her claims UK executed dozens of gay men”

(vi) However, I do make my apologies in advance for any misdirections I may have made during this research whilst being hampered to some degree by having to sift through mis-/dis-/ and mal-information, and any failings on my part to confirm or consider data/statistics due to previously retracted and/or superimposed and misleading information on the subject matters involved.

(vii) Notwithstanding the somewhat disconcerting and unusually extreme lack of transparency involving the basic general information relating to both the “operation” and resulting statistics in all but the Spanner court case, [thereby potentially leading to errors of judgement and misdirection with any subsequent research], I do not believe there to be any self-drawn statistics nor information herein that may err, differ, or indeed appear too far in extremity from those or that originally withheld. It naturally follows that with the intricacies of the Spanner case excepted; neither would I be surprised should there be further facets to the operation which I may have overlooked or have no knowledge of. Should you come across any links that do not work, or have any details or relevant facts to offer that would suggest I may have made an error with any given opinions, information or data, then if you would kindly inform me through the e-mail address at top of page, I should be very grateful.

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1) Where any information may conflict with my earlier postings, the later comment data supersedes that which came earlier due to updating of the ongoing work at the time.

2) It should also be noted that where Common Law is referred to in the above articles only relates merely to cherry-picked Common Law both as incorporated into Statute Law, and interpreted for, or by a Crown or Statute Law Court ( = contractual corporate law intended for navigable waters = the law of money) [Please refer to Maritime Admiralty Law] ; and bears little relation to the Common Law of the people (Natural Law) under a Common Law Court ( = law of the land).

3) The whole case, decision and operation was based on monumental levels of fraud, deceit and lies, and requires overturning NOW before the effects of that detrimental judgement are allowed to permeate into justification for the ongoing genocide of the entire human race.

4) There were two central preoccupations of the police throughout Operation Spanner. These were; A) the sacrificial ritual from January 1983 to December 1990 Crown closure; and, B) the alibi/Spannermen case, from November 1983 to December 1990 Crown closure; I shall therefore go into more details with both of these subjects on the following 2 pages.

The 369 Ritual

The Spannermen

Further details about the Old Bailey Crown closure of the ritual may be found in the Archives from Page 1 , from Comment 401, and to Part 7 of the ritual. Archives are now believed to contain all my notable comments from 2017 to present day.


The Valued Contributions of the Cathy Fox Blog on Child Abuse, and the David Icke Official website.

Finally, and last but not least, I should also like to express my most sincere and eternal gratitude to:

The most wonderful and lovely Cathy Fox, a lady who is in my mind worthy of the highest honour in her never-ending pursuit of justice for the present and historic multitudes of abused children everywhere, and for her patience, support and valued assistance throughout my earlier research in helping me bring this matter to the attention of others before it was all lost into the sands of time, and for finding the time in amongst her busy schedules to both host and assist in the most cordial and amiable ways. There will always be a special place in my heart for that – I am truly thankful to her!

Similarly, with many thanks to David Icke and his team for hosting the collection of my thoughts and research in the first instance on their website for the duration, and support of my attempts to initially piece together much of this information from the multitude of seemingly incomprehensible data which I had; for alerting my attention to overlooked necessities, and for the resolute patience and support throughout. Their valued contribution in publishing my initial research is greatly appreciated, and was instrumental in helping me to achieve the amalgamation of this work to an understandable and basic degree. I am truly honoured for that hosting and pivotal assistance!


September, 2020

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” – Soren Kierkegaard

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