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TheInquiry into Advertisements in Homosexual Magazines.’

The Scottish Herald, 19th September 1989

Sixteen men have been arrested after a two-year investigation by Scotland Yard’s obscene publications squad.

“They face a total of more than 100 charges/It is understood the investigation, one of the largest by the obscene publications squad, was launched following an inquiry into advertisements in homosexual magazines.”

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(Note the police ritual end code (‘9999’ of 369) date of the ritual (Sep.1989) is used for this announcement signalling the ritual is then passed to the Crown for closure.)

(In Operation Spanner), “the police had engaged in unusually proactive techniques, for example, responding to advertisements in gay magazines.”
Page 85, “Intimate Enemies: Moral Panics in Contemporary Great Britain” By Philip Jenkins

However, there is no evidence referred to anywhere in the official Spanner Operation story offerings relating to correspondence via gay SM magazines. There is indeed an instance of the use of such adverts by the police, (though denied in their explanations involving a (non-existent) 1987 raid by Manchester Police), although only stated very early in the operation, related to the Spannermen original video however, being ‘surrendered’ to the OPB (via Manchester Police), but this only relates to the actual court case, and not the operation – which was a different and unconnected matter altogether, and carefully avoids the truth which has them soliciting the video by post via a Gay Galaxy advert in early 1984 in exchange for an extreme SM video. Nevertheless, we are told that the advert inquiry was undertaken/completed prior to the case, as the case was ‘following’ the inquiry. I do not believe the OPB had “been investigating gay SM” by contacting advertisers/responders to those adverts. Far from it – and the idea of them contacting various “SM masters” in order to experience a good beating, just doesn’t fit the bill – and there had been no such forthcoming revelations released on completion of the operation that would indicate such investigations had taken place at all. In addition, the prevailing attitude of the OPB appeared to be that they personally were of a higher morality and consciousness than those targeted, and that they had unfortunately been tasked with dealing with uncivilised sub-human beings who engaged in filthy, unsafe and soon-to-be-outlawed disgusting practices neither of use to humanity, nor Christian family values; and so the idea of them seeking information from such persons doesn’t wash. So why they had actually been using gay SM contact magazine adverts (to use or choose advertisers/responders from) remains hitherto officially unexplained without taking such underlying prevailing attitudes into consideration alongside their careful avoidance of referring to correspondence with gay SM advertisers. We do know of some of the adverts they had placed in one of those magazines however, but the official storyline fails to mention those actions of the operation. We also understand from more than one source that items may have been sold anonymously via adverts placed (as one example), but that would in itself prove inconsistent with any reason to respond to adverts. We are also led to believe that no prosecutions had resulted following completion of the unmentioned 650 (code 6) raids in 1986. Since the ‘adverts inquiry’ is claimed to have taken place prior to the actual Spannermen case, then it must therefore relate to the period of the 650 raids prior to the 16 Spannermen being added, as that amount of raids would indeed entail a few years of work. To have engaged in contact with advertisers/ responders of a magazine would suggest that those persons being engaged with had been especially chosen as having initially satisfied suitable criteria for possible OPB intervention; or in other words, could or would be found guilty of a crime. So the idea that none of these contacts over a period of 4 years (from at least January 1983 to December 1986) had led to a prosecution; and hence to be of no further mention; rings alarm bells at the very outset. It is certainly stated that a total of 66 additional potential defendants had presumably been available during the Spannermen case, but at the same time they do appear to be somewhat unavailable where charges were concerned, and they were certainly confirmed to be not known by, and unconnected to any known Spannermen either. That this particular tally also mirrors the number of ‘suicides’ (over 60) should therefore not be overlooked.

Presumably (a) The police could have arrested or raided anyone who had possibly committed an offence; and,
(b) the police had not used gay contact magazines to say,” Oh, Hello, how are you – this is the police.”
So, why had the police been proactively and covertly contacting innocent gay men from 1983 to 1986 by using a Manchester police-controlled gay dating magazine (Gay Galaxy – [and certainly others Post-1984]) to respond / advertise in? and secondly, why would they go to all that trouble? – Was it so that all traces of contact could be deleted afterwards? and perhaps also because the men had been possibly identified as having committed sodomy, and were perhaps seeking to be beaten or handcuffed – for example – by a like-minded suitable “contact” – but without them suspecting a whole team of hostile men would arrive for the “date”?
For what reason then were seemingly innocent men being targeted? – Was it because the restriction of the Witchfinder to traditional Common Law (as here incorporated under statute law) deemed those men guilty of a capital offence, (sodomy) and as human sacrifice under Common law was the underlying purpose of the operation?
Fourthly, do police make arrests before or after an operation? – The Spannermen case had been mounted at the end of the operation, not the beginning – (see the Herald link above) and the gay magazine “inquiry” had been the preceding part of Operation Spanner (see the Google Books link above)

So – if this had been the case, then why would the police go to such trouble with the code 6 sacrifices/slaughters from 1983 to 1986, in removing all “footprints”, when there had been no such protections with the 36 code 3 murders, from 1987 to 1990? (It was also alleged at the time (early 1985) by the presumed owner of ‘Gay Galaxy’, that all computers and files had been confiscated and never returned by Manchester police prior to, and resulting in closure of the magazine).

