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Reconstructing The Spanner Operation 1983 to 1990

Comment 403 / showpost 196

“Joke” made out of murder of gay SM devotee on Hampstead Heath, London in late 1980’s. This was a cruising area regularly targeted by both uniformed and covert police teams with helicopter day and night-vision support during that period.

Top of Page 163, Michael Hames, “The Dirty Squad”.

It would certainly require a special breed of detective in order to ascertain what a dying man had or had not said with his final breath; and how did it come to be known that he had asked a (team?) of men to beat him? With the man who had been choked to death; In what circumstances had it been found that the murder stemmed from an S&M sexual encounter/ meeting?

Comment 402

Comment 402

So we have the seal of a lock and curse upon all victims being placed upon the ritual by the Court.

The code for this part of the operation is represented by 3 – signifying royalty/ the crown, and coming after completion of the main rituals.

There were thus two parts of the seal – the statistical one representing all 666 and 111 victims, (777) and the lock believed to have been placed with the use of three killings (statistics I had previously attributed to the code 9 of the operation).

This was represented as 111 signifying code 3 (three corpses + all deaths and incarcerations). This part of the operation ran from 1989 to 1990, until completed and closed by the Old Bailey hexcraft sentencing in December 1990.

This renders the total sacrificial victims as 66xcode 6, 33xcode 3, 9xcode 9 jailed, 3xcode 3 = 111 (with 99+3 deaths). The jailed men had also been included with the sacrificial victims statistics. (66×6=396=3+9+6=18=666/33×3=9+9=18/66+33=9+9).

Parts of the operation/codes ran both consecutively and concurrently.

The code 6 (alleged home suicides) ended 1986(=24=6)

The full number of raids involving the code 6 – believed to be 666 – to complete the 6,66,666 ritual hexcraft pathway is believed to have been completed by the end of the 16 Spannermen raids (late 1987), with the 111 Manchester police raids then consecutively completing the count with 777 by end code 9999 – September, 1989.

The code 3 “other” (33 early violent deaths) took over from around the end of the Spannermen raids in 1987 and ended by September 1989.

Code 3 (the seal involving 3 sacrificial violent deaths) started from around the end date – September 1989 to about April 1990 and ended with the trial (initialisation of seal/curse).

The trial, sentencing and seal/ lock and curse completed by Old Bailey December 1990 (see following 401 comment below)

The Royal honours for participation were awarded from December 1990, (as one example(pdf download)

The funding and code 6 victim ID’s were successfully and fraudulently imposed onto the Spanner Case (as the “nationwide ring”) by 1988-1989, (causing the Spannermen case to be inflated out of all proportion) and the amount never disclosed, but with resulting costs apparently massively escalating during the 1990’s.

methods used

The 36 (33+3) killings under code 3; believed to have been often carried out in outdoor secluded settings, but could have taken place anywhere, including the victims home, and believed to have been usually carried out by local teams (but possibly not every time) and would have most certainly involved participation of all members of the team – so where violent beatings or knife attacks were involved, attacks may have been made upon the victim by one team member after another being invited in turn and under supervision, with a knife or whatever possibly being passed around the group, and following initial disablement of the victim;(not least of which may have been arrest and handcuffing as one example).

The infliction of savage and excessive over-the-top violence (resulting from multiple sources of competing inflictions/woundings) could therefore often have been as a trademark on some Code 3 victims with resulting injuries possibly appearing to be both amateurish/crazed and experienced/precise.

Bearing that in mind, I believe we therefore have two very possible leading documented and contending accounts/ examples for such murders in part (from 1 or more) or in whole.

The first one may possibly come under code 3/alongside code 9,- and those deaths are mentioned at top of page 163 of “The Dirty Squad”.

With the other group of killings – of which one or more may possibly be involved with code 3, and commonly referred to as the “1989-1990 West London Murders”:

I personally believe 3 of these killings may have taken place for the three “seal” victims, prior to the court booking the trial.

There will be others documented related to code 3 on perhaps a local nationwide level and distinguished as “unsolved murder of gay man.” The suicides (1983 to 1986) are most likely to be only documented for the purposes of the operation, and would not necessarily be reported in local media. Records of all victims should be with the Home Office, since a tally/ body count and IDs had been noted for the trial, and the security services had appeared to monitor the whole ritual and locations used, and possibly standing by to provide back-up where any problems may have arisen. The statistics had been all-important to the ritual.