Well of course the police contact with the men during code 6 had been a well-known fact, (and mentioned in the “suicide notes”); and presumably it had been claimed they all “committed suicide” after a police (unpublicised) raid. So the various deaths (although canonical) would not be connected in any way, and each one would appear as a “one-off” locally, (and suicides are seldom reported in the media) whereas with the code 3 killings, there would be no evidence whatsoever to link the police as mostly isolated meeting areas devoid of other persons, or home killings with presumably plainclothes officers would be involved with the “unsolved murders”, so other existing gay SM contact magazines could initially be used anonymously with minimal risk for the violent attacks/executions, and it would be unlikely for most of these deaths to be connected when dispersal of victims had been on a nationwide basis, and the manner of the deaths had mostly been uniquely differing, save for the fact that perhaps occasionally some evidence would suggest that a group (team) of men may have been involved, or occasionally spotted, as with the West London Murders, 1989/1990.

Why has the alleged ‘inquiry’ and 650 nationwide raids from 1983 to 1986 been airbrushed from the official story, leaving only the additional and fabricated Old Bailey show trial on record, and nothing about the ritual/ operation?

Why have incorrect or rewritten details about the case been found placed on file after 30 years? Had this been carried out at the time?

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Previously featured:

WHY WOULD THEY LIE? The Seven Year Long 777 Crown Sacrificial Ritual Timescale Now Exposed – 777=21=1983. Operation Spanner start date now additionally confirmed as 1983 (see video); [with hundreds of nationwide raids involving several agendas in addition to the imposed sacrificial early deaths of over 100 innocent men, mostly targeted and dated for summary execution through gay SM contact magazine adverts[officially referred to as the “inquiry into advertisements in homosexual magazines“] forming Crown secret society initiations and psychopathic training of policemen from around 14 police forces].

The Original Video obtained by the OPB. Original Spannermen video was obtained by Obscene Publications Squad in London via one of the OPB’s many anonymous gay contact magazine box number adverts: It had been inadvertently sent by request for an offered reciprocal vhs video swap of extreme SM to a box number in “Gay Galaxy” – [in other words, it had been sent unknowingly to Manchester Police in early 1984, and passed to the OPB prior to the Spannermen raids, ( by December 1986 at the latest)].

The Code 3 Killings. (unsolved murders) The infliction of savage and excessive over-the-top violence (resulting from multiple sources of infliction/wounding) could therefore often have been a trademark on some Code 3 victims with resulting injuries possibly appearing to be both amateurish/crazed and experienced/precise.

The Witchfinder General: The Office of the Witchfinder General is a unique and historical secret society satanic appointment appearing to hold Crown Executioner status and becoming vacant when there is considered a need, and fulfilled where a specially chosen and elected member of the Church of England General Synod is appointed to a senior position within the Met. with his own squad of officers to undertake work on behalf of the Church.

The Hidden Costs of Spanner: Whether these additional hidden costs are related to the sacrificial ritual or claimed to be stemming from the Spanner case – or funding for an undeclared (“black-ops”) reason -or even the fulfilment of the costs recovery of expenditure in the ritual, (- including recovery of fraudulent public funding then passing to the crown under 3×3 rituals- as an example being refunded at a cost multiplied by a x9 rate of interest (900% fixed) with that 3×3 calculation) is as yet uncertain at this time. Certainly the figures, (in the absence of plausible explanations related to the costs/timescale involved) would certainly tie in and seem to perhaps blend well with that 3×3 return belief.

Message/ Update from Max Igan: This will separate the men from the boys.

THE “NATIONWIDE RING” HAD BEEN FABRICATED FOR THE TRIAL: The Spanner Case had also been an alibi (and a source/means of securing covert public funding) for the culling operation, through the fraudulent merging of the two unconnected matters into a fabricated/ falsely claimed “nationwide torture ring” , by way of the attachment (middle/page 165) of the identities of the 66 deceased code 6 victims [Part 2 of the ritual-1983 to 1986] onto the Spanner case:

The Operation Spanner Involuntary Gay “Cure”: Through the operational codes, 666+111=777 (=21/ 2+1=3 completion), and 3+6=9+3(as 1+1+1)=12=3 (completion), it can be shown that one of the many parallel underlying intentions of the raids and sacrificial culling was to incorporate, initiate (through death and reincarnation) and impose a form of perceived “gay cure” to those victims who were chosen for this procedure.

Corruption/Racketeering/Mass Murder: Notice of Intended PCP For Mass Murder By Government Policy – including the use of Midazolam to kill tens of thousands of people and call it the ‘Covid’ first wave.