The fact that the 66 are treated as possible “potential defendants” cannot be trusted as there is no documentation available relating to any wrongdoing, and they are now unable to answer questions altogether – coupled with the fact that sodomy is not unlawful per se, and in that respect, ANY victims should be regarded as “innocent” of any wrongdoing. They were all sacrificial victims of satanic ritual – that we DO know. It has also been stated to me personally by a Spannerman[now deceased] following a court appearance – but prior to the trial, that the 66 additional defendants had not been known by any of them. Unfortunately, at the time the Spannermen had many more serious matters to contend with than to have to worry about any unconnected defendants.

It had only been the 66 identities that had been used in the Spanner Case in order to bulk-out the figures falsely – it does not mean that they were indeed proven “potential defendants” in any way. The Spannermen had not known the 66. The reasons for the identities of the deceased being used for this purpose as “potential defendants” for the Spanner case had simply been to fraudulently inflate the case to a “nationwide ring” in order to try and justify the extremely excessive and fraudulent costs.

Some of the “early deaths” may possibly have been rejected for ritual purposes, so the figure of 102 [my calculation] therefore represents merely the minimum number of deaths expected to be involved and not necessarily the full total.

comment 401

Comment 401

Operation Codes Updates / 1990 Hexcraft Sentencing at the Old Bailey.

See also:

The Spannermen Final Charges Issued : Comment 132

Operation Codes: Comment 134

3×3 rituals/victims: Comment 164

The Hexagram seal – 111 x 6 (saturn/hexagram)- had been set/initialised by the judges/court via the sentencing.

3333 represents 3 as itself as 3+3+3+3=12 parts of operation(statistics only) completed, as 1+2=3 as ending of the operation. As 3x3x3x3=81 represents total number of men sentenced – 15 Spannermen and 66 sentenced from first part. As 8+1=9 also signifies sentencing completion with 9 incarcerations (under code 9=9×9=81)

As (3+3)x(3+3) = 36 additional sacrificial deaths for seal, as 3+6=9 incarcerations for seal, and as 33+33 =66, in exchange for wealth and riches passing to/on behalf of the crown (the 66 ritual hexcraft pathway) and the 66 believed number of sacrificial victim offerings to Saturn (alleged suicides), and 33 +3 x code 3 deaths =333×3 = 999 (hidden 666)

9999 = Indicates divine completion with unfinished business (sentencing and incarcerations), As 9+9+9+9=36= both 18+18=666+666, as satisfactory completion of both parts, and number 36 of non-defendants meeting early death by other (non-suicide) means, as 3+6=9 shows both the code for this part, and the number of incarcerations to follow, and the “official” end date of both the second part and the police/Witchfinder operation as September ’89 = 9/1989=36 ( =3×6=666)= or 9x9x9x9 – Also as 3x3x3x3x3x3x3x3 = 6561 = 666, and as 999 +9 (hidden 666) under/concurrent with code 9.

Brothers in Arms

The Old Bailey original Sentencing:

Sentencing in months 369 = (operation codes) [ please refer to Comments 260/285/394 amalgamated lower down this page]

3x(6+9)=45 / 3+6=9 / 36+9=45 requested/completed statistics .

Old Bailey Hexcraft Sentencing in months in given order/ under full reduction “639963”:

The Summing-Up:

Total men sentenced =66(code 6)+15 (code 9) =81=8+1=9 incarcerations requested.

Totals of 36(non-defendant code 3) deaths and 3+6=9 incarcerations (code 9):

66 code 6 +36 deaths code 3 +9 incarcerations code 9=111 hexagram ritual end completed seal/curse(code 3)

— 6——+——–39—————-=18————–=9

— 9——+——- 63—————-=18————–= 9

______ ……….._____………….._____………..______9+9=18(continued below)

(^15 sentenced ^102 total deaths- -^33+3 deaths code 3- ^9 code 9 incarcerations)

(continued) = as 1+8+(6×39)234+(9×63)567=1+234+567+8=36=3+6=9+=45=9 statistics completed/end


639963 (closure)

1) (6×3)(9×9)(6×3) = 6×3=666 (estimated total raids)/ 9×9=(81 total sentenced+ confirmation of 9 x code 9 jailed) / 6×3=666 ritual sentencing statistics completed

2) 6+3+9+9+6+3 = 36 (additional code 3 deaths) = 3+6=9 requested incarcerations/ = 36+9=45 requested hexagram completion (to add to 66) = 111 curse completion.

3A) 63/9= 777/777/777 – type of ritual (death and rebirth), plus-

3B) 96×3(codes9+6xcode3)=15 men sentenced/punished by this court(x code 3)= 45 requested hexagram (part)completion

4) (6+3=9)+(9=6+3)= Hexagram = 9+9=18= 6x(3 sided triangles) = 666 total ritual raided victims/ hexagram curse (111×6 [saturn]=666) ritual closure with seal/curse

5) (6+3+9)+(9+6+3) = 18 + 18 = 666 + 666 – ritual now complete

6) 6+3+9+9+6+3 = 36= 9999 ritual end code +9 incarcerated=99999 sentencing end code= 45=4+5=9 completed incarcerations/end hexagram code 3 seal (full)completion.[66+45=111]

7) (6×3=)666 / (9+9=18=)666 / (6×3=)666 ritual finalised with seal.

8) (63=7×9=) 777/777/777 — (99=33×3=) 33/33/33 — (63=7×9=) 777/777/777 – closure of 777 ritual by the crown. This indicates closure of the 666 ritual with the 111 added curse…

93 also signifies the transition of man (the beast) from 9 to 3 as attaining a higher consciousness and in unity, as 666 + 111 = 777 – (see Mark Passio video at bottom of link)

The 33/33/33 may also be interpreted as 3x(3+3=6) =666 and Closure of Crown (agents) business.


I believe this number also possibly confirms as 99= code 6 and code 3 deaths total for September 1989 ritual end statistics. Adding the 15 sentenced to the existing 111 = 126 sentenced = 63+63. [with added seal+Spannermen victims at this point] with 102 deaths total (minimum)( 1+0+2 = 3 as ending of ritual) = (with 3 seal/curse victims, Code 3 added by Crown) and completion including 9 Code 9 victims = 111 hexagram curse

639963 = 6×3= 666 / 99= ritual deaths count by September 1989 = 9+9=18=3×6=666/6×3=666

639963= 6+3+9+9+6+3= 9999 = Ritual end code September 1989 prior to sentencing/ =36 =Code 3 deaths count by 1990. (66 deaths code 6/33 deaths code 3 = 99) + 3 deaths code 3(seal). =36 total code 3 = 3+6= 9 incarcerated victims (= end).

comment on gay galaxy


Gay Galaxy


see also: “Operation Spanner Dissected”

The purpose of the magazine (in its’ final years- from 1983 to 1985) had been to proactively solicit evidence and engage in correspondence relating to behaviour deemed incompatible with Christian fundamentalist ideals, (in accordance with the Church of England “Christian Family Values” campaign – a.k.a. “Operation Spanner”) and thus identify (and possibly arrange covert meetings with) those victims that may have been suitable for targeting, perhaps in addition to recovering and seizing movies related to elite child abuse, and snuff movies involving identifiable missing children or recognisable VIP’s. It is believed that perhaps as many as dozens of adverts relating to various and all types of behaviour may have been placed by police over the months in the magazine, with perhaps a total of up to 150 to 200 (or so) adverts appearing in each edition, with the most extreme examples originating from the police. It goes without saying that many videos or films would have been seized during the raids.
Some adverts in the magazine had at various times been actively seeking victims for such things as “play” kidnapping, suffocation, beatings and knife mutilation, and on the odd occasion, snuff films.
Had the extreme and unlawful adverts appeared on behalf of private individuals, that would soon have been stopped and the culprits arrested. However, despite several raids by Manchester police claimed by Gay Galaxy operators – the last of which was reported by the magazine to have taken all computers and files- those adverts never ceased and continued to appear every month until closure of the magazine when all files had been taken.
Had those sort of extreme and unlawful adverts ever appeared in any other UK advertising source or publication before or since Galaxy? – Certainly not to my knowledge.