The “West London Murders” (September 1989 to April 1990): ……..(with the Michael Boothe killing {which I personally believe may have been the last of the Spanner cull/ killings,) ….perhaps also appearing as a unique demonstration to initiates present of the ease of the task involved, as once disablement of the victim had occurred – that is – once Michael’s foot/ankle had been broken, (possibly by stomping on the foot once it had been placed/dragged over the edge of a step or kerb in a manner perhaps similar to the way one would kick-start a motorbike with high compression) he could do nothing but remain on the floor, so only boots/shoes had then been required to complete the fatal attack.

Operation Codes Updates / Hexcraft Sentencing: 9999 = Indicates divine completion with unfinished business (sentencing and incarcerations), As 9+9+9+9=36= both 18+18=666+666, as satisfactory completion of both parts, and number 36 of non-defendants meeting early death by other (non-suicide) means, as 3+6=9 shows both the code for this part, and the number of incarcerations to follow, and the unofficial “official” end date of both the second part and the police/Witchfinder operation as September ’89 = 9/1989=36 ( =3×6=666)= or 9x9x9x9 – Also as 3x3x3x3x3x3x3x3 = 6561 = 666, and as 999 +9 (hidden 666) under/concurrent with code 9.

ENTRUST – Shocking History of DIGITAL PASSPORT Company: COVID Vaccine Passport company ENTRUST and their rich NAZI heritage- DIGITAL PASSPORT Company run by NAZIs.

Racketeering: Racketeering is a genre of organized crime in which the perpetrators set up a coercive, fraudulent, extortionary, or otherwise illegal coordinated scheme [fake “vaccine” and “vaccine passports”] or operation (a racket) to repeatedly or consistently collect money [Pharma profits from sales of fake “vaccine”in exchange for billions in public funding] or other profit.[1]

Pronounced Failure to Investigate Report: Why had a corrupt senior officer of Manchester Children’s Services been allowed to operate for many years as a pimp (one of many) for John Allen’s child prostitution racket?
Why was the officer never questioned or charged after being reported to Downing Street in 1985 for threatening the author of a report on Bryn Alyn in 1983? (Ref: Lost in Care 21.115 / Letter to 10 Downing Street (Reply from 4th June 1985)

The Costs of the “official” Operation Spanner officially undisclosed: “The whole case might have been thought incredible only a few years ago, and is still astonishing to many. It cost, I am told on good authority,
£19 million of public money“. Please also see “The Hidden Costs of Spanner”.

82 Potential Defendants: So out of 82 potential defendants, the CPS could only find 16 to charge, but unfortunately they had not broken the law at the time, so the Spannermen had to wait two years in order to be fitted up with morality crimes that were questionably and tenuously attached to the OAPA of 1861 in order to perhaps be successfully prosecuted???
We are left with “66 potential defendants” that could NOT be prosecuted in an easier manner.

State Take-Down of Scallywag Magazine: The 1996 State Take-Down of Scallywag Magazine and the Murder of it’s Co-Founder Angus James as Retaliation for Exposing the Westminster Paedophile Ring and the John Allen Empire.

The Non-existent Murder Investigation: It is claimed the OPB were already in possession of the original videotape in 1983, “about 7 years prior to the Spannermen charges being decided” (September 1989 minus “about 7 years”) and were asking the owner to identify the men involved, although it is also claimed that there had already been an earlier murder investigation, which had been dropped at an earlier date, and of which the persons depicted were all still alive – (and which I believe to be incorrect), – as if there had actually been a murder investigation, (and I can also confirm there had not) then the identities of the men involved had been of prime importance at that point, and not afterwards, once the investigation had been dropped.

Search Warrants: Should the argument about fake search warrants now apparently shift to verbal abuse and insult of mostly deceased men with the claim from 21.30 of the video, (*see below)that the 16 Spannermen were all “naive and ignorant”, and had allowed/invited the entry to their homes in 1987 without a search warrant
. —– The purpose and intention of the Spannermen being added to the existing ritual as “victims” had never been to treat them fairly, nor in accordance with any rules, but to cause deep and lasting despair amongst all the Spannermen. The OPB would therefore have relished the opportunity to smash the front doors of each of the men with full Crown approval.

Margaret Thatcher Involvement
: ….as every twist and turn of the operation had already been pre-scheduled, and could not be interfered with, – although I do suspect she had personally chosen the Spannermen as targets for the jailing statistics of the ritual after she had been unofficially informed of the Manchester/Bryn Alyn corruption and whistleblowing.


Apart from a small one into how to criminalise the Spannermen, lasting from 1983 to 1989, there had never been any other “investigation” throughout the entire operation!

All preliminary groundwork in the operation (save for the choice of victims and the excuses for the jailings) had been completed by 1983.


“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to accept what is true.” ― Soren Kierkegaard

“I would take this statement even a step further, and I would say that these are really only the two reasons that humanity ever really experiences suffering.” – Mark Passio in “What on Earth is Happening.

Reconstructing Spanner

WORLD WAR 3…… YOU’RE IN IT!!! – Remarque88 (from July 2021)

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