Since the ritual had been limited to three years for the actual (main) culling, and the purpose of the magazine was to swiftly and effortlessly seek and identify potential victims for the cull, (and particularly with the costs of running the magazine mounting all the time) full use would have been made of such an opportunity. It is believed that over 640 raids were initially carried out in that respect between 1983 and 1986.



After much research and piecing together many small remnants of relevant facts related to Operation Spanner and other related matters, we can confirm the Operation had been a satanic hexcraft 66 ritual pathway sacrifice and masonic training and initiation ritual spread over 6 years, with 66 potential defendants suicided (with no failed attempts nor retractions), with 666 suspected total victims, all at taxpayers expense. There were over 100 early deaths (believed to be 102). the numbers and statistics were all-important to the ritual.

The Operation had involved multiple agendas, but at the core, appears to have acted as initiation for many policemen, offering them the entrance to a higher personal masonic position, that would later offer the chances of promotion to a higher grade within the police services. The men had been assigned from the Metropolitan and 13 other regional forces to undertake the cull of gay men whilst under the leadership of the newly-appointed Witchfinder. The 66 potential defendants suicidings {I refer to as code 6} would have perhaps served as training, with the other deaths {code 3} perhaps allowing them to use their own initiative [and possibly based partly on that of the victims] in relation to the deaths. The provincial forces had only been involved in other parts of the operation, and not the Spannermen operation/case, which had acted as cover. Other awards may have resulted based on individual performances in the ritual. “Witchfinding” indeed!
The deaths of the 66 are believed to have been completed by 1986, with the remainder of the deaths completing by September 1989[33]and 1990[3]. Thus the two murders mentioned on page 163 of “The Dirty Squad” may well have been two of the “early deaths” statistics of the operation:…&postcount=196 [please refer to top of this page]

All costs had been falsely charged against the second part of the operation/case involving the Spannermen, thus seemingly eliminating evidence of any cull, but in doing so, inflating the Spannermen case out of all proportion. Thus the story of that case had been altered to accommodate that fact.

comment 394

Comments 260, 285 and 394 amalgamated.

Comment 260 – “Through the operational codes, 666+111=777 (completion as 7+7+7=21- 2+1=3), and 3+6=9+3 (as 111 also equals 1+1+1=3)=12=3 (completion)”…&postcount=201


Colin Lasky 5 years
Forester and care worker 3 and half years
computer operator and ice cream vendor, 4 and half years
missile engineer and lay preacher 3 years
finance officer 33 months
pig breeder a year
4 suspended sentences
one fine
one probation
one conditional discharge…ation-spanner/

Comment 285 – This equates to the following in months:

Colin Lasky 5 years = 60
Forester and care worker 3 and half years = 42+42
computer operator and ice cream vendor, 4 and half years = 54+54
missile engineer and lay preacher 3 years = 36+36
finance officer 33 months = 33
pig breeder a year = 12
4 suspended sentences
one fine
one probation
one conditional discharge
=369 months total ( = 18 = 666)
With the added deceased statistics (+ 3 as 111) = 777 / 369

“Occult Signatures
Operation Spanner = 1983 = 21 = 777 (369)
Start Date 1983 = 21 = 3
First part 66 +code 6 (cull) =666, end date 1986 = 24 = 6
2nd part (cover story) + 33 +code 3 killings=9, ends 1989 = 27= 9…&postcount=139

Comment 394 – Sentencing in months under full reduction:

Colin Lasky 5 years = 60 = 6
Forester and care worker 3 and half years = 42+42 = 84 = 12 = 3
computer operator and ice cream vendor, 4 and half years = 54+54 = 108 = 9
missile engineer and lay preacher 3 years = 36+36 = 72 = 9
finance officer 33 months = 33 = 6
pig breeder a year = 12 = 3

= 639963


Mr. Williams’s letter to the Prime Minister of 1985 had been passed to the Home Office by Number 10 in June 1985 for action to be taken. However, the only action ever reported about the corruption involved an investigation 1n 1989 with Andrea Davison. So I do not believe that was the immediate result of action being taken.
Despite Number 10 being informed of the corruption in 1985 nobody had been interviewed prior to 1992, when the North Wales police stated publicly on BBC Wales News that the matter had not been referred to them until then.
The first Spannerman raids commenced December 1986, and targeting Colin Lasky at the start.

The Spannermen had been selected for incarceration as possible defendants from November 1983, [this is now confirmed as of 2020] and that there may have possibly been attempts to obtain further information about them through the targeting of a visitor [this is now confirmed as of 2020]whose car had been parked outside the house in 1983 during the trespassing and surveillance by the Bryn Alyn agent, [now identified as Graham Stridgeon, or Seddon] and whom [the visitor] had sometime later been found dead in his home “following a police raid”. If this were the case, with or without the visitor involvement, then the discovery of the video in early 1984 would possibly have sealed the deal in that respect.

The (official) end date of September 1989 had been specified prior to 1983, and therefore the whole operation had been well ahead of schedule at all times. During the raid upon Colin Lasky (December 1986) would have been where main targets (Spannermen) had been identified and decided upon.

Although it may seem a little unclear and strange as to why a most borderline case that would normally be laughingly thrown out of court should have been chosen for the prosecution, rather than a perhaps more obvious and easier choice, such as fighting with knives as one example, we have to look at the background and the underlying intentions of the case. Although the operation had formed a ritual pathway and initiation in order to both attract wealth and to propel the initiates into a higher order in freemasonry, the choice of gay men, and for the Spannermen certainly, of gay S/M devotees, had been intended as to provide a limitation upon those freedoms which the men had previously enjoyed. To the puritan, there is nothing more ungodly and evil than enjoyment, particularly of the sexual kind.

A vote taken in the Church of England House of Laity in November 1987 – a motion by the Reverend Tony Higton – had sought to both criminalise homosexuality (and introduce “appropriate discipline” to bear upon homosexuals) and that is therefore a little unclear on the measures suggested (unpublished) that had indeed been passed in that House, and had then been rejected by the Houses of Bishops and Clergy, whom issued the following statement on homosexuality, which still represents the Church standpoint to this day:…7Sexuality.pdf

(Please also refer to “The Consensus Position Articulated” on Home page under “Short Summary”.)…&postcount=208

The intention all along had been to outlaw homosexuality, so the November 1987 ruling had possibly been of some concern and disappointment in that respect. What better way to attack gay freedoms, if not by through direct criminalisation, then by whittling those freedoms down through the outlawing of a common sexual practice? I believe this had been the turning point of the operation indeed, and then the CPS had been afforded the two years in order to find a solution that would have the backing of the judges , and at the same time, to the greatest legal minds seem – albeit a little at odds with other case law, – debatable in legal terms, and thus disguise the reverse-engineering of the brotherhood involvement adequately.

I use the term “reverse-engineering” (for want of a better word) to indicate the difference between this case, and the normal procedure of brotherhood teamwork in the courts system of “fixing”. “Fixing” is where a defendant is wrongly found guilty or not guilty of a specific offence, or where a specific offence is identified, and wrongly attributed to the defendant. This had NOT been the case with Spanner.
There had been no specific offence to begin with as the law stood, so the greatest minds of the CPS had been engaged to find a solution within the two-year time limit. Neither had there been any victims, medical attention, illness, lasting injury, public place, publication, nor underage involvement in any of the acts. A reason for the incarcerations had to be found.

The procedure being unofficially put together back to front with a victimless crime is fairly unique in legal terms, but not unheard of.
The Andrea Davison Case is another that comes immediately to mind.
Both of these cases have links to the cover-up of the abuse of children “in care” in North Wales by politicians, police, organised criminal networks and the security services through masonic links.

Comment 376

Comment 376

Some Questions and Answers

Q1 – I would like to know the date
of the raid that sparked Operation

A1There was no raid that sparked Operation Spanner. The Spannermen had been chosen for the second part of the ritual in November/December, 1983. The initial video obtained by the OPB was during the following year. This was the basis of the later Spanner case alibi. The operation itself had been a cull of gay men, set within a six year long pre-scheduled satanic ritual involving masonic training and initiation from 1983 on, falsely costed with the addition of incarcerations and the alibi of an SM court case transposed as the operation from 1987. However, the initial raids on the Spannermen were first undertaken from December 1986, with the first being Colin Lasky, of South Wales – a semi-local visitor and good friend of Mr. Anderson – who himself was raided in April 1987 – these being the first of the 16 Spannermen raids. Sanctions were placed on all raided men to prevent them from contacting friends. Raids were carried out by Michael Hames and his teams, (State appointee – Detective Superintendent, Head of Obscene Publications / Church of England appointee – Office of the Witchfinder General)
The initial Spannermen video obtained by Manchester Police’s “Gay Galaxy” contact magazine (an existing and well known mail-order gay contact magazine [popular with many SM advertisers], proactively utilised from 1983 on by the police, and possibly to try and retrieve missing VIP child porn and snuff movies, and also to select and identify victims for the raids and culling) was in response to an advert in the magazine requesting to swap extreme SM videos with other advertisers. It is not known whether the video had been sent before or after the reciprocal exchange via a box number of the magazine. The tape had been sent in March or April 1984, and the magazine ceased trading that same tax year, ending 1985. No money had exchanged hands. Certainly it is believed that the whole operation from 1983 would have seized perhaps thousands of tapes from the (around) 666 raids/ searches carried out from that date, plus the addition of tapes forwarded by post to the magazine. The Chief of Police for Manchester – James Anderton, had been awarded a knighthood by the queen upon successful completion of the six-year long satanic ritual culling and the incarcerations.
December 1990 honours: (pdf download)…ent/1/data.pdf

The culling under code 6 of the operation ( involving alleged home suicides) had been specified to end in 1986, with the raids for the court case – the 16 Spannermen – then undertaken from that date. So it is quite possible papers / videos had been transferred from Manchester about that time (late 1986)
The first raid and alleged suicide linked to the whistleblower’s address under code 6 of which we are aware was early 1984, shortly after the intrusion by John Allen security at the premises. However both the operation and the police advertisements and monitoring of the magazine had already been running for one year prior to this.
The culling under code 9 (code 3 of the operation) – ( involving some indoor, but mostly outdoor secluded meetings/ “unsolved murders”) had an (official) end date specified of September 1989 (9999) for the first 33 victims, and somewhere around April 1990 for the 3 final code 3 victims, although unofficially December 1990 was the end date of the ritual, as the 111 (the final 3 victims) presiding seal and curse was only initialised through the sentencing in December. Selection of those men targeted had presumably been via other gay SM contact magazine adverts, as the Gay Galaxy magazine had ceased trading in 1984/85 tax year.

Q3 – The number of tapes that were seized during the raid?

A3 – As already stated, there was no initial raid, although the one on Colin Lasky was the first on any Spannermen. I do not know the number of tapes seized, but a total of around 400 films for all 16 Spannermen would sound about right in my opinion. The majority of the tapes were not of the Spannermen, with perhaps an average of 2 films per tape gives around two hundred tapes. There would possibly have been around 5 to 10 Spannerman tapes maximum, with a copy for each Spannerman being duplicated. If 7 were the correct figure then 7 x 16 = over 100 Spannermen tapes. Some of the 16 charged men had not been recognized by all Spannermen.

Q2 – Why the raid was carried out?

I believe this has been answered in Question 1, however the raid upon Colin Lasky had been due to the fact he had connections to an address of a Bryn Alyn whistleblower, and that he had previously forwarded the initial Spannermen tape. The specific selection of the visitors to that house had followed a letter from 10 Downing Street informing the whistleblower that the Home Office had then been assigned to dealing with the reported corruption notified to the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, in 1985. Nevertheless, the corruption itself had not been investigated at all during that period, and neither had any correspondence nor contact followed that communication. Neither had there been any concern over the matter involving the abuse and murder of children from the same area 4 years later when it had been reported by Andrea Davison, after she had discovered some of the children were being sacrificed for highly priced snuff films, involving contracted agents of MI5.…1_archive.html

It is believed that the John Allen empire additionally had control over children housed at council-run homes, as there would appear to be evidence linking his minibus with state-operated childrens’ homes, in addition to his own homes:
Pimlico party trips:…&postcount=322 [Please refer to Comment 322 lower down this page]


The Spanner Investigation had been launched following an “inquiry” into adverts in gay magazines. {at the end of the operation}

“It is understood the investigation, one of the largest by the obscene
publications squad, was launched following an inquiry into advertisements
in homosexual magazines.”…to-16-arrests/

comment on colin lasky


Original Spannermen video was obtained by Obscene Publications Squad in London via one of the OPB’s many anonymous gay contact magazine box number adverts: It had been inadvertently sent by request for an offered reciprocal vhs video swap of extreme SM to a box number in “Gay Galaxy” – [in other words, it had been sent unknowingly to Manchester Police in early 1984, and passed to the OPB prior to the Spannermen raids, ( by December 1986 at the latest)]. The magazine had been controlled at that time by Manchester Police as an OPB dragnet-sting operation, and as a vehicle for identifying potential victims for the culling operation, amongst several other purposes.

The video had been obtained by the OPB in London via an advert in the gay literature:
Several Millions to hunt the men down? – CERTAINLY NOT!It was a SCAM – (The several millions in costs had been transferred ONTO the case). (The men had already been under (shelved) interest from 1983 on). The fact that the matter had been shelved for three years until December 1986 is not conducive to the claimed belief that the police thought someone may have been killed. The Spannermen had been chosen as victims from 1983, and prior to any videotape of their SM interactions surfacing. There had been no multi-million pounds investigation and search for the men. They already had the name and address of the sender – from the 1984 “surrender”- (or in other words, OPB solicitation of perceived unlawful and obscene material by post) -of the original videotape. The other men on the videotape were identified by Colin during the raid on him in December 1986 (the start of code 9); possibly under threat of torture and murder charges and also as it was believed they had done nothing wrong or unlawful. Sanctions had been placed on him not to contact any of the other defendants.
The several millions in costs had been falsely transferred from the sacrificial culling operation as it progressed. The original tape had therefore been received by the OPB from Manchester Police by December 1986 at the latest. [Code 9: of the operation {the Spannermen case} could not be undertaken until completion of the Code 6: {the main culling ending in 1986} for logistical reasons and that the main consecutively enacted codes of the ritual were in the order of 6 then 9 then 9+3]. Apart from the 66 hexcraft ritual pathway, codes 9 and 3 both ran concurrently from perhaps late 1987 until end December 1990, with the final cullings taking place by around April 1990.
The Spanner Case had also been an alibi (and a source/means of both securing and recouping covert public funding) for the culling operation, through the false merging of the two unconnected matters into a falsely claimed and fabricated “nationwide torture ring” , by way of the attachment of the identities of the 66 deceased code 6 victims [Part 2 of the ritual– 1983 to 1986]onto the Spanner case in 1989/1990: (66+16 Spannermen =82 potential defendants -[at middle of page 165]). [Also see 4th paragraph here] Naturally, the 66 named men could not deny these false claims, although the Spannermen had at the time. The court was not informed that the 66 were already deceased years earlier. Additionally, most if not all of the 16 charged had not known more than a handful of the 16, and were not connected in any other way. There had been no connected “large group of men”.

The magazine ceased trading in 1984-85 tax year. It no longer existed following that date. All police raids on the magazine had therefore taken place prior to that end date, and had been reported in the issues of the magazine prior to closure/ The culling had two different sections./ The Operation Spanner knighthood.

See also: “The Origin of the Video”

comment 322

Comment 322

Ex North Wales victim talks about being trafficked by minibus at weekends for parties in Pimlico with “Variety Club Sunshine Coach” on the sides of the bus.
According to Denis Williams, the Bryn Alyn whistleblower, during the three days he spent at Bryn Alyn, he had sometimes been required to use a white minibus operated (and marked as such at the bottom of both front doors) by the Bryn Alyn Community, which had been falsely marked as “Variety Club Sunshine Coach” in an arching manner on both sides of the vehicle with DIY self-stick lettering. The report he made was discussed and cherry-picked by the Tribunal in Chapter 21 of the Waterhouse Report, “Lost In Care” although it had never been acted upon in any way prior to 2014, despite the fact that the fall-out from the issuance of that report had been notified and responded to, by the Prime Minister’s office and the Commons in 1985.

PDF “Lost In Care”:
Report of the Tribunal of Inquiry into the Abuse
of Children in Care in the Former County
Council Areas of Gwynedd and Clwyd since

Victim of MP paedophile ring talks about being trafficked at weekends in minibus marked as “Variety Club Sunshine Coach” (at 2.29 of video).

